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Post-Session: 50

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 50.

Story - Percival's Story

Game Date: 9/26/2007  -  10/15/2007

Who: Stalwart

Prelude: A Fateful Decision

Percival leaned back at his desk, sipping his coffee, as he looked over the day's headlines.

Idly, he asked his partner, Officer Ralph Toledo, "You ever wonder what it'd be like, Ralph?"

Ralph, already on his second powdered-sugar doughnut of the day, mumbled back, "Wonder what, Perk?"

Percival grimaced a bit at the nickname. It reminded him too much of one of those overly enthusiastic news reporters they regularly showed on TV covering feel good stories of mall openings.

"Wonder what it would be like to be the ones actually catching those high-powered paranormal criminals rather than merely keeping the public at a safe distance while the waiting for the Wardens to show up to deal with the matter?" queried Percival.

Ralph waved the remains of his doughnut angrily, "Hey! Don't knock the Wardens. I remember what this city used to be like. Think about this, in the past year, what kind of paranormal threats has San Francisco had to deal with?"

Percival pondered a moment then started ticking off recent paranormal events.

"In January, there was a werewolf spotted in the park, no reported injuries."

"In February, some robot went crazy during a demonstration at the community center and had to be put down by the Wardens, some kids got knocked around in that one."

"There was an attack on the Wardens by some flying teleporting crystal beings back in April by the community center."

"The last disturbance was some property damage and a bystander injury by those little black creatures the newspapers have taken to calling Gremlins last May over by the community center."

Ralph nodded, "Exactly. It has been almost a year since a paranormal threat that could be considered even remotely human or have perps that could be locked up afterwards caused a problem in San Francisco."

"You know why that is? Cause the Wardens have already caught all the local para-crazies and criminals and seen to it that they are locked safely away in prison or the psychiatric hospital. Heck, if you are so all-fired hot to protect the city from para-threats, you would better off getting a job as guard at the psych ward than walking the streets as a cop."

Percival frowned slightly as he considered his friends words.

"You know Ralph, I think you might just have something there."


Power Origins

Percival nervously walked the halls of North Hills Psychiatric Hospital looking for the room number that matched the slip of paper in his hand. He had been warned that the facility contained a number of clinically insane paranormals. Indeed, his expert knowledge of martial arts was one of the primary reasons he had been selected for the open guard position, provided the physical didn't turn up any flaws. Already, his search had led him into the depths of the facility.

Could he really be supposed to meet Dr. Gerald Myers in such an isolated section of the hospital?

It had been a few minutes since he had last passed an occupied room or saw a fellow member of the hospital staff. He was about to turn around and try to find someone to point him in the right direction when he spotted the room.

Nervously he knocked on the closed door.

A moment later, Dr Myers opened the door. He was a thin man, his lab coat oddly clean and his clothing bereft of all adornment, other than an unusually large and rather ostentatious belt buckle. The physical seemed unusually thorough. He was even forced to wait over two hours while Dr. Myers ran a number of tests on a blood sample he had taken.

Just when he thought he was finally free to leave, Dr. Myers pulled out a large nasty looking syringe and announced, "Your test results were quite good. So we have one last condition of employment, a mandatory flu shot."

Percival eyed the needle skeptically, "That doesn't look like any flu shot I've ever seen before!"

Dr. Myers calmly replied, "Special flu shot. Just for employees at this facility, required for the job or should I tell the administrator that you've changed your mind and wish to withdraw your application?"

Percival shook his head, "No... That's all right, go ahead doc."

As the strange greenish liquid was injected into his arm, Percival found a strange cloud enveloping his mind. The next few hours were a blur. He imagined a bizarre conversation between Dr. Myers and his nurse, only snatches of which were comprehensible in his altered state; "prototype formula", "super soldier serum", "test subject", "may be rendered mad", "possibility of critical organ failure within".

When he finally awoke, he found himself lying on a couch in the visitor's lobby, a note pinned to his shirt stating simply, 'You suffered an adverse reaction to the flu shot. Side effects should have dissipated by the time you wake. Report to work tomorrow at 6:00 AM. Congratulations. You passed the physical.'

A few days later, a visitor to the facility unmasked Dr. Myers as der Zornnatter, a German scientist and master criminal.

Shortly thereafter, records of his illegal experiments on both patients and staff were uncovered. Percival was listed as the subject of der Zornnatter's latest attempt to replicate the super soldier serum that created the Challenger. Over the next few days, the authorities kept all the victims of der Zornnatter's experiments under observation, including Challenger himself, who der Zornnatter was extracting memories from in an attempt to refine his flawed formula.

Surprisingly, Percival and Challenger hit it off almost immediately during their shared isolation. When it became clear that Percival's physique had become enhanced by der Zornnatter's serum, Challenger began teaching Percival the basics of how to use his newfound power for the common good, and eventually, even made the generous gift of some of his old equipment.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/7/2011

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