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Wedding Day - Stories

Post-Session: 49

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 49.

Story - Report and Requests: Amazons, Sisters and Teachers

Game Date: 8/28/2007

Who: Amber (II)

Amber sends a communication to The Order reporting the FSS information on the escape of Dragon Lady and the continued ramifications of the probationers.

Amber passes on descriptions of the Amazons or possible Sisters who helped in her escape.

She proposes that six additional Special Sister Conservatrixes of the Order be sent to San Francisco to be a counter active force against the Amazons and Sisters established on this coast. They would register with the FSS but also be listed as teachers for Dot Dash. They could also help establish a private school for girls in San Francisco. The school would be for the girls that have great need and show loyalty to the Order's philosophies as well as for girls who demonstrate paranormal abilities.

Perhaps one of the Sisters of the Order, a Teacher of Many Lessons, could help with the Wardens summer camp with both the Wardens' campers and the Order's campers.

The Abbess in Florida, in response to your request for sending members of the Order to San Francisco to tutor and open a school, says it will not be possible this school year. You and Dorothy have been sent to assess the situation in San Francisco and based on your reports if a significant need/opportunity exists, a school will be started within the next 1-3 years. The temporary assignment of instructional resources for special events like summer camps may be possible next summer but that will be assessed after the first of the year.

As for countering the Sisters and Amazons in the area, the Marshal of the Order replies that you have made allies of the Wardens and you will need to work with them for now to keep our Earthly adversaries in check.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/29/2011

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