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Wedding Day - Stories

Post-Session: 49

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 49.

Story - Meka and the Mystery of Pants

Game Date: 9/20/2007

Who: Meka Karex

Meka Karex recorded into his memory, "Experiment 37. Pants. Anticipated result, wearing of pants will not result in a noticeable change in human behavior towards me."

Meka Karex walked up to the tourist and politely stated, "Greetings tourist. My name is Meka. Are you enjoying your visit to our island?"

The elderly gentleman appeared startled by Meka's unusual appearance but courteously replied, "Why, yes I am. Er. Might I ask who you are, Sonny?"

Meka replied, "I handle security over at the Yrician embassy. My name is Meka."

The gentleman nodded slowly, "I see. Were you one of those aliens that was in that shipwreck I heard about?"

Meka made note of this deviation from prior conversations. In 29 of the prior conversations, the question at this point had been regarding the identity of his manufacturer or whether he was being remotely controlled by a real person. Perhaps his initial deduction was flawed. Meka decided to try accepting the human's false assumption to gather more data on the deviation. "Yes. I was on the ship."

Sorrow touched the tourist's eyes, "And that's how you got injured so bad they had to put you back together with all that metal?"

Meka nodded, "That is correct."

The gentleman shook his head sadly, and then raised one pant leg to show a crude steel prosthetic leg, "I can't imagine how much worse it'd be to have so little left of the real you son."

Meka paused. This was suddenly feeling quite . . . wrong. While the data he was collected might be quite valuable in the future in managing human reaction to him, there was a growing conflict in his programming regarding the method of acquiring it. Meka's voice stuttered as he simply announced, "I must go" and returned to the embassy.

After pondering the matter for some time, Meka finally recorded into his memory, "Experiment 38. Bandages. Cancelled. Probability of eliciting negative emotional response from viewing humans determined to be too high to justify the experiment. To maximize favorable human response to my presence while minimizing negative emotional response due to perception of catastrophic injury, will restrict clothing to pants, trenchcoat, fedora, and tie with traditional accessory of a pipe. Will avoid all explanations of true nature."

Record Last Changed Date: 5/29/2011

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