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Wedding Day - Stories

Post-Session: 49

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 49.

Story - Checking on Mark

Game Date: 8/29/2007

Who: Amber (II)

After returning from New Orleans, Amber starts researching Mark 'Boost' Owens and Randy 'Delta-Vee' McLeod.

After gaining probationary status as a member of the Wardens, she checks up on Mark and finds that he is no longer a patient in the infirmary as Indigo's healing spells repaired all of the physical damage to him. She does find out that Mark is under the counseling of Dr. Miranda Saveda, the Wardens' resident Fellow of the Winslow Institute.

She studies all of the information she can find on the Winslow Institute and Dr. Saveda. Amber also takes advantage of her access to the Wardens' computer system to find out more about Mark and learns that he and Randy are staying at the Wardens North Bay Estate in Cliff House North. The pair comes to the base a few times a week for Mark's session with Dr. Saveda.

Amber contacts Dr. Saveda, and relates her training in Psychology and Sociology to the doctor. Amber gives the doctor an eyewitness account of Mark's condition on the trip from New Orleans back to the Alcatraz. She also volunteers, if Dr. Saveda thinks it would help, to talk to Mark and give him support. Getting him to talk about his experiences to a fellow paranormal would help both Mark and her.

Dr. Saveda says that she would tell Mark about Amber's offer.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/29/2011

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