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Wedding Day - Stories

Post-Session: 49

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 49.

Story - Karex and Meka Karex visit North Hills Psychiatric Hospital

Game Date: 9/24/2007

Who: Karex, Meka Karex

Penelope Trinity, Chief Administrator of North Hills Psychiatric Hospital, met Karex and his traveling companion at the entrance to the facility. Her brow arched as she looked over the metallic-skinned Yrician standing next to the ambassador.

She gestured in its direction before inquiring, "This is the new... security officer that you wanted me to give the tour to?"

Karex nodded politely, "Yes. He will be handling security at the embassy. As such, I thought it would be wise for him to see first hand a few of the paranormals who would be most likely to cause trouble in the future."

Penelope frowned, "Our patients are quite secure. I find it highly unlikely that any would escape at all, much less long enough to stage any sort of attack on your facility."

Karex dismissed her concerns with a slight shrug, "You never know what the future will hold. Regardless, we are here anyways, so let's begin the tour."

Penelope slipped into diplomat mode, the same as she used for local politicians, "Come right this way, gentlemen. We have relocated several of the patients who would be of most interest to you to the high-security section of the west wing. Ambassador Karex and, um, what should I call your security officer?"

Karex shrugged, "Just call it Meka. No honorific is necessary."

Penelope nodded slowly, then quietly asked Karex, "Is your friend a cyborg or..."

Meka began to respond, "I am a..."

Before Karex cut him off by saying, "That is classified."

Penelope nodded slowly then led them down the dimly lit corridor, finally stopping in front of a transparent Hexium wall.

Behind the wall, a middle-aged man in a tattered navy blue bathrobe with a white sash and red fuzzy slippers paces back and forth, silently ranting, pausing only long enough to shake his fist at the ceiling lights.

Penelope explained, "This is Challenger. He was part of Project: Super Trooper and was one of the first examples of the use of a 'super soldier serum' to enhance military personnel. The serum gave him super strength and agility. It even dramatically slowed the physical aging of his body. Unfortunately, it did not also slow the aging of his mind. It's been diagnosed as a form of dementia, with the oldest memories surviving the longest. His most recent clear memories, unfortunately, date back to when he believed the Earth had been invaded by hostile aliens. The invasion turned out to be just another Grand Empire plot, of course. Unfortunately, his memories of that discovery have faded. After he knocked unconscious his treating physician and two nurses, then largely demolished a nearby retail electronics store, he was placed under our care, mostly for his own protection, of course. These days he spends most of time ranting about aliens trying to steal his mind."

The party moved on to the next of the transparent Hexium walls.

Penelope continued, "This is the Woodsman. A powerful telepath, prior to his admission he never learned to shield his mind from the thoughts of others. To try to escape the constant barrage, he fled into an isolated valley deep within a National Park. However, when campers or tourists approached too close, the telepathic noise would drive him into a murderous frenzy. Seven people met a grisly end before the Woodsman was apprehended. Since arriving here, he has received extensive psychiatric counseling and finally learned to shield his mind. He claims, however, that aliens are visiting him in his dreams and trying to convince him to use his powers to adjust of the minds of some very influential politicians. The drugs we give him to suppress his paranormal abilities makes that impossible, of course."

Penelope moved on to the third cell.

"This is Mad Dog Milligan. According to the transfer papers, he is prone to paranoid delusions and violent rages. He also has extensive military training, quite impressive regenerative abilities and an unfortunate immunity to all drugs, toxins and diseases which make his treatment difficult. His most recent delusion is that, somehow, a white-scaled Yrician is sneaking into his cell at night and taking samples of his blood."

Penelope moved on to the fourth cell.

"This is the self-proclaimed Hand-of-God. The unfortunate result when a young girl from a fanatically religious family suddenly develops paranormal abilities. Her reign of vigilante justice horrified Utah. Particularly since, she met out 'biblical' vengeance for even relatively minor crimes. Unfortunately, she has apparently decided that the Yricians are actually devils sent to lure humanity into sin."

Penelope moved on to the fifth cell.

"This prisoner does not have any delusions about aliens, but is so dangerous I thought I would include her in the tour. This is Patient Zero. She is a geneticist who was secretly working on bio-weapons to use against the military. She was a originally a pacifist who had suffered a psychotic break and as a result concluded that the only way to stop war was to kill all of the soldiers. She injected herself with the ‘carrier’ version of one of her bio-weapons then proceeded to deliberately infect a local military recruiting office's personnel, everyone at the office died. She was captured at her home after she was identified from the security tapes. Her blood is a required ingredient in the creation of the only known cure for the virus, which I suspect is the only reason she wasn't sentenced to death for her crimes."


Upon returning to the Embassy, Karex turned to Meka and asked, "So, what did you deduce from our visit to the North Hills facility?"

Meka immediately replied, "There is a seven percent probability that Challenger's claim is partly correct. There are nine known entities with either the technological or the paranormal ability to steal memories. The process of which would create the symptoms Challenger is experiencing. Of those nine, Challenger has foiled the past schemes to accumulate either money or power of four of them."

Karex blinked, "What? I didn't expect you to... Okay, seven percent isn't that high. It's probably nothing. Er, was there anything else?"

Meka continued, "There is a 23% probability that Mad Dog Milligan did not commit the crimes for which he was imprisoned. Based on a review of his medical records and searches of appropriate databases, it appears likely he was injected with an experimental super soldier serum, which made him too unstable to use for military purposes and too potentially dangerous to be released back into the civilian population. I examined the records regarding the crimes he was accused of and found no correlating local news records to support their actually occurring."

Karex frowned, he had expected the robot to, at the most, pick up a few visual clues that would make it easier to detect paranormal criminals who tried to sneak into the embassy. Now he was being told the U.S. government had locked up an innocent man because of what he might do in the future and that it was possible that an American hero was having his mind stolen against his will.

Karex sighed, "Anything else?"

Meka nodded, "There is a three percent probability that Patient Zero's virus has evolved into a sentient being. Review of the available records indicates she has the ability to manipulate and guide the actions of anyone she infects with the virus, indicating the virus has some means of communication between infected cells. A sufficient number of infected cells would form a complex enough network to allow a consciousness to develop."

Karex just stared at this response. This was just getting weird, now. "That's it, I hope?"

Meka shook its head, "There is a 34% probability that the aliens seeking to influence the Woodsman are Eon's symbiotes. They are aliens and their exact nature is unknown. There are only two known alien races in relative proximity to the hospital and Yricians have no known psychic or psionic capability."

Karex slumped down into his chair and lay his head on his desk, "You know what? I can't deal with this. I've gotten this huge environmental clean up proposal and a stack of diplomatic communications to review. Meka, you go investigate these deductions of yours. If you find anything criminal going on, go ahead and let the Wardens know directly. Er, unless it's the thing about Eon. In that case, only let Amethyst know about what you discover."

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