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Post-Session: 46

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 46.

Story - Fourth of July 2007

Game Date: 7/4/2007

Who: Karalyn Nicholas, Karex, Judah Ambrose, Dorothy Axtell (Dot Dash), Amber LaNormane (Amber II), Trent Anderson, Mei Lynn Chung, Gianna Daniels, Katrina Daniels, Tommy Holliday

The Ramon Marcel Community Center has its annual Fourth of July neighborhood party. There are hot dogs, hamburgers and barbeque along with a host of side items and fixings. For the kids there are carnival games with a couple of dunking booths, ring toss, basketball shooting and softball throw just to name a few.

Karalyn Nicholas attends with her date, Dr. Declan Adair. They help with the carnival games and spend time hanging out with Janelle, Aaron and Tommy Holliday as well as Calen Adams. They stay most of the day before leaving to attend the Fireworks show at Alcatraz.

Judah Ambrose and Dr. Rebecca Miller put in an appearance. Judah is dressed up as the Knight and Rebecca will go dressed as a damsel in distress. They hang around most of the day before leaving to attend the Fireworks show at Alcatraz.

Karex, wearing his Consul-General uniform, goes to the party at the community center and hands out free 'Karex' kites to the attending children.

Newcomers to the area Dorothy Axtell and Amber LaNormane make quite a first impression.

Dorothy is dressed up as a bootlegger, straight from the roaring 20's. Her costume is completed by a non-functional replica Tommy gun.

Amber is dress as the Dauphine de France, Marine Antoinette. Her hair is styled in the shape of the flagship of France and she is wearing a golden dress. She is also wearing a fifty-pound necklace of amber and diamonds, as well as gold shoes with four inch heals. Her clutch is ghastly large and of gold with diamond accents. All the jewelry is faux. The dress and shoes are regular gold colored material instead of real gold.

In addition to dressing the part, Amber also spends the day playing the role. Her character portrayal is a clear example of the destructive effects of shallow materialism and the disconcerting nature of the uber-wealthy. She constantly brags about her dress, shoes and jewels in character as if they are real. She also talks about how much her hair cost to have done and mentions in a by-the-way manner how many men died in battle for the good of France on that ship.

Trent Anderson, Mei Lynn Chung and Katrina Daniels formerly of the Community Center Cheer team as well as Gianna Daniels, Katrina's little sister, also attend the party.

Karalyn notices that Gianna spends a lot of time hanging around with Tommy after Sally Rand and a small group of girls ignore Gianna. Karalyn notices that Gianna seems to be sad about being ignored by her friends. Karalyn talks with Gianna about it and the girl explains that Sally is jealous because she did not get to go to summer camp with Gianna. Karalyn tries to comfort Gianna but it seems to have little effect.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/1/2011

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