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Wedding Day - Stories

Post-Session: 49

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 49.

Story - The Origin of Meka Karex

Game Date: 9/1/2007  -  9/8/2007

Who: Karex, Meka Karex

- The Discovery -

The beam from Karex's light flickered across the walls of the salt-water filled room. Metal filing cabinets had been corroded through, their contents long since degraded into mere lumps of organic matter. The oddly shaped metal frames of chairs, their cushions long gone, lay sprawled in heaps next to the collapsed heaps of what once were desks. The flat glass screens lining one wall gave no hint as their age.

Karex wondered who had built the base and why it had been abandoned.

His interest had been first attracted to the area by the faint traces of explosions, likely depth charges of some sort, along an underwater ridge. Karex had thought at the time that there might be valuable historical salvage from a U-boat.

However, when he spied the bent frame of a massive rusted door and the dark tunnel leading within, he realized he may have found much more.

As he continued deeper, he reached a glass wall overlooking what could only be a high-tech laboratory - and not filled with water! But, no, it couldn't be glass at this depth. It would not be capable of withstanding the pressure of all this water. Karex tapped the transparent substance with a finger claw and listened to the sound vibration carried through the water. It sounded... odd. Then he spied the hatchway with the simple wheel-mechanism. An airlock, he surmised.

The airlock opened onto a short corridor at the end of which was a metal door. The door had scratches and burn marks about its surface, it was obvious that someone had tried to open it. It was also obvious, that they had not been successful.

Karex noticed a discoloration in the frame to the right side of the door. It was not damaged as the rest of the frame. When he touched it, the frame vibrated with the hum of machinery and the door opened.

The laboratory had air, a little musty smelling but breathable. The room had a feel of great age and there were no signs or remains of the former occupants.

Karex frowned for a moment as he pondered this oddity. Did they all safely escape, perhaps?

Then he took a closer look. The tools didn't seem to require operators, human or otherwise. A fully automated laboratory? Perhaps the fixers could make something of the place. There was only one other door in the laboratory, it led to a large storage closet. Most of its shelves were empty and bare. But, in the back, in a massive crate marked with an odd symbol, he found it.

A jumbled heap of robot parts!

Arms, legs, a head and internal components about which he couldn't even hazard a guess!


- The Speech -

Karex strode back and forth in front of the Fixers, Paul Stevens and Mayra Wellington, as he spoke.

"Friends, I am sure you are all aware of the difficulty we experienced recently. A new Yrician borrowed my credentials from the Embassy and managed to breach the security at Wardens' base. This was shortly followed by a paranormal breaching Embassy security. Fortunately, that intrusion resulted in no significant threat to us, but it has made me realize that I need to enhance the Embassy's security. I have recently acquired some devices that I think will assist in that regard."

Karex pulled the tarp off the carefully arrayed salvaged robot parts and awaited their reaction.

The Fixers walked over and picked up and examined some of the parts.

Finally, Gregix announced, "Not Yrician."

Paul Stevens next went over to exam the parts, before announcing in turn, "I'm... not sure they are human either. But, they do seem to be a modular design. Even if we don't entirely understand how they work, I suppose we could fit the different parts together and see how they work. But that would be incredibly foolhardy and potentially dang..."

Karex grinned, "Excellent. I will leave the matter in your most capable hands."

- The Assembly -

Paul Stevens looked over at Gregix and Wrixton, then down at the 'robot'. Most of the actual work had been cosmetic, altering its outer appearance to resemble an Yrician at Karex's insistence and, again at his insistence, adding an internal mini-rocket array.

Why Karex wanted the robot to be able to launch rockets from its mouth was something Stevens couldn't quite understand, but the alterations required modifying technology that none of them really understood.

Hopefully it would work.

Otherwise, Karex's pet project was likely to blow itself up the first time it released a rocket barrage.

With trepidation, Stevens completed the last connection, closed and locked the maintenance panel between its wings and hurried behind the protective shielding, just in case.

A soft hum filled the air and the robots eyes glowed red.

That was when the voice of the Overseer announced to the gathered engineers.

"Request for instructions received from newly activated peripheral. Should I accept the connection?"

Stevens, Wrixton and Gregix looked at each other once more.

The Yricians again deferred to Stevens.

That was the problem with these fixers, Stevens thought. They were very good with their hands, but disliked making the decisions. So be it.

He announced, "Grant access, but monitor the connection and apply appropriate security safeguards. Once a connection is established, initiate high-level encryption protocols."

- Demonstration -

Karex perused the robot, before simply stating to Paul Stevens.

"I thought it'd be... bigger."

To his surprise, the robot immediately grew from his height to eight meters tall.

Karex blinked in surprise, and then hesitantly added, "Er. Good. Um. Yes. That's better. You did know it could do that right?"

Stevens stared oblivious for a moment, before finally replying, "Noooooo. Not really. Um. I don't really know how it was done in fact. Um. Shouldn't that be impossible according to all known physics? Conservation of energy and all that. Unless... maybe its size changed but its weight did not?"

Stevens went over and tried to pick up the robot.

"No. It's definitely a lot heavier now. Okay, this is getting weird. Where did you get those parts anyways?"

Karex shrugged, "Oh, I found them. Some old partly-submerged underwater base, never figured out who built the thing."

Stevens gasped, "But... how do you know this isn't some kind of horrible terrorist's doomsday device?"

Karex furrowed his brow, before naively answering, "Why would a doomsday device look like a robot?"

Stevens stared for a moment, and then realized someone with common sense was going to need to keep an eye on these Yricians before they inadvertently blew themselves up, and probably take the planet with them.

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