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Not So Easy in the Big Easy - Stories

Post-Session: 48

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 48.

Story - Wedding Plans, Part 3

Game Date: 8/5/2007  -  8/24/2007

Who: Amber (II), Amethyst (II), Dot Dash, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Knight of Saint Michael

The Knight leaves a message for Judah with Susan.

In it, he says that he wishes the best for Judah and Rebecca but circumstances beyond his control have made it where he will not be able to be Judah's best man. The Knight apologizes and begs Judah's forbearance as it seems that God had different plans for him.

When he gets the message, Judah is surprised. What trial was his friend facing and why had he not asked for assistance. After some more thought, Judah decided to trust his friend's judgment and not worry about it for instead of worry about the Knight he needed to worry about finding a new best man.

Judah did not think long before picking up his phone and calling Saldar. Judah tells Saldar that he wanted to speak to him about a personal matter and since Saldar is in town, they agree to meet at the AC.

At the AC, Judah asks Saldar to be his best man. Saldar jokingly chides Judah for always being the romantic and connecting himself to short-timers. Then his demeanor changes to serious and he says that it would be an honor to stand at his friend's side at his nuptials. Judah provides him with the location and asks if he will need transportation. Saldar says that he will be able to make his own way to the wedding.


After the team offers membership in the Wardens to Amber and Dot Dash and they accept, Judah explains to them that the Wardens are the closest thing that he has to a family. Judah then invites Amber and Dot Dash to be his guests at his and Rebecca's wedding. He explains that they can come in costume or in civilian wear, whichever they wish.

Amber is thrilled and says she already has a dress picked out for some reason then she confesses to loving ceremonies.

Dot Dash also accepts the invitation and says she will be wearing her jump suit.

Amber comments that it must be glued to her.

Dot Dash comments that her jump suit is not glued to her but because she must be tiny to use her super-speed abilities, she has to have clothes that shrink with her. Her jump suit does but ordinary clothes do not. She says that she wants to be ready for anything... in case something happens... in case she needs to fight...

She trails off for a moment before adding "You guys get where this is going right?"

"Dot Dash, I don't know why you are so paranoid," admonishes Amber. "Nothing out of the ordinary would ever happen at a real wedding. After all, this is not a soap opera."

"No this not a soap opera, but she is right about always being prepared," Amethyst states in defense of Dot Dash. "We are the Wardens and there always seems to be something or someone after us."


Amber and Dorothy go shopping at a local gourmet shop and buy a selection of fine jams and jellies in a basket with scones for the groom and bride to enjoy on their honeymoon. The basket also includes some fruit juices.


On the eve of the wedding, Amethyst, Amber, Dot Dash, Indigo and Karex take the Pegasus to Vermont.

After getting their rooms at the ski lodge, they settle in for the night to rest up for the next day's festivities.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/22/2011

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