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Post-Session: 50

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 50.

Story - Tin Foil Hats

Game Date: 9/28/2007

Who: Eon (Lazarus), Amber (II), Amethyst (II), Dr. Rebecca Miller-Ambrose, Dr. S. Alon Sloan, Psyche

Eon consults with Rebecca and S. Alon about the nature of Amber's abilities as well as discusses options for preventing further involuntary intrusions. He suggests some type of synaptic dampener device to prevent external transmissions. He also consult the records to see if this sort of attack was used before and if there was ever a method devised to counter it.

Rebecca and S. Alon provide the basics on energy emissions and strengths but can provide very little on counteracting psionic and psychic abilities

While researching previous incidents with psionic/psychic enemies, he realizes that he has a readily available source of information on psychic/psionic abilities in Psyche.

Eon requests time with Psyche to discuss any techniques or strategies to counter mind-invading attacks.

He also makes a reinforced aluminum foil hat to wear underneath his hat. After all, if it doesn't help, it couldn't hurt?


Psyche advises Eon that there are two methods to help a non-psi resist a psi's influence, technology or training. The only method that she can assist with is training and that through strong mental discipline a non-psi can make it harder for a psi to influence him.

Psyche offers to work with Eon if he wishes.


Eon believes a conversation with Amber is in order and invites Amethyst to join him.


Eon sits across the table and measures Amber.

Indigo tells Eon and Amethyst that she is sorry for the mind link and she will not do it again without permission.

Amber thinks that Eon is a hypocrite because he called for Psyche to do the same thing she was doing to Dragon Lady. When Psyche went past her at the door, she knew what was going on. She is familiar with Psyche abilities and has been aware of her for a couple of months.

Amber thinks when Eon treats me as a friend and a team member and I will be one. Treat me with suspicion and not as a friend and I will not be one.

Eon explains why his actions were what they were.

"For myself, I was following the instructions from Karex, it was his embassy and his rules thus I made a command decision based on this to exclude you from this engagement. IF you want to even, call it that. We have not yet had sufficient time to observe you or your order to gauge a reaction to a rival, historically hostile, adversary. So that being the case I decided for the sake of the least conflict it would be better to not involve you in a situation that was potentially volatile but ultimately calm."

Amber responds, "There is nothing about my character that says, 'I am not trustworthy.'"

"The Wardens know I have great knowledge of the Sisters and the Amazons and you chose not to include me in your investigation. That investigation would have gone much smoother if you would have utilized all your resources including Dot Dash and myself. We are sisters and are here to serve God and the Order. Neither of us has had so much as a jay walking ticket. We have educated children and our house is open for those that need food and shelter."

"When the probationers came under your control, I was displeased but took no action against them. Our response was to break out the popcorn and sit back and watch thinking you and Karex are going to get backstabbed. We were prepared to jump in if any of them caused you or any of the Wardens harm. But we sat back and observed."

"Does that sound like someone who would walk in and attack Lady Wu without her taking the first action?"

"It is a true shame that anyone thought that either of us would have many any kind of unprovoked attack. One of the things we were investigating when we came here, and still are, is the link between the Sisters of the Orontea and the Amazons. The Wardens also need to know this information."

Eon paused before responding, "You are correct though about trust and we have unfortunately experienced many occasions where our trust has yielded unfortunate results. If you want to validate this just review the logs on the one known as Prime."

Amber in an apologetic tone says, "I did over react by reading you and Amethyst but it was so frustrating to know that our mission was being hindered due to unwarranted distrust."

"We all operate from our experiences and I have never been treated as if I violated someone when I read their mind. At the Order, I was in a position of leadership because I would inform the other priestess of things in their mind and they would talk to me about it they were available to do this job or that job. I could set at a desk and keep track of all the activities on the grounds. The other priestess considered this a blessing. We all tried to maintain a purity of thought."

"I was there from childhood to right before I arrived here. I am very young and you can teach me much."

"Now that I have reflected on all that happened, I can understand a being like you, as ancient as you are and as complex as you are, would have many instances where your trust was violated. I did not mean these actions to be "against" you. I did not perceive it as a violation or a penetration. I did not perceive it as being hostile but just like I am having a conversation inside your head."

"In the future, I will stay out of your head unless you give me permission."

"I want you to think about this, in the future, we might come upon a situation where enemies have you or another one of the Wardens and the rest of us do not know where they are. Would you not want me to talk to them or you in the mind to help locate and rescue them? There are many situations where my skills would be useful for communication. If you think of some exceptions, I would be glad to hear them. If the Wardens make policies regarding my and other mentalists, abilities I would like to be involved in the making of those policies."

Then with more energy continues, "We are like you, we are the good guys. Trust us and accept us as members of your team or don't. Like Jesus said be hot or cold but if you are lukewarm I will spit you out."

Eon replies, "The use of undesired mental penetrations against team members is something I am sure you understand cannot be condoned. I am glad you have assured us this will not happen again because if it does it could be seen as a hostile act. This would be met with appropriate response as I am sure you can understand."

Eon leans a little closer to Amber and his eyes glow very, very dark. "Just a word of advise, stay out of my head, it is not a NICE place."

Amber pauses then states, "I will pray to Jesus for the sake of your soul or souls. Jesus ate with sinners and different religious groups that were at odds with each other, this caused people, mainly his enemies to spread rumors about him."

Eon leans back and smiles, "I am not your enemy and I can be a valuable ally."

Amber replies, "I respect you as a valuable ally and have from the moment we arrived. I was treated in a manner first that said, 'I am not trustworthy.' You did not trust me to interview Lady Wu."

She then continues, "We need to substantiate or disprove Wu's claim she was kidnapped. If she is being deceptive here then there could be a plan in the works by her, the Amazons and the Sisters. That should be our mutual goal here. If the Sisters of Orontea and the Amazons are working together the authorities, the Order and the Wardens need to know that. We have many pressing issues but what is going on with those organizations is important."

"Darla Wu is not a problem," responds Eon. "She will be going back to prison and will serve her time. Besides, we have much more pressing issues to resolve. Let me go over our open case logs."

Amethyst chimes in, "I believe that is very important for you to review the logs. In addition, Melinda can provide a group of files about us, the Wardens that you might find helpful.

Amber responds, "I do need to study your logs to know you and the history of the Wardens better."

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