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Wedding Day - Stories

Post-Session: 49

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 49.

Story - Karex Corp and Numan Life Sciences

Game Date: 9/14/2007  -  9/21/2007

Who: Karex

Finalists for Contract: Karex Corp/New World Technologies, Rostov Recovery Services/Bakhvalova Bio-Sciences, Numan Life Sciences/Ocean Atlantic Salvage, Italia Neptune


James Numan of Numan Life Sciences contacts Karex and says that he wishes to meet and discuss the contract to clean up the offshore chemical and radioactive waste dumps in the area off of the Point Reyes National Seashore and Preserve. Numan says he has some news that Karex will be interested in.

Karex agrees to the meeting.


While in Washington, DC lobbying for the "KAREX Decade", Karex takes time from meeting with Congressmen and Senators to meet with James Numan.

"It is a pleasure to finally meet you," states Numan while shaking Karex's hand. "I have always known that one day we would meet extraterrestrials. With the size of the universe, it was inevitable. I wish we could just talk about you and your world, but I only have a couple of hours before I have to return to Atlanta."

Numan pauses while pulling out a report binder and memory stick from his briefcase and sets them down on the table between them.

"The Italians are out of the running for the contract. From what I have been able to learn from some of my contacts here in Washington, it looks like the Russians have the lead. As much as the powers in charge don't want to award a contract like this to a foreign company, their bid is substantially lower than yours and ours."

Numan pushes the report and memory stick towards Karex.

"Based on what I see of the Russians proposal, it does not look good for your dolphin friends. They are not going to make any allowances for possible outside interference and have detailed some heavy security measures in their proposal. It is all there on the USB stick."

"The report is our proposed response, ours as in Karex Corp, New World Tech, Numan and Ocean Atlantic. It is the only way that I can see someone besides the Russians winning the contract. The profit margin will be lower but it is more a matter of getting the clean up done and keeping the dolphins safe."

"Here is the rub you need to convince Samantha that we can work together. She hasn't been too happy with me after Numan beat out New World Tech for several contracts she really wanted last year."

Karex accepts the USB stick, reminding himself to do a thorough virus scan on its contents before accessing the contents on any secure computer system.

Then he gives a friendly smile, being careful not to show too many teeth, "I certainly appreciate this information. I will look into the matter and discuss its import with Samantha. I have a deep appreciation for the many cultural advances Italy has made to human civilization."

Numan thanks Karex for his time and says that he will await his reply then cautions the little alien not to take too long as that may lose the contract which will put the dolphins at risk.


Karex carefully reviews the documents.

The USB memory stick is virus-free and contains the full contract proposal of the two Russian companies.

Their overall bid is about 20% less than the Karex Corp/New World Tech bid. The security measures that Numan mentioned are sonic screening devices. They produce sounds at a frequency outside of human hearing and have proven effective in keeping undersea life out of an area. One group of the devices will be used to sweep the area that divers will be working in while a second group will be emplaced and activated as the sweep goes past to create a barrier to keep dangerous sea life out of the work area. These sonic devices have been used to keep out sharks but have been linked to cetacean beachings around several marine salvage sites by several environmental groups.

Karex makes a point to discuss the proposals with the dolphins and see if they wish to appoint their own independent negotiator or negotiators to represent their interests in the clean up efforts talks.

The report shows a joint bid that would make use of Karex Corp, New World Technologies, Numan Life Sciences and Ocean Atlantic Salvage's areas of expertise to cut operational costs and undercut the Russian's bid by 2%. The business impact would be that the projected profit from the contract would be about 45% less for Karex Corp due to the lower initial bid and the division of profits between four companies rather than two. The flipside is that if Numan is right about the Russians landing the contract, reduced profits are better than none at all.

Karex forwards a copy of the Russians' proposal and Numan's counter-proposal to Samantha and his personal staff.


Samantha follows up with Karex the next day.

She says that she has seen the reports regarding the sonic devices and some of the science is good and some is suspect. She would choose to error on the side of caution and not use the devices if it was her decision. She said that if a deal could be reached with the dolphins, then perhaps they could provide security for the divers by protecting them from sharks.

Samantha also says that she does not have any real issues with Numan and his company but thinks that he won the contracts last year due to politics not science. The proposal for working with him and his salvage company partner seems to be sound and would be safer for the dolphins even if they don't agree to help with security for the project.


Karex hears him before he sees him. Squeeeee Cass's echolocation signals are familiar to the little gold-scaled alien.

Soon the familiar nose of Squeeeee Cass appears out of the murky ocean waters and trills a friendly greeting.

Karex replies with a series click and whistles.

Kwueeeee Tass's two paranormal human acolytes, Jacqueline and Macdonald, are with Cass but Tass is nowhere to be seen and Karex has not heard her echolocation signals either.

The two humans surface with Cass and Karex following.

Before Karex can ask about Tass' whereabouts, Macdonald speaking in his customary monotone states, "She is not at your beck and call."

Jacqueline in her customary monotone states, "But she is listening."

Karex outlines the proposals for the cleanup projects including the Russians' proposed use of the sonic screening devices. He asks if the dolphins wish to appoint their own independent negotiator or negotiators to represent their interests in the process of the awarding of the clean up project contract.

There is a pause before Macdonald responds, "The clean up will be done without harm to the dolphins."

Then Jacqueline adds, "Make this clear to the humans."

With that, Tass' two paranormal acolytes turn and swim away.

Squeeeee Cass clicks and whistles a warning to Karex that Tass has been very reclusive lately only seeking company in the two young humans and that this is dangerous.

Karex ponders a moment then inquires, "Squeeeee Cass, I don't know what effect these Russian sonic devices will have on your people. If it is truly harmful or just annoying, we should know as soon as possible. Is there one of your tribe who would volunteer to be exposed to the sound they emit?'

Karex pauses before continuing, "I could acquire one of the devices for testing purposes. We would start with the lowest possible setting. Then as soon as it becomes annoying or painful, the test subject would let me know and the test would stop. With that data, we could estimate what the device would do at full power. That way I could judge whether the Russians winning the big would provoke a dangerous reaction."

Squeeeee Cass volunteers to be a test subject for the device.


Karex acquires one of the sonic screening devices and meets with his dolphin friend the next day.

Through testing, Karex and Cass find out that the device is annoying to dolphins as soon as it is turned on and has adverse affects on Cass' echolocation abilities at a setting of 5. The maximum setting for the device is 20 and per the instruction manual, the recommended setting for keeping an area safe from sharks is 15.

Karex extrapolates that set at 15 the device would pose a great danger to the dolphins.


Karex ponders the situation and decides that he will need assistance to deal with it.

He uploads a message to all active and inactive Wardens members.


Greetings fellow Wardens,

I have become aware of a situation of great ethical import.

In the past, the United States dumped a large quantity of radioactive and toxic materials in the ocean off the California coast. There is currently a tribe of sentient dolphins with human level intellect living nearby and the technology to communicate with them had been created. Whether the waste materials contributed to the dolphins' intellect is unknown.

However, here is the issue.

A Russian consortium has put in the lowest bid to clean up the waste. Unfortunately, their plan to do so involves the use of sonic devices that are quite harmful to the sentient dolphins living in the area, as I have recently proven with tests to a volunteer.

Furthermore, the dolphins include among their number at least one powerful paranormal psychic, who had vowed to protect the dolphins from such a sonic attack.

Needless to say, this is a situation that could have many unfortunate outcomes.

As my company is currently involved in one of the rival bids, I am uncertain of the best course of action to take in this situation.

Warning the Russians that use of such devices would constitute a declaration of war against a sentient non-human species would be unlikely to be heeded considering the situation.


Amber asks if the devices be used in quadrants or sections of ocean at a time. Then while once section is being cleaned, the dolphins can relocate to a safe section of water that would not be affected by the sonic device. They could move back after the clean up is completed in each section.

Karex says that the paranormal dolphin would most likely not consent to such a plan as the project length would result in the dolphins being 'evicted' from their homes for many months.


Samantha contacts Karex and asks if he has made a decision on whether or not to combine bids with Numan Life Sciences and Ocean Atlantic Salvage.

Karex replies that the combined bid is acceptable to him and warns her of the potential danger related to the use of sonic devices such as those used by the Russians.


Karex contacts James Numan and agrees to combine the two bids.

The papers are signed and submitted.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/29/2011

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