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Post-Session: 50

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 50.

Story - The Disposition of Kelly Wu's Case

Game Date: 9/26/2007  -  10/4/2007

Who: Amber (II), Karex

Kelly "Dragon Lady" Wu, represented by Consulate-General Karex and attorney Morty Morton, turns herself into the FSS.

Judge Juanita Salazar sets a hearing for October 3rd for Wu to appear before the Special Tribunal on Paranormal Matters to review her case and invites the Wardens to appear at the proceedings.

Morton files a motion to have Judge Juanita Salazar excuse herself as the presiding judge. Judge Salazar agrees to review the motion and present her opinion prior to the hearing.


The next week at the hearing, Judge Salazar excuses herself and Judge John Worthington McLaren of the Special Tribunal on Paranormal Matters presides over the hearing via teleconference from New York City.

To open the hearing, Judge McLaren invites the members of the Wardens to offer their opinions on the validity of Kelly Wu's claim of not escape but kidnapping.

Karex presents a writ to the judge testifying as follows:

Kelley Wu's every action upon turning herself in at the Embassy was quite proper and in accordance with her professed desire to turn herself in following a kidnapping. Her feeling that she was in danger could only have been reinforced when a member of a less extreme faction, the kidnappers appear to be an offshoot of this faction, used an unauthorized psychic scan on her and at least one other member of the Wardens who was assisting in her transfer to lawful authorities. Unfortunately, Ms. Wu appears to have become a symbol for both rival factions, who appear to be in the midst of an ideological feud, and I have significant concerns for her future safety.

Amber submits information on the Sisters of Orontea and the Amazons that details the two organizations' stated purposes. She submits historical information from the Order of St. Jade archives regarding the Sisters of Orontea and shares details on Wu and her known associates over the years including several with ties to the Sisters.

Amber says that the Order of St. Jade had not yet established that the Sisters and the Amazons were working together before Wu's capture but had suspected such for years because of their similar philosophies.

Amber goes on to say that was one of the reasons, she had been asked by the Order to come to San Francisco was to see that a relationship was not re-established if the former members of the Amazons were granted parole.

Amber details that there is no way to corroborate or disprove Wu's story since there is no proof that the Sisters of Orontea were ever at the office warehouse in Elk Grove.

She asks the court to consider the possible danger presented by these two organizations and if this supposed kidnapping was staged kidnapping as a basis for future criminal acts. There is also the possibility that crimes have been committed by the Sisters and masterminded by Wu's while she was "kidnapped".

Amber respectfully asks that the court err on the side of caution with Dragon Lady the whole situation just seems all too convenient.


Judge McLaren makes his ruling the next day.

Kelly Wu is to be returned to the United States Ultra Security Penitentiary in Blanco Mesa, New Mexico to serve the last three years of her original sentence.

It has been judged that no escape attempt took place, so no further time will be added to her sentence.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/29/2011

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