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Not So Easy in the Big Easy - Stories

Post-Session: 48

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 48.

Story - New Members - Amber and Dot Dash

Game Date: 8/12/2007

Who: Amber (II), Amethyst (II), Dot Dash, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Karex

Amethyst thought about the new paranormals in San Francisco.

After Amber and Dot Dash presented their credentials to the Wardens a couple of weeks ago, they also said that they would help the team in any manner they could.

They had accompanied the Wardens to New Orleans and proved able to handle themselves in a real battle.

With the Knight gone, Eon and she were the only active status Wardens. Indigo was about to move from probationary to active status. Karex was on probationary status and it was unlikely that the FSS would ever approve him for active status. The team has a bunch of reserve status members but they do not seem to want to be full time patrolling, investigating and so forth.

Maybe it was time to talk to Amber and Dot Dash about membership?

Amethyst asked Eon, Indigo and Karex to a meeting so they could express their thoughts on the matter.


As the meeting began, Eon said that it would seem to be a good idea to enlist the aid of capable companions.

"I support making them probationary members at the least. I would also suggest moving Indigo to full member status as she has proved herself reliable when needed."

"Amethyst, Karex, Indigo? Your input is desired on this so we can make a final decision."

"Yes, they both should be invited to become members of the Wardens," replied Amethyst.

Karex looked up, "Hmmm... New members? Certainly, but their uniforms can't look more impressive than mine. Hmmm... Maybe I should have mine redesigned just in case. Perhaps around that nifty crown I claimed as tribute from the vanquished King of the Reptiloids..."

"I did not realize this was a fashion contest?" chided Eon. "Perhaps your race has a caste that specializes in clothing and apparel design. Surely, they have a color for that. One that is flexible for the purposes of being fashionable. Perhaps Black, since Black goes with everything. If you like Karex you can be one of the assistants in coordinating the Wardens costume attire as to ensure we are all as color correct and as fashionable as possible."

Indigo agreed with the others about inviting Amber and Dot Dash to join the Wardens.


Amethyst then talked with Amber and Dot Dash about their feelings about joining the Wardens. When they expressed genuine interest in joining, Amethyst extended an invitation for both to become members of the team.

"We thought you'd never ask," replied Amber. "We would be honored."

Amethyst went on to explain that since all their paperwork was completed, they could follow up with the security team to get their headquarters' ID cards and access setup. The tech team would provide them with their Wardens' communicators.

"Welcome, Amber and Dot Dash."

Record Last Changed Date: 5/22/2011

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