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Post-Session: 5

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 5.

Story - Hi-Tech Targets

Game Date: 6/22/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Kitsune

Sara cannot shake the feeling that the sniper and his comrades have not left the area. Her walk had taken her by the convention center and it hit her, the World Technology Conference was being held in San Francisco next week. There would be a lot of targets all in one place at the same time. Sara sat down and started jotting down notes on the sniper's team and possible targets at the conference.


The bogies are known to hit either to assassinate targets or steal valuable objects. As the conference has nothing to steal, this is an assassination mission. Maybe something personal, there are a lot of targets with businesses involved with paranormals. So this is not going to be the sniper taking out the target. The sniper's team will be going toe to toe with the target on this one.

Looking over the list of attendees, three stand out above all the rest; Frederick von Neubayern, Paul Gerald Drakkar and Simon Jantu. All fit the profile as they are associated with high-tech businesses associated with security and paranormals.

Frederick von Neubayern, German, CEO of Drachen Techniks. Best mass produced tech in the world, only a few start ups run by scientists and engineers in the US come close. They have their fingers in a lot of pies. If it is tech and involves security or weaponry, there's something out there with a Drachen Techniks logo on it.

Paul Gerald Drakkar, American, VP of R&D at Concord Technologies. Worked on Blanco Mesa Ultra-Security Penitentiary. Currently involved in the manufacture of containment systems for transporting paranormal prisoners.

Simon Jantu, South African, Jantu Robotics. Rumor has it that the guards at Blanco Mesa are to be replaced with robots. Jantu Robotics is the leader to take the contract.

Of the three, the most likely is von Neubayern. He rarely goes out in public and his security system at his estate is tight and lethal, even for paranormals.

So if von Neubayern is the target when? Easy, the next to the last day of the conference there is a banquet. It is at night which would provide cover for the assault.


A few days later, Sara looked at her notes and thought, this is the best I can do? But it fits their pattern, better than the politicos of a few weeks ago. It is time to talk with the others. This is it, I am sure of it.

Record Last Changed Date: 2/26/2006

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