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Post-Session: 50

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 50.

Story - Report on Taurex's Intrusion

Game Date: 9/27/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Eon (Lazarus)

Security Chief Irina Petrova sends the following report on Taurex's security breach to Amethyst and Eon.

(Note: Susan, Adam and Melinda do not have direct access to or control over cameras or sensors at the base due to an attempt to takeover the Wardens' previous computer by an outside entity trying to introduce a computer virus into the system via bogus sensor input. The full biometric scan takes into account many things facial recognition, body temperature profile, overall body measurements including weight. The identity card must be presented with bare hand unless not possible which then reads fingerprints as the card is ran through the scanner.)



The subject used Karex's Wardens' ID card and was dressed in a uniform similar to Karex's 'Wardens' uniform'.

The subject was under observation of security cameras from the time he entered the Press and Meeting Cottage until he entered the 'mystic' wing of the headquarters.

The biometric sensors noted a deviation from the Karex norm but the security agents on duty did not make a report of the deviation, so Susan, Adam and Melinda were not alerted to any issue.

The security cameras and sensors monitoring the security agents on duty did not record anything out of the ordinary during their interactions with the intruder, so Susan, Adam and Melinda were not alerted to any issue.

Interviews with the security agents indicate that they spoke with Karex as he was passing through the security station and he had told them that the Earth custom of joining with a mate had proven too lack the excitement of Yrician ceremonies and he had returned early. He also told them that he was going to pick up some things from his former apartment before returning to the embassy. They were not aware of any issues until the security alert indicated an intrusion in the 'mystic' wing then something triggered the lockdown protocol and all the systems went offline.

Interviews with Thunder, Volt, Psyche and Mr. Gray indicate that they responded to the alert and were able to make it to the mystic wing prior to the lockdown going into effect. They observed some energy flashes at the end of the hall and rushed to investigate then they don't remember anything further until being 'unfrozen' by Indigo.

Interviews with the subject indicated that he used a 'glamour' spell to influence the security agents on duty into believing that he was Karex. His intentions were to gain entry to the 'mystic' wing and await the return of Indigo to ask to her to teach him more magic. His intrusion into the base was a demonstration that he would be a worthy pupil.


The subject did not use any abilities that registered on the bases sensors to influence the security agents on duty.

The subject's attempted intrusion into the 'mystic' wing was foiled by previously unknown counter-intrusion measures believed to have been setup by Mandrake, one of the founding members of the Wardens.

These measures in addition to preventing access to the 'mystic' wing also triggered a full security lockdown in the rest of the Wardens' headquarters including isolating the computer systems from accessing any of the base's systems.


A new level of security monitoring where the duty personnel doing the monitoring are isolated from direct contact with the security agents on duty as well as contact with anyone entering or exiting the base has been initiated to observe security cameras and sensors.

The 'wards' have been re-established for the 'mystic' wing to guard against intrusion and 'scrying' but these 'wards' are only the equivalent of "locks and blinds". They will prevent unauthorized access and remote viewing of the 'mystic' wing but will not detain intruders as the previous 'wards' did.

The means through which was the full security lockdown in the rest of the Wardens' headquarters including isolating the computer systems from accessing any of the base's systems was initiated and accomplished have not been identified. A complete review of all base equipment is still ongoing in an attempt to identify how this was achieved.


No actions should be taken against the security agents on duty as they were under the influence of an outside force that prevented the appropriate response to the situation.

As chief security officer, the ultimate blame for the incident should be placed on her and the Wardens' are free to take any actions against her that are deemed necessary.


Eon sends Amethyst and the security chief an email reply as well as requesting a meeting to discuss the details.

= = = = =

The security response on this situation was ineffective at best. I recommend no action be taken at this time towards the security chief. However, there are issues that need addressing.

We should readdress our security processes and immediately develop an additional level of security identification for all Wardens. This would include an item of personal knowledge as currently we have only two levels. Something you have and something you are. We need to have something you know in place. A pass phrase or other similar system for each Warden should be initiated Each Warden pass phrase should be unique and changed every 60 - 90 days.

After reading this report, I also recommend denial to the Wardens facilities for Taurex. The descriptions and actions taken by the intruder do not fit the profile of a simple cultural misunderstanding. Everything so far we have learned lends more and more evidence to the probability that this being's agenda is not as benevolent as he makes it out to be. In any case, given the sensitive nature of the Warden's base and the large-scale possibilities for catastrophic results from anything magical being released, I also recommend that Taurex not be allowed any further access to the mystic annex, accompanied or not. If desired, I suggest that Karex provide a space in the embassy to allow him to set a small magical lab for Taurex's studies.

= = = = =

Amethyst replies.

= = = = =

What about sight recognition and fingerprint recognition? A mystic or someone like Amber using mind powers could make the agent on duty perceive what they wanted them to hear or see.

The pass phrase would be just as easy to breach.

In regards to Taurex's story, Amber did not pick up any deception in Taurex answers when she read his mind.

Taurex is already locked out of the mystic annex UNLESS Indigo is with him.

As for the embassy, there is too much technology there just like here at the base. This is why the mystic annex is isolated from the rest of the base.

Chief do you agree with my thoughts about Taurex? Is there anything Eon mentioned that you have thoughts on?

= = = = =

Security Chief Petrova's Response:

= = = = =

The main failure in the current process was that the security personnel responsible for confirming that all was in order were exposed to the person they were checking. This left them vulnerable to manipulation. They expected certain things from Karex and due to the intruder's manipulations, they got what they expected.

By adding a second layer of verification, that is isolated from the subject being reviewed, the chance of manipulation is greatly reduced but with paranormal abilities involved, it cannot ever be totally eliminated.

A paranormal with the ability to alter a person's perceptions can bypass verbal passwords as Amethyst indicated. However with the secondary verification layer that was added, the password system would allow for another verification criteria.

The limiting factor in the security equation is the isolation of the computer systems from direct sensors input. The computers are dependent upon human interface to be effective with the secondary verification layer the human interface becomes more reliable.

As for Mr. Taurex, I have some observations to make prior to my recommendation. Once I make these observations, please let me know if my recommendation is still needed.

Based on my interactions with Consulate-General Karex, I have seen nothing in Mr. Taurex's mannerisms that would suggest that he is not being truthful during his interviews with the security staff about his intentions when he entered the base. If his current actions are indicative of deception then Karex's actions would have to view as such as well. That being said, Karex has much more access to the Wardens facilities than Mr. Taurex currently does.

On the other hand, a self-admitted paranormal with psychic/psionic talents is currently in residence with the same access to the Wardens facilities as Mr. Taurex but what do the Wardens know about Psyche? She does not have FSS credentials and there is no previous record of her appearing anywhere than in the few times she encountered the Wardens.

As a security chief, I cannot afford to be paranoid as then no one would be admitted into the Wardens headquarters. I am paid to be prepared not paranoid. In the end, a certain element of trust needs to exist for any interaction to have the possibility of yielding positive results.

In all comes down to a matter of trust.

= = = = =

Eon replies

= = = = =

While I agree with your arguments of how such measures could be circumvented the saying goes "They build locks to keep honest people out". I still believe an additional layer would be prudent.

The fact that Taurex was deliberately misleading about his intentions at the base is my concern.

Why did he not tell the truth to the guards about his identity and why did he pretend to be Karex? Furthermore, why did he go to the mystic wing directly? In fact, HOW did he know where that was? Why if he was seeking residence or aid did he not seek Karex since it is widely publicized that he is the Yrician's contact here.

You might consider me paranoid; I think I am being justly cautious. We have witnessed too much disregard for protocol in the name "alien ignorance" from Karex.

My personal feeling is that this needs to stop for the sake of security. The sad thing is that if the Knight were here he would be having a stroke. I am sure of it. Now it appears I have to be the prudent one.

I agree with the statement made regarding non-credentialed residents, we should institute a similar program to the FSS for our own records. If the person doesn't want to have FSS credentials, then we should at least gather some information for our own records.

While I will concede, a level of trust is required for efficient operation I still will submit there are security vulnerabilities that need to be addressed in some way.

It might be a good idea that once we get corrections in place to have the young Wardens team perform a penetration exercise to attempt unauthorized base access. Just to determine any security improvements that could be made. Thank you for attention and time I await your suggestions.

I appreciate the suggestions Chief and believe we should move forward with the alterations.

= = = = =

Security Chief Petrova replies

= = = = =

The password process will be implemented as per your request.

= = = = =

Amethyst adds:

= = = = =

Quick thought on Taurex... maybe on his planet they have different ways of determining what is right and wrong???

Maybe using the "glamour" factor is just another tool used as a means of doing something 'right'.

Maybe he just needs a course on Earthling manners...

We could also use this to help Indigo with knowing more about our dimension.

What do you think Eon???

Record Last Changed Date: 5/29/2011

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