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Boys and Girls - Stories

Post-Session: 50

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 50.

Story - Mission High Students

Game Date: 9/28/2007

Who: Dot Dash

It had been a few weeks since school had started and Dorothy was thinking about some of the students she had met. Some were friends, some acquaintances and some could turn into projects.


Dorothy absolutely hated mathematics, as she sat in class trying to figure out the equations.

Mr. Lamar, the teacher, saw the trouble she was having and so walked over.

Dorothy looked up at him, worried.

"Do not worry dear you are not in trouble," Mr. Lamar said trying to ease the girl's obvious nervousness.

"Thank goodness... but why'd you come over here then?"

"Reviewing your previous schooling records, I see that you did much better when you had someone to work with Ms. Axtell. Another student, Kelvin Kensuke, has the same tendencies. I would like you to work with him, if you can convince him to help you and vice versa."

"Thanks, Mr. Lamar."

She knew what Kelvin looked like; she'd seen an article in the school newspaper about him having chaired the entertainment committee for the school's birthday party last year while she was researching where she would go to school.

She went and sat down next to him.

"Hello, I'm Dorothy..."


She had become pretty good friends with Kelvin and had found much to her chagrin that he was even worst at Mathematics than she was.

However, Kelvin did seem to know everybody at school and everybody seemed to know Kelvin. So thanks to him, Dorothy had met a lot of the other senior as well as a good number of underclassmen at Mission High School.


Dorothy was eager to starting getting the assigned labs done.

"Okay, now its time for all of you fine students to pick a lab partner. Here is the drill; all those on the right side of the classroom will draw a slip of paper from the fishbowl."

Dorothy picked a slip of paper and got the name 'Rita Streeter'.

Great, the mad scientist, Dorothy thought as she went over to meet her new lab partner.

Rita was still on a lab stool reading some book running her hand through her messy hair.

I feel like I'm in one of those bad comedy shows.

Dorothy did her best not to show her thoughts about this.

"Hello, I'm Dorothy." She said, putting out her hand for Rita to shake it.


Rita was at best an acquaintance, as she was only eleven years old, even if she was a junior in high school. She was smart, very smart, maybe paranormal smart. Her choice in books left something to be desired though. Horror stories, conspiracy theory, hard science and some project files on declassified government projects, especially Project: Avenger.

Dorothy could she were she had earned the mad scientist nickname.


Dorothy sighed; she had finished classes for the day and really had nothing else to do. She was wandering about the hallways minding her own business when she saw the vending machine. Whimpering to herself in frustration, she knew she couldn't resist getting a cream soda.

She was oblivious to the sounds of a heated argument that had started a little ways down the hall. She was too intent on trying to get the five-dollar bill to feed it into the vending machine.

"íZ˙rzalo, la cosa debe ser arrugado todo para arriba!"

She shouted to herself in her frustration. She started to smooth out the five-dollar bill, but then she recognized the sound of yelling and turned to see what was causing the commotion.

She rushed over, forgetting all about her precious cream soda when she saw Kelvin and... some white-haired boy, she didn't know... arguing... the white-haired boy was screaming and Kelvin was doing his best to keep his cool.



Her sudden appearance had broken up the argument and the white haired boy had fled the scene.

Dorothy learned from Kelvin that the boy was Mortimer Graves. She also learned that he was teased a lot about his name and that his choosing to dress all in black with his pale skin and white hair didn't help. Kelvin said that Mortimer was a loner and that every time he tried to get Mortimer involved in activities over the last few years, it resulted in an argument.

Things had gotten worse lately because Mortimer had started playing practical jokes on Kelvin.

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