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Post-Session: 50

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 50.

Story - An Invitation to Tea

Game Date: 10/1/2007

Who: Amber (II), Dot Dash, Amethyst (II), Indigo

Amber is painting all the rooms in the house starting with the common rooms. The main meeting room is Jade and the sunroom is Amber. The living room is in Amethyst and the dining room in Indigo. Once the rooms are completed Amber and Dot Dash send an invitation to Amethyst and Indigo to the house to see the room painted in their honor and to get to know each other better. All rooms in the house are decorated with statues and pictures of various female saints in addition St. Jade is honored in every room.

Amber writes the invitations in detail calligraphy on lacey cards that are fit for an invitation to royalty.

They are sent to Amethyst, Indigo and all the other female paranormals at the Wardens' Headquarters.

Amber also asks some of the girls from the high school and middle school if they would like to serve. The girl would get to meet the paranormals, have a free lunch and receive $20 for their time. This invitation is good for the first five girls that respond with signed permission slips from their parents.

The first five girls to reply are Satomi Matsuda and Malinal Veron from Mission High and Blair Gentry, Paula Serrano and Nakia Littlewood from Everette Middle School.


Amethyst replies, "I will be attending. Is there anything that I need to bring with me such as food or something else???"

To which Amber responds, "No Amethyst, you are one of the guests of honor and do not need to bring anything."

"There will be young ladies attending that might have some questions for you. Some of them are exceptional young ladies and you might want to help with their training. I have been wondering about how I can also help with the young paranormals that have been discovered in our area. Dot Dash would be able to relate to them better since she is younger. This is something we can talk about later."


Indigo and Psyche also accept the invitation to tea.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/29/2011

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