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Post-Session: 46

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 46.

Story - Crystal Communications?

Game Date: 7/9/2007

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Judah stood at the console, his gloved hand holding a crystal sample, perplexed as to what to do next. He had been at this for two weeks without any breakthroughs. His symbiotic connection to Xenexis had yielded no answers on how to communicate with the crystals' inhabitants, if they even had inhabitants.

He was certain that if there were other Xenexis beings in the samples he could integrate them into him as the Xenexis were more of a collective than individuals. It would be like adding more bees to a hive colony.

He stared at the sample and concentrated, for a second he felt... something. He was not sure if it was a connection or not. It was frustrating to be so close and not know. There was only one thing left to do, direct contact with the sample.

"Judah," came the chorus of the Xenexis.

"There is no evil/darkness/cold here, we will help," spoke the chorus.

"Okay," Judah spoke aloud. "If we are going to this we need to do it right."

Given the volatile nature of his previous encounters with crystals, he wanted to consult the experts first. He knew that S. Alon was at the base consulting with Rebecca on the Kelly Wendell case, so he asked Susan to page them with a request that they join him in the lab. They arrived in the lab about ten minutes later.

There was much debate but in the end, Judah convinced S. Alon and Rebecca that with the help of the Xenexis direct contact with the crystal only posed a moderate risk.

The armored isolation walls closed around Judah and the crystal sample. S. Alon and Rebecca manned the sensors console to record all interactions during the contact. Judah called on the Xenexis and assumed his crystal form. He stepped forward and placed his bare crystal hand in contact with the crystal sample.

Nothing happened.

S. Alon and Rebecca reported no unusual energy readings and Judah felt nothing more that the smooth crystal surface of the sample beneath his hand.

"We go forth to explore," rang the chorus in Judah's mind.

He felt his companions reach out to the crystal. It was slow and deliberate almost tentative. Then he felt what he could only describe as a sense of relieve from his companions.

"It is a food holder," sang the chorus, "nothing more."

A food holder thought Judah. Then he saw a memory of Rebecca scooping leftovers into a plastic storage container and knew that his companions had pulled up the memory.

"Yes," commented the chorus.

They explained that were three major types of crystals from their world; base structures, food containers and homes. The crystal was of their world hence the familiar energy signature but it was only a food container, no others lived within.

It took some time with all of the safety precautions in place but Judah and the Xenexis checked all of the other samples under the watchful eyes of S. Alon and Rebecca.

They were all found to be food containers.

Judah was disappointed but knew he was on the right track; the crystals were from the Xenexis world. It would take some more work, but he would find the lost ones and unite them with the already rescued brethren.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/1/2011

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