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Post-Session: 50

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 50.

Story - Meka's Investigations

Game Date: 9/26/2007  -  10/9/2007

Who: Meka Karex

Stage 1: Acquisition of resources to support investigation

Meka Karex slipped the two loops of rope around his neck then carefully placed the small glass sculptures of Yricians into the attached shallow wooden box.

As he walked down to the dock, he cheerfully called out to the tourists, "Greetings, human bio-units. Please exchange paper currency units in exchange for small glass objects. Utility may include as a reminder of past events for those with imprecise memory units or as a visible symbol of your relative status in the local social order. Each uniquely hand crafted, so quantity purchases recommended to increase probability of one of the purchased units being of higher than average quality."

As tourists approached, Meka quietly exchanged sculptures for the proffered currency.

Stage 2: Gather data for investigation

Hubert 'Tubbs' Reddick pushed his broom along the theater floor, moving along an ever-increasing pile of dropped candy and popcorn. It wasn't until he got to the last row that he noticed the motionless figure quietly sitting in one of the seats.

Great, Tubbs thought to himself. Another homeless jerk looking for a place to sleep it off.

He called out to the figure, "Hey you, you got to leave. The theater is closing up for the night."

Meka Karex rose and approached Tubbs. Now that he was out of the shadows, the theater lights shone brightly against his golden scales.

Without any fanfare, Meka asked, "Is the detective mystery movie marathon concluded?"

Tubbs nodded vigorously, "Yea. That ended an hour ago."

Meka turned and began leaving without another word. It would take time for his matrices to absorb fully the information contained in the video recordings. I hope that the examples used in the films were appropriate for his assigned task.

Stage 3: Begin investigation

Meka Karex entered the dingy office where Detective Perrot awaited. While the detective was not the cleanest or most tidy human being Meka had ever encountered, he had the virtues of being a lifelong member of the Challenger fan club and to charge prices with Meka's limited financial means.

Meka announced simply, "I wish to hire you to confirm or deny a hypothesis. The hypothesis is that someone is stealing the memories of Challenger. Primary suspect is the psychiatric hospital's physician. Confirmation or elimination of hypothesis is equally appreciated. Please present argument regarding appropriate price for this service."

Detective Perrot requested a price within Meka's means. Meka immediately agreed.

Stage 4: Testing the Hypothesis

The medical lab's intercom buzzed as Doctor Gerald Myers reviewed the latest test results.

There was always the danger that one of the more violent paranormal patients would become resistant to the drugs used to suppress their more destructive abilities. Hopefully, the monthly blood work would detect any such adaptation in time to modify the dosage to compensate. However, it was often difficult to determine exactly what was 'normal' for a paranormal.

Myers finally answered the income with an irritated, "What it is now, Sharon?"

Sharon's sweet voice replied, "We have someone from the Yrician embassy that wishes to speak to you about making use of your lab and equipment to run an experiment."

Myers frowned this was not the sort of attention he wanted. Not now. Not when he was so close to... but to say no would attract even more attention. Perhaps there was still a way to gracefully decline.

"Did he say what he wanted to use the equipment for?"

Sharon promptly responded, "Something about a potential danger to the city requiring the verification of an, um. Hippo's teeth."

Myers sighed, "Hypothesis, Sharon. He probably said hypothesis. Well. If the city is in danger, I can hardly refuse, can I? Go ahead and bring him down to the lab."

Myers was somewhat startled when the being that stepped into his lab appeared to be made from golden metal with glowing red eyes. Its reptilian wings were neatly folded back.

Before Myers could speak, the visitor bluntly announced, "I require use of an air-tight hazardous materials work area, two samples of tissue from Patient Zero and two monitors, each with a live video feed of a prisoner in this facility."

Myers pondered a moment, "Well. I suppose all those things can be provided. But, what is this all about?"

Meka Karex mysteriously rejoined, "There is... potential danger in a biological being having knowledge of my experiment prior to completion."

Myers frowned, "Well. Okay then, I suppose. I will make the necessary arrangements."

Stage 5: Learning Curve

Meka Karex left the work area, allowing the chemical fumes to sterilize his metallic skin as he made his way through the airlock separating the hazardous materials work area from the rest of the medical lab. As soon as the decontamination process was complete, he announced to Dr. Myers.

"I believe the Woodsman has been infected by the Zero Virus. Do you have the means to render him unconscious long enough to run a blood test to verify this deduction?"

Myers sputtered, "But... how could you know this?"

Meka explained patiently, "I suspected upon initial review of the available data. Patient Zero has the ability to manipulate and guide the actions of anyone she infects with the virus, indicating the virus has some means of communication between infected cells, but how does this communication take place?"

"By unpleasantly stimulating one of the two tissue samples and monitoring the result, I was able to rule out use of the electromagnetic spectrum, but what about the method used by psychics? I was able to observe a visible reaction in Patient Zero when one of the tissue samples was stimulated."

"I then deduced that if the Woodsman was infected, he would likely sense the spreading virus as an alien presence seeking to influence his actions, at least subconsciously. That is something that he has reported as of late. He also showed a visible reaction to the stimulation of the tissue sample, though that was not conclusive since his telepathic abilities may have allowed him to pick up on the discomfort of Patient Zero."

"Regardless, the overall evidence justifies a simple blood test, I believe."

Myers nodded slowly, "I'll take care of it. Each cell can be flooded with a sedative gas at will."

Stage 6: Unforeseen Results

Alarms blared throughout the prison as a recording of the Chief Administrator's voice announced the hospital was now under full lockdown.

Meka looked up from the magazine he had been perusing while Dr. Myers performed the necessary blood test, and then inquired to him, "I assume the Woodsman's test for the Zero Virus was positive then?"

Myers, looking surprisingly calm considering the situation nodded then added, "Because we don't know how the virus was transmitted, the facility has been placed in a full lockdown while all the patients and staff are tested. Teams will be sent to check all visitors to the hospital since Woodsman first reported experiencing those dreams."

Meka nodded, "Excellent precaution," and then went back to reading his magazine.

Stage 7: Quarantine

Meka extended his index fingers, holding his hands about two feet apart.

A visible arc of electricity formed between the two outstretched digits, before suddenly leaping forward and striking the charging hospital orderly in the chest. The orderly slumped to the ground without even a whimper.

Meka walked over and wrapped the restraining tape around the orderly's hands and ankles, before telling Dr. Myers over a borrowed radio, "I have incapacitated the last of the infected orderlies and returned Patient Zero to her cell. It should now be safe for you to leave the lab and extract the necessary blood from her to cure the infected personnel."

Stage 8: Applied Deduction

Meka continued quietly to read his magazine in the prison medical lab as Chief Administrator Trinity entered the lab and rushed over to Dr. Myers.

"Thank goodness you thought to test Woodsman when you did, Dr. Myers! Who knows what would have happened if the virus escaped the confines of the prison. I wish I could give you the bonus that you deserve, but you know our budget has already been slashed to the bone."

Myers cleared his throat roughly and then finally responded with rather obvious false humility, "Well, I don't do the work for the money. This job has other rewards, protecting my country from dangerous paranormals and such."

Meka rose from his chair and quietly inquired to Trinity, "Has the Zero Virus been fully contained?"

Trinity nodded.

Meka simply replied good before turning towards Dr. Myers.

Meka extended his index fingers, and projected a low-level arc of electricity at the same height as Myers rather ostentatious belt buckle. As it connected to the belt buckle, there was a loud sizzling sound, a pop, and suddenly where Dr. Myers had stood there was now a tall thin reptilian being with dirty white scales.

Meka tipped his head towards the being and explained, "Dr. Myers is actually der Zornnatter. A German scientist who managed to transform himself into what you see before you during the last World War while trying to recreate the super soldier formula that gave Challenger his powers."

Der Zornnatter hissed, "But, how could you have seen through my disguise? My holographic generator was perfect!"

Meka helpfully explained.

"There are nine known entities with either the technological or the paranormal ability to steal memories, the process of which would create the symptoms Challenger is experiencing. Of those nine, Challenger has foiled the past schemes to accumulate either money or power of four of them. You were one of the four."

"Mad Dog Milligan's claims of a white scaled Yrician sneaking into his cell and taking samples of his blood were also highly suspicious. A mediator would not risk personal harm by such a risky endeavor. Der Zornnatter, however, was renowned for his hand-to-hand combat prowess and would likely consider himself up for the task. Of course, Milligan would be the only prisoner who you could not use the sedative gas to incapacitate while you performed your unauthorized experiments."

"Finally, of course, I had the opportunity to observe you during the recent crisis."

"You showed no signs of fearing infection from the Zero Virus. Due to your non-human physiology and enhanced immune system, there was never a real danger for you. However, if you had been human, you would have immediately taken basic precautions such as donning a bio-hazard suit."

Der Zornnatter's eyes narrowed, "Perhaps. I will need to be more careful in the future. But the Chief Administrator's memories of this conversation can be erased and you, my little robot, dismantled!"

As der Zornnatter leapt, Meka's mouth dropped open and a barrage of tiny high-speed rockets poured out to meet him mid-leap. When he showed signs of stirring, Meka used a carefully metered arc of electricity to render him fully unconscious.

Turning to the Chief Administrator, Meka stated. "You should place him in a cell immediately," before adding, "My investigation here is complete. Thank you for the use of your resources."

Stage 9: Adaptation

Meka used a piece of string to keep the wide-brimmed fedora in place atop his head. A wide slit up the back of the matching trenchcoat provided space for his wings and tail. There was nothing in the wide-rimmed bowl pipe cradled in Meka's left hand of course.

Since he didn't breathe, there was no means to inhale the tobacco fumes even if it had been filled to the brim and lit.

Meka flipped open the wallet containing his credentials. Chief Investigator, Interstellar Criminal Investigations Division, Earth Precinct. Karex had been all too happy to have an impressive looking badge and matching paperwork made for Meka. No such organization existed, of course. At least not until Karex made it up on the spot. Still, hopefully the humans wouldn't realize that fact and prove cooperative towards what appeared to be duly authorized authority.

Of course, being the sensible being that he was, Meka would only resort to such a hazardous tactic once all the more sensible avenues had been fully explored.

Appropriately dressed to perform an investigation, Meka headed off.

The visits to the local newspapers served to support his hypothesis. Checks of back issues of the local papers showed no reports of the supposedly violent crimes Milligan was supposed to have committed.

The collection of affidavits proved surprisingly easy once Meka explained that he believed an innocent person had been unjustly imprisoned to conceal the harmful effects of a military experiment.

Next, a visit to a local chapter of a civil rights non-profit led to a discussion with a legal aid attorney who agreed to look into the matter and bring the affidavits and gathered evidence to the attention of a local judge.

His task completed, Meka returned to the embassy.

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