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Post-Session: 47

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 47.

Story - Not So Easy in the Big Easy, Prelude

Game Date: 7/25/2007  -  8/3/2007

Who: Delta-Vee, Boost

Matthieu was nervous, the city always made him that way, but his 'ally' had insisted. The Red Lord said that the boy would be safer at the lord's estate on the outskirts of the city. Matthieu did not think so, it would be harder for the hunter to find him in the bayou, but the Red Lord's show of force had made sure that the lord got his way. Matthieu was beginning to regret his decision to bring the boy to the Red Lord's attention, but it was either the boy or Andre.

No real choice at all, blood was blood.


The target was on another reconnaissance mission investigating the Rogue Reds' estate. He was getting better at it and with a little help was learning more and more about the place. The Rogue Reds' numbers were being depleted; the time was drawing near when the target would be able to make his move to rescue his boyfriend.

It was unfortunate that in the end the target would be the loser.


Andre worked in the darkened shed, blood dripping from his knife and the throat of the goat that it had just slit. The attacks and fighting were getting more frequent and he looked to the Loa for guidance. They only showed him that a final conflict was coming but nothing about the outcome, this scared Andre.

He needed to talk to Matthieu.


Delta-Vee had been watching the estate for a couple of weeks. Sometimes he made low passes to get a closer looking at its defenses and the positioning of the guards. Sometimes he would take out one or two of the unwary ones, leaving then in a heap outside the local police station. The Grand Empire uniforms, even thought they were in red, marked them for what they were. Though most of the time, he would stay high up out of sight above the estate scanning the place with the computer assisted sensors in his helmet.

Soon he would have enough information to bring in his compatriots to help rescue Mark.


The target had made a mistake; his last reconnaissance pass had cost him his freedom. The Rogue Reds' had ambushed him. Using some kind of energy wall, they had taken the target down. Altair sent the signal and then moved in.

The end game had been forced upon him.


Matthieu was happy. The hunter had been captured, perhaps now they could return with the boy to the bayou. The explosion surprised him, the estate was under attack.

He needed to find Andre.


Altair unleashed several blasts that tore great holes in the facade of the mansion. The Rogue Reds' were quick to respond and just as quick to go down.


Randy groggily shook his head as he woke. Looking up he saw a man wearing a suit that looked like it had been stolen from Colonel Sanders and dipped in a vat of red dye. When a series of explosions rocked the building and the look of panic on the man's face was just too much, Randy had to laugh at the clown in the red suit.

A massive jolt of energy returned Randy to unconsciousness.


As he searched for Andre, another thought came to Matthieu. The boy, maybe he could find the boy and escape with him as the chaos continued around him. He turned from the back door and headed for the room where the Red Lord kept the boy.

Maybe fate would smile on him.


Altair continued to press the attack. His energy reserves were starting to run low but reinforcements would soon arrive.


Matthieu picked up the boy from the bed and tossed him over his shoulder. Turning to leave the room, he came face to face with the Red Lord.

The lord raised his blaster and motioned for Matthieu to put the boy down.

Matthieu stooped to lower the boy back to the bed and was surprised by a scream of pain coming from the Red Lord. As the lord slumped to the floor, he revealed Andre standing behind him with blood dripping from his knife.

With the boy still on his shoulder, Matthieu and his brother headed for the back door.


Altair continued to press the attack. His energy reserves were almost depleted and the reinforcements had yet to arrive. He needed to find the target and his boyfriend but he ran out of energy.


Randy groggily shook his head as he woke. Taking advantage of the damage caused by the ongoing conflict, he flew out of the building and looked around. He spotted two men headed out the back of the house and one of them was carrying Mark. Randy swooped down and took out the man wearing the necklace of bone and feathers then before the second man could react, Randy planted a foot into his solar plexus. The man and Mark fell to the ground in a heap.

Mark was free. Randy landed beside his love and scooped him up with a hug.


Altair had seen the target fly up and out of the building. He bounded after the target and saw him take out the two swamp rats that were trying to escape with the target's boyfriend. Altair readied to blast the target when he was hit by barrage of blaster fire. The Rogue Reds' were regrouping and attacking. The barrage of blasts had used up the last of his energy reserves. He would not be able to claim the prize, but he could prevent the Rogue Reds' from getting it and buy some more time for the reinforcements to arrive to claim it. Altair reached deep within and tapping into his personal energies, he released all that was left of him.

He last thought was that he had been wrong; the target was not going to lose.


Mark reached up and touched Randy's face then the world turned inside out.


The explosion was massive flattening all that tried to stand against it.


An alarm sounded at the Wardens' headquarters, Adam announced that he was receiving a red alert signal from a Wardens' communicator in New Orleans. The communicator belonged to Boost.

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