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Not So Easy in the Big Easy - Stories

Post-Session: 48

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 48.

Story - Daily Routines and Planning for the Future

Game Date: 8/5/2007  -  8/24/2007

Who: Amber (II), Dot Dash

Amber and Dorothy discuss a daily routine at the house.

After preparing for the day, having breakfast and praying, they will go to Dolores Park to meet people.

At the park, they will exercise and practice martial arts. Amber is going to learn Tai Chi Chuan from Dorothy. Dorothy says that if anyone else comes up and is curious she will teach them, too. After exercise, Amber will sit down with Dorothy for what at first will be an informal liturgical study session and picnic. As others join, it will become more structured prayer meeting.

They both will keep a watch for children displaying any signs of having paranormal abilities.

The rest of the day will depend upon the interaction with the community.

Until there is more involvement, the afternoon and evening will be less structured. During the summer months, they will focus on learning about the Mission Dolores Basilica and the other local churches, no matter what the denomination, but will focus on the Catholic churches, St. James, St. Charles, Holy Redeemer, at first.

Amber and Dorothy attend the vigil at the Mission Dolores Basilica on Saturdays and one service on Sunday.

For the remainder of the summer, Amber will be at the churches and playgrounds talking to children and parents. She will be scouting for initiates taking advantage of the summer by having more time to help with the neighborhood children in need.

She is offering food and clothing to the local children that express a need. Currently it is on a one-on-one basis by personal invitation to the house. As time goes by, Amber will be setting up a food pantry and kitchen as well as a consignment clothing warehouse for the poor in the area.

Amber talks with Dorothy about Mission High School and Immaculate Conception Academy as possible schools for the fall. Mission High is a public school so any student who lives in the area just needs to enroll. An interview is arranged for ICA, they ask that Amber fill out some papers and provide a transcript of Dorothy's previous schooling before the interview.

Amber will be volunteering at the public schools when school starts. She wants to read to the children. She will contact the public school board to see what she needs to do, background check, etc. and what they need as far as help, if reading is what they need or if they need other assistance.

Amber will be volunteering at the middle school down the street. She will be getting to know all the teachers, staff and the girls at the school as well as those that play in the area.

The girls at the middle school and the high school will be secretly interviewed as possible initiates for the Order. Amber is looking for young ladies with no or little parental support but that still have good attitudes despite their disadvantages. Later after she has a core of young ladies that have potential to be leaders, Amber will take on girls that are in bad situations and have bad attitudes or need assistance with their philosophies.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/22/2011

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