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Not So Easy in the Big Easy - Stories

Post-Session: 48

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 48.

Story - Cassidy's Parole and Probation

Game Date: 8/15/2007

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Judah pondered the new charge he was now tasked with overseeing.

Cassidy Anderson had been 23 years old when she was arrested and had spent the last 17 years in prison. She had been paroled and was on probation for the next 3 years. She was free to come and go as she pleased as long as she met her parole obligations which included not leaving the San Francisco Bay area, reporting her whereabouts to Eon, maintaining employment and visiting her probation officer as well as not violating her probation conditions which were wearing a locator/tracking ankle bracelet, regular visits with a Winslow Institute counselor and not committing any criminal acts.

There were a number of areas to cover, thought Judah as he put together a plan for managing Cassidy's parole.

The first was living arrangements; the accommodations at the Wardens' base would be maintained for the immediate future. Instead of just throwing his charge out of the streets, she would be in a semi-controlled environment until she was more adjusted to being in society again. When that time came, Judah would see about arranging different accommodations for her.

Next was her education, he noted that while in prison she had earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business and had started work on an MBA. He wished to encourage her to continuing pursuing her education. He also considered providing a well-rounded re-introduction to society. Judah planned on spending time with Cassidy discussing subjects he was well versed in, culture, art, history, foreign countries and government. There would be frequent field trips to museums, art shows, and other events that might interest Cassidy. He would also offer to teach her how to paint with the hopes of finding an activity which will give her a sense of accomplishment and build her self-esteem.

He also considered her paranormal abilities, he knew from reading the studies of the Winslow Institute that it would be hard for Cassidy to completely refrain from using her abilities. To that end, Judah decided to ask Cassidy to become his protégé. He would supervise her training in the Wardens facilities to gauge her powers and limits while also helping to build her trust. After a few months when she is settled, Judah would offer to have her pick out a new name befitting someone who will use their abilities to help others. This will allow her to own her new identity as a hero without any past prejudices associated with the name Aster.

For her initial employment, Judah decided to offer Cassidy a position as his personal assistant and publicist. The pay will be $15,000 a year plus room, board, food, tuition and college materials. It is a small salary, but with most of her living expenses covered, Judah feels it is a good offer.

Judah requested Amethyst to assist Cassidy by providing a strong, positive, female role model that she could get to know. Perhaps Amethyst's acquaintance, Ms. Nichols, could convince Cassidy to volunteer at the community center helping with the kids.

Judah also decided to contact Kristin Anderson, Cassidy's mother and setup a private meeting between her and her daughter at the Wardens base.


Judah and Cassidy met to discuss his plan for her parole.

She said that she was interested in finishing her MBA while on probation and agreed to become his personal assistant if the salary was raised to $25,000 per year. As for his other offers for instruction in cultural studies and painting, she said that she would like a little more time to consider them.

Judah told her that the amount was acceptable and said he was pleased with her decision to pursue her MBA.

Judah sensed that she was accepting the offer of room, board and food because it would allow her salary to go farther but that if she was making more money she would not be staying at the Wardens base's guest quarters.

Judah again brought up the offer to become his protégé and using her abilities for good.

Cassidy said it was something that she needed to think about and to give her some more time outside to come to a decision.

Judah said that he understood and assured her that all of the offers were open-ended and that she could decide to take him up on them anytime.


When Judah spoke with Kristin Anderson, she was happy that she would be able to meet face-to-face with Cassidy but she told him that she would not go to Alcatraz for the meeting. Kristin made it clear that she has seen enough of prisons in the last seventeen years and did not want to set foot in another one even if Alcatraz was just a tourist attraction now. She said that she would have no objections to having the meeting with Cassidy at the Alcatraz Foundation headquarters. She also told Judah that she would be relocating to San Francisco in the next few weeks to be near Cassidy. She told him that she would be in touch once she is in the city to finalize the meeting.


After his conversation with Kristin Anderson, Judah pulled up all information he could locate on her including running her through the criminal databases.


Kristin James, born 1940 in Newark, New Jersey. Married Jon Anderson, 1965. Divorced, 1990. Adopted, Cassidy Pruitt, 1979.

BA in Education, M. Ed. and PhD. in Early Childhood Education from Edward Dickinson College in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Associate Professor and Professor at Edward Dickinson College, 1970-1990.

Assistant Director of Education, Albuquerque School District, 1991-2005.

Retired, 2005.

Criminal Record: Arrested five times between 1967 and 1968 for various misdemeanor trespass charges in association with protest marches and sit-ins. Never convicted on any charges.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/22/2011

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