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Wedding Day - Stories

Post-Session: 49

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 49.

Story - United Nations Petition - Dolphin Territorial Autonomy

Game Date: 9/19/2007

Who: Karex

Karex presents a petition on behalf of the sentient Dolphins to the United Nations


To the Gathered Representatives of Homo Sapiens,

As the native inhabitants of the region known to humanity as the Pacific Ocean, we hereby request formal recognition of our sovereignty over our ancestral waters. We formally request that the nations bordering upon our territory immediately halt the unauthorized theft of our tasty fish without pre-negotiated compensation and the flagrant trespass of human vessels onto our waters without our consent. Of more immediate import, we demand the immediate halt of the use of sonic weaponry upon our people - namely the sonic screening devices described in attached documentation.

Squeeeee Cass
Dolphin Ambassador


After reviewing the petition for scheduling on the General Assembly calendar, the following statement is released:


The petition does have some merit as it impacts a sensitive species in a harmful way. However, the specific area in question covers many member nations' territorial waters as well as International waters. The matter for claims against member nations' territorial waters must be decided by each individual member nation. Once decisions have been reached by all of the affected member nations, then this body will take up the matter of claims against International waters.


After reading the United Nation's statement, Karex realizes that he should get the Dolphins a full-time representative and starts a search for any aquatic paranormals with diplomatic and/or legal training. If there are not any available, he will try to find someone who could be trained up.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/29/2011

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