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Wedding Day - Stories

Post-Session: 49

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 49.

Story - An Apprentice for Indigo?

Game Date: 8/27/2007

Who: Indigo, Karex, Taurex

Karex trying to be helpful speaks with the Warden's resident mage, Indigo, and asks that she take Taurex as an apprentice. He explains that she can use the relationship to learn more about who had taught him magic and how he had become transformed into a magic-using Yrician.

Karex will also helpfully point out, "It appears his body had adapted to immersion in magical energies. However, our adaptive process is continual. It would be wise for someone magically inclined to keep an eye on him to determine if his body has yet reached a steady state or whether he is still in the initial stages of a metamorphosis."

"Will his ability to absorb magical energy increase to the point where he is draining the local environment dry or build up to within him to the point where it exceeds his ability to contain it?"

"Only you can answer such questions. In the meantime, deep underground, enclosed by the protective wards of the sorcery wing, seems the best location for him. Also before, we know more it would seem wise for you to make sure Taurex is continually expending the magical energies he absorbs through practicing spells... Just in case an unhealthy buildup triggers another physical change."

After listening to Karex's argument, Indigo replies "I will take him as an apprentice but he needs to do some community service for breaking in to the complex."


Karex reclined on the warm sand; idly rotating the fish-laden spit with the tip of his tail as he watched passing ships. Ah, the beach. One of the advantages of the Warden's being based on an island.

The faint crackling in the air first alerted him that something was not quite right. Then a circular patch of air became oddly wavy, as if seen through a transparent vapor. A moment later, the patch of air turned pitch black, its edges crackling with electrical energy.

Then, from the darkness, stepped... Taurex.

The golden-scaled Yrician was just a bit smaller than Karex, and that was the least of the differences. The visitor's scales, at least those visible beneath an ornate white robe, were decorated with elaborate silver sigils in a language Karex had never seen before.

As Karex was about to speak, the visitor beat him to it.

"Greetings brother, I have come to thank you for your assistance. I am happy that you have convinced Indigo, a wielder of what humanity has deemed to be 'magic', to take me on as her apprentice"

Karex sputtered, almost lost in what he believed to be the absurdity.

"I still don't believe that Yricians can learn magic. There has never been the slightest hint of magic existing on Homeworld. How could we possibly manipulate a form of energy that does not even exist in our environment? Our geneticists certainly never engineered us to control such energies!"

Taurex shrugged with no evidence of concern, "Then at worse I may waste a bit of time. Surely, I have such to spend. Unless you are saying you are incapable of serving as the Yrician ambassador to humanity and need me to take some of the power and responsibility for my own?"

Karex gulped nervously as he rejoined, "No... No... That won't be necessary... Er... Yes, knowledge of magic, a very worthy task. In fact, as the duly appointed ambassador to this world, I, er, order you to devote all your attention to it."

Taurex bowed his head to hide his smile before replying, "As you wish, Ambassador."

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