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Not So Easy in the Big Easy - Stories

Post-Session: 48

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 48.

Story - Night of the Black Cat

Game Date: 8/19/2007

Who: Indigo

Marsa had been having trouble sleeping for several weeks. She was lonely, sad and had an emptiness inside her. Feeling out of place and time; Marsa tossed and turned in her bed. She kept thinking of her family, especially her brother. Her brother had come to her in a dream and was at peace but she got the feeling she would never see him again.

Marsa approached Amethyst and told her of the trouble sleeping. Marsa knew that she must sleep to have her magecraft at its best when there was a battle to fight. Amethyst suggested taking a walk every night.

"Walking is great exercise and exercise is the best way to relieve stress. It also makes you tired and helps build self esteem."

Marsa thought to herself it was worth a try and asked Amethyst what was needed to achieve this goal. Her friend suggested a safe path along the waterfront that had nice scenery and a good walk. Amethyst told Indigo that she would need a jogging outfit and sneakers for walking. Marsa looked at her friend in puzzlement for she knew nothing of these strange garments for which she was referring too.

Marsa asked Amethyst, "How will I obtain these items for I have none of the strange bills you use to trade for goods."

Marsa had only gems in her pouch that she had been given by her aunt. They would be tough to part with, but it was all she had of value. When she asked Amethyst if the gems could be traded for some of the green bills, she told Indigo to keep her gems as they were things of her home. The purple powerhouse then explained to Indigo that as a Warden she could request 'spending' money when she needed it, so all Marsa needed to do to get some of the 'strange bills' was to ask.

After getting some of the bills, Marsa and Amethyst took off in one of the strange wagons and went to a place called the mall.

The mall was huge, noisy, crowded and had a merchant for everything you could think of, even food and drink. Marsa looked around in amazement. The village she had traded goods in was very small and this mall looked like a castle to her. They went into a place where they sold garments and Marsa tried on some different jogging outfits with Amethyst showing her how to operate them. Marsa finally settled on a dark blue one and then bought some pink sneakers to go with her new outfit. With her new garments in hand, Marsa was excited to get back to the base and start on her new adventure of walking.

Marsa thanked Amethyst for all her help and said her goodbyes as she entered her room. Marsa anxiously awaited nightfall, as the sun started to go down she put on her new outfit and shoes. Marsa grabbed her staff, water, fish to snack on, her pouch and her map that Amethyst had given her to keep her on track. She hurried out the door and grabbed her communicator for safety on the way out.

Marsa started a slow pace and got faster the more familiar she became with her route with each night that passed. She enjoyed the things she saw and the people waving to her as she passed by. Several weeks passed and Marsa was now walking about two hours a night then sleeping very well afterward. Her mood was changing as well as she started feeling happier and less sad as each walk brought new experiences even though her route was the same.

One night there was a cool breeze off the water and it reminded her of home. Of how she would go walking all the time to visit with her friends and the other people in the village. She smiled as the pleasant memories of the past filled her mind.

On another, she saw a fishing boat that was docking late. The smell of the hard working fishermen, the ocean and the fish reminded her of many times from her youth when she had met her father at the docks after a day of fishing.

One night while walking, a loud crash from an alleyway startled Marsa. She concentrated a moment causing the glow from her staff to intensify and shined it towards the alleyway.

Out jumped a snarling black cat knocking her staff out of her before tumbling to the ground in a heap.

The cat was obviously hurt and looked hungry.

Marsa recovered her staff then used her Spirit Touch to heal the poor cat. She next took out some fish and water and gave them to the cat.

Marsa had spent some time tending to the poor creature when something weird happened.

The cat's mewling started to sound like words.

Marsa looked at the cat with a shocked look and thought it is just a beast, it did not speak.

Then it said in a mewling sort of speech, "Me mthank myou."

Marsa grabbed her amulet and looked at the cat with her Spirit Sight.

The cat's head glowed and when Marsa looked closer, she saw what looked like a moon and stars in the fur on its head. The moon and stars shined brightly when viewed with her Spirit Sight.

The cat said to Marsa, "Me mmage... me mmagics mbroke... me mturn mto mcat."

Another look with her Spirit Sight showed Marsa that the working symbolized by the moon and stars in the cat's fur had the look of change about it.

Still a bit shocked by the cat speaking, Marsa asked questioningly, "You said you are a mage and your crafting backfired turning you into a cat?"

The cat nodded and said, "Msadly, myes... me MElais."

"You said your name is Elais?" queried Marsa and when the cat nodded again she introduce herself, "My name is Marsa."

Marsa picked up the cat and told him that she would take him to the Wardens' base. She told him that she knew someone who might be able to help.

Marsa hoped that Wythe could help for he was versed in the workings of her world and the magics of this world.

When Wythe arrived at the base, Marsa showed him the cat and told them what had happened. He studied the strange cat and asked it to speak but all it did was purr and meow. Indigo said she did not understand why the cat wasn't speaking because earlier it had spoke to her in broken English. She looked confused and told Elais to speak to Wythe it was safe but the cat just looked at her and remained silent. Marsa apologized to Wythe for wasting his time and maybe it was just the night playing tricks on her. She grabbed the cat and thanked him for his time.

Marsa took the cat back to her quarters. She knew she was not sick in the head and had not imagined that the cat had spoken to her earlier in the evening.

"I know you spoke to me," stated the lady mage.

Elais looked up at her and said, "Me monly mspeak mto myou."

Marsa asked, "Why?"

"Myou mhelp me," replied Elais.

"Well I can't help you now. I do not know of any working or crafting that can change you back to a man."

Elais just looked at her.

Then it hit her, she could take care of Elais and keep searching for a way to return him to normal.

"Would you like to stay with me until I can find a way to help you?"

Elais answered, "Myes."

She introduced her new friend to the rest of the Wardens and did not say anything about his ability to speak...

Marsa was happier now she had a new friend and a new quest to fulfill.


Alas, all was not what it seemed...

Elais was a mage, that was true, a mage who had been a servant of the Dark One...

It was he, who at the Dark One's command had led the attack on Marsa's village...

It was he, who had been punished by the Dark One for his failure... his failure to kill the girl...

It was he, who had sought to redeem himself by following the girl through the portal...

It was he, who had watched her in this strange new world...

It was he, who had hid, waiting and plotting his revenge on the unsuspecting girl...

It was he, who had silenced her master's spirit in the staff...

It was he, who now slept in the bed that the girl had made for him...

It was he, who now dreamt of sweet vengeance...

Record Last Changed Date: 5/22/2011

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