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Not So Easy in the Big Easy - Stories

Post-Session: 48

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 48.

Story - Painting for the Yricians

Game Date: 8/20/2007

Who: Amber (II), Dot Dash, Eon (Lazarus), Karex

Judah presents a large portrait to Karex. It depicts Homeworld as seen from orbit, based on descriptions Karex had provided Judah. It is one of his best pieces and almost allows the observer to be there on the planet.

Judah says that it is for the Consulate-General facility.

Karex happily enters the embassy with the painting in hand. He peruses the lobby, then selects a nice section of empty wall on the wall opposite the main entrance and uses sticky putty to stick it in place, only slightly lopsidedly.

Amber asks Karex, "Where on the planet are you from? What was life like there? Why did he come to Earth?"

Karex peruses the painting a moment, then points at the southwestern continent.

"About there, I believe. Of course, it's been a while."

"Life there was perfectly organized and peaceful. Everyone knew their role in society and excelled at it, becoming even better at it with each generation as their caste's genetic code was refined for greater natural ability. There were no needs for prisons or for war. Since we never shattered the dimensional barriers on our world, we don't have to worry about beings from other dimensions constantly invading, the spontaneous creation of paranormals, and the force you call magic doesn't exist.

"As for why aliens would visit earth, why, that is fairly obvious. It's incredibly dangerous. It has a native population that is constantly mutating in unpredictable manners, presents the best entry-point for hostile entities from other dimensions and is bathed in strange energies that do not exist anywhere."

"When you consider that the native population also regularly goes to war with itself, while all other known sentient species are inherently peaceful, well, you can see why an alien race would want to keep an eye on things and nudge humanity in a more stable direction, yes?"

"After all, if humanity self-destructs, there would be nothing to keep the evil interdimensional hordes at bay."

"Speaking of which, you do realize that the earth is currently extremely vulnerable to any interdimensional aquatic threat? Entire cities or armies of hostile amphibious interdimensional species could set up shop below the ocean's surface with humanity none the wiser. That was the motivation behind trying to reform and recruit the Reptiloids; the paranormals we encountered while rescuing our fellow Wardens. They could become the nucleus of an aquatic team of advocates that could help keep an eye on things below the ocean's surface."

Amber responds, "From what you stated, I take it the Earth's dimensional barriers are shattered."

"Is there anyway to undo that or protect the Earth at certain points? Or can these creatures appear anytime, anywhere? If that is true, I agree we do need to recruit paranormals to protect us from the aquatic threat."

"I believe we should think about what direction we are going and make plans on how to mature as people. Not so sure that we should be in the business of playing with our genetic code."

"Some things should be left in God's hands."

"We enjoy constantly mutating in unpredictable manners, we call it living. Many people here would take great offense to the government getting involved in their reproduction. We could just as easily, take directions while playing with our genetic codes that would led us to self-destruction."

"Was it the threat from the oceans that brought you to the west coast?"

Karex simply shrugs, "I've made the appropriate forms available to the United Nations, if they decide they wish to request our technological assistance. It's not up to me to decide what Yrician technology, if any, that humanity is capable of receiving without harming themselves in the process."

"As far as the precise mechanics, I am not a dimensional physicist or even a scientist. I am a diplomat. Entirely different set of training I'm afraid."

While admiring the artwork Eon leans over to Karex.

"Karex I have been thinking about something lately," he states. "I would like to see about a rematch with your friend, the warrior. Do you believe he would be up to it?"

"This time it would be in an arena or other venue with me prepared for combat?"

"I would be willing to even have the event televised as a pay per view with the proceeds going to the Yrician Cultural Trust. We need to educate all Yricians of our wonderful cultural exhibits."

"Do you think he would be up for it? Remember this would be a friendly competition, no power armor, just natural abilities, paranormal or otherwise?"

Karex just stares at Eon for a moment then simply replies. "Yes. I think it's quite likely he would enjoy a rematch."

"It is no wonder why Karex would think our species primitive,' says Amber matter of factly.

Dot Dash speeds around the area bored, half-heartedly listening to the conversation going on.

Amber says to Dot Dash, "Sorry to interrupt, but you should take a close look at this painting. You might be asked about Karex sometime and this would help you give a description of his world."

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