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Post-Session: 50

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 50.

Story - The Doctors talk to Amethyst about Toby

Game Date: 9/27/2007  -  10/11/2007

Who: Amethyst (II)

Drs. Rebecca Miller-Ambrose and Miranda Saveda meet with Amethyst.

Rebecca relates to Amethyst the details of her conversation with Toby about the stabilization process. She says that Toby is extremely interested in having the process done so that he can have a "normal life."

Rebecca has talked with Dr. Saveda about Toby and Miranda has talked with Toby.

Dr. Saveda says that although Toby appears to be older, he exhibits the mentality of a ten-year-old and has exhibited severe abandonment issues. He definitely needs further counseling but the point here is that he is not mentally mature enough to make any decisions about undergoing the stabilization process. She states that the decision should be made by a responsible adult and not Toby.

Rebecca asks Amethyst if it is their decision to make. What about his parents, shouldn't they be told that their son is alive?

Amethyst replies, "Yes, I believe his parents should be told that he is alive. Although until we know for sure that the stabilization process is a success, I would rather not tell them. I take FULL responsibility in making this decision and have filed the paperwork to become his temporary legal guardian until the process has been concluded as a success."


After about a week, Karalyn decides to talk to Janelle and Aaron about the possibility of Toby being alive. She explains that she had talked with the Wardens and they had asked her to talk to the Hollidays.

Tommy convinced the Wardens that Toby did not die in the accident. After some months of research, it was determined that Toby might be alive because he is outside of normal time. Something to do with the fact that he might have hyper-speed related paranormal abilities.

Janelle does not deny that this could have happened based on past incidents with her uncle.

After much talk of the paranormal side of the issue, Aaron asks when the Wardens would know for sure about Toby.

Karalyn tells them she will talk with Amethyst and get back to them as soon as possible.


The Alcatraz Foundation lawyers are able to get the legal guardianship paperwork approved giving Amethyst temporary guardianship of unknown adolescent paranormal called 'Toby' until such time as his parents can be found.


Dr. Miller-Ambrose is not too happy with the legal maneuvering but says that she will go through with her promise to oversee the stabilization process.

She begins coordinating with Dr. Kensington regarding calibrating the stabilizer device to the frequencies that would be needed to stabilize Toby. He tells her it will take two days to move the equipment to North Bay. Once there, it will take another ten days to set it up and calibrate it.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/29/2011

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