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Post-Session: 51

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 51.

Story - Introduction and Credentials

Game Date: 10/16/2007  -  10/18/2007

Who: Stalwart

The Fan Club

Challenger nodded slightly to Percival before stepping out from behind the curtain and making his way to the podium and addressing the small gathering.

"You may have seen the tabloid stories about my suffering a mental breakdown and being placed in involuntary confinement at a psychiatric hospital."

He waited for the angry shouts of denial to die down before continuing

"Well, truth be, I was temporarily so confined. But, as we all now know, it was solely due to a plot by my nefarious nemesis, der Zornnatter!"

It took several minutes for the boos and hisses to die down after mention of that particular adversary's name.

"I'm afraid the details of my rescue and der Zornnatter's capture have been deemed classified, so I can't go into further detail about the matter, aside from saying that it was thanks to a visitor to the facility, whose patient detective work and sharp eye uncovered the plot just in time and in the process managed to avert a significant threat to the city."

Challenger waited for the round of applause to die down.

"Now, for the real reason why I called this meeting of my fan club together, I would like to introduce San Francisco's newest paranormal defender. A man who I personally helped train, Stalwart!"

Percival paused a moment behind the curtain, checking to make sure his costume was flawless.

The dark red rigid outer suit of armor, like the flexible light blue and white protective body suit underneath, was actually one of Challenger's spare sets, re-colored to avoid confusion. Reassured that all was perfect, he stepped out from behind the curtain and joined Challenger at the podium.

"I am honored to be here today. Honored to stand beside one of the greatest heroes our country has ever known. A man who was on the front line when the Grand Empire first sought to subjugate the democracies of the world under their iron boot and has since protected the United States from more criminal masterminds that I expect even he can count! Let me simply say that I will do my best to carry on Challenger's noble legacy and use my abilities to protect our noble land from any who seek to do her harm."

Percival caught Challenger's nod of approval from the corner of his eye as he basked in the applause.



Stalwart waited patiently in the lobby of the FSS Western Region Headquarters, trying to ignore the armed men in the Federal Security Service combat uniforms standing by the entrance. His application for FSS advocate credentials had really been just a formality. As a former police officer, he knew he had no criminal record to uncover. When he had completed his application form and provided the necessary retina scans, voiceprints, he had been surprised at how fast and efficient the process was. Now here he was two days later walking out of the building, officially credentialed as an advocate paranormal.

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