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Not So Easy in the Big Easy - Stories

Post-Session: 48

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 48.

Story - Dragon Lady's Escape

Game Date: 8/11/2007

Who: Amber (II), Amethyst (II), Dot Dash, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Karex

A bulletin from the FSS details the escape of Dragon Lady from the prison transport team's custody. She was being returned to Blanco Mesa when an unknown number of young women with paranormal abilities/paratech attacked and freed her.

The attack took place in northern New Mexico about 200 miles from Blanco Mesa.

The two escort aircraft were destroyed but the pilots ejected without injury. The transport aircraft was attacked and forced to land. The two paranormal FSS Marshals as well as the prisoner transport guard team were neutralized without injury and Dragon Lady was freed.

Prisoner transport operations are secret, but it appears that the attackers had some means to detect the flight and staked out the area waiting for it. Evidence was found on the ground near the place that the flight was forced down that a group of six to eight individuals had been camping in the area for about a week.

Descriptions of the assailants are as follows:

Female - Slender - 5'8"-5'10" - Orange Costume, Full Face Mask, Blond Hair - Flight, Kinetic Energy Manipulating abilities - snapped the wings of the escort aircraft off

Female - Slender - 5'6"-5'8" - Yellow Gold Costume, Full Face Mask, Black Hair - Flight, Electro-magnetic Energy Manipulation - triggered ejection seats, destroyed all electronic devices in all aircraft and on personnel

Female - Slender - 5'6"-5'8" - Purple Costume, Full Face Mask, White Hair - Charisma Projection Abilities - disabled paranormals and guards

Female - Slender - 5'6"-5'8" - Dark Green Costume, Full Face Mask, Snakes for Hair - Paralyzation Abilities - disabled paranormals and guards

Female - Slender - 5'2"-5'4" - Yellow Costume, Full Face Mask, Red Hair - Techno Powers? - opened lock that cannot be opened

Female - Slender - 5'6"-5'8" - Royal Blue Costume, Full Face Mask, Brown Hair - Energy Projection Abilities - sliced up the fuselage of the transport aircraft with blue beams of energy


The day the report comes though about this incident Amber requests a copy of the full report. She tries matching the descriptions with paranormals associated with the Amazons and the Sisters. She finds that the paranormals that participated in the attack are unknown; there is no record of them in the FSS, Orion or any other law-enforcement database. She also finds that there is no data in the Order's database on them.

After reviewing the report, Amber requests a meeting with the Wardens to determine if they can help identify all involved in the attack and to formulate a plan to recapture the Dragon Lady.


Karex happily agrees to the meeting, but suggests the news of the escape should be kept from the parolees in Wardens' custody until after the meeting.

Amethyst, Eon and Indigo also agree to a meeting.


At the meeting, Amber and Dot Dash learn that the Wardens' have also never encountered any female paranormals matching the descriptions from the FSS report.

Amber and Dot Dash are a disappointed when Amethyst points out that since the incident was in New Mexico trying to track down Dragon Lady was not an option at this time. She states that it is a matter of limited resources and responsibilities. Amethyst go on to explain that as much as the Wardens would like to capture Dragon Lady and those that freed her, the team first and foremost has a responsibility to the people of San Francisco which means letting the investigative work be done by the professionals, the FSS and Orion. When Dragon Lady and the paranormals that freed her are tracked down or should they show up in San Francisco, the Wardens would be happy to bring them to justice.

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