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Wedding Day - Stories

Post-Session: 49

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 49.

Story - Toby's Future

Game Date: 9/21/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Karex, Gianna Daniels, Jaxton Gray

Dr. Kensington contacts Amethyst.

He explains that now that he has found the correct energy field to stabilize Toby that he has a device that can stabilize Toby so that he no longer has to wear the stabilization band.

Dr. Kensington tells her there is some risk, but all of the Kronians here in this time have had a similar treatment to stabilize them.

He tells her it is something to consider to help the boy.

He also says that Jaxton can provide first hand knowledge of the process and that Dr. Miller would be an additional resource to check with as she supervised the treatment of the Kronians.


Amethyst speaks with Jaxton about using the stabilizing energy field on Toby.

Amethyst wonders if it is their decision to make. What about his parents, shouldn't they be told that their son is alive?

Jaxton says that Toby can leave the base with the stabilization band on but if it malfunctions or comes off Toby will phase out. He will not die but he will have to be located and monitored until he phases back in and the band can be placed on him again. Additionally, the original band was designed by Void. By wearing the band, even a modified one, Toby could become a target for Void.

Jaxton also says that the treatment could make it where Toby could live without the fear of the band malfunctioning, coming off or marking him as a target for Void.

Jaxton concludes by saying that when his parents are told that Toby is alive the consequences of him wearing the band and the opportunity having not to wear it need to be explained in full to them.


After speaking with Jaxton, Amethyst decides she needs more feedback on the issue. She provides a basic explanation of the process to the Wardens along with Jaxton's arguments and asks her teammates for their feedback.

Karex helpfully suggests you respect his parents' wishes in the matter. After all, despite the premature aging, he is still legally a minor and the experimental procedure is a risk.

Amber and Dot Dash do not provide respond to her request, so Amethyst decides to wait until Eon returns from his honeymoon to review the issue with the whole team.


Amethyst talks with Gianna about Toby.

She tells the Gianna that she has spoke with some experts about Toby and was waiting for Dr. Miller to return from her honeymoon to discuss it with her as well.

Amethyst assures Gianna that Toby will be able to tell his parents his is alive in the next few weeks.

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