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Post-Session: 51

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 51.

Story - About Taurex

Game Date: 10/17/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Eon (Lazarus), Indigo

Through conversations with Taurex, Indigo learns that he has studied Western Sorcery under the tutelage of Sylvester Van Gelder.

At first he had a very easy time as his Yrician translator device was able to translate the languages used in mystical and magical workings. But when his translator became undependable and he almost blew himself up because of a mistranslation, he quit using it for mystic research.

He continued to use the translator for translating spoken languages but eventually the device failed completely. Now he just wears it because it looks good with his robes.


Indigo speaks with the computer spirit Melinda and finds out that Sylvester Van Gelder has a criminal record. He was convicted of trying to rob a gold shipment bound for the U.S. Gold Depository at Fort Knox and had spent 12 years in prison for his transgression.


Another talk with Taurex reveals that Indigo may need to teach him more that just magic as his knowledge of Earth and human morals and customs have been heavily influence by his former master.

Although Sylvester is no longer committing crimes, he does seem to have a very lax moral character based on the stories that Taurex tells of him.


Indigo has a meeting with Amethyst and Eon about Taurex. They discuss how he pretended to be Karex. Indigo tells them about Taurex's master who is a former criminal and had been imprisoned. The Wardens are not happy. Eon wants a security officer with Taurex and Indigo at all times.

"I do not need a babysitter," states Indigo indignantly.

Indigo then explains about how it was when she first arrived on Earth and had to learn about its strange customs. She says that she can relate to being out of place and what the influence an evil person can have on an impressionable being. She is convinced that she can turn Taurex around with training and patience.

"He is like a child," she states, "eager to learn and seeking approval."

Indigo also mentions that as part of his training, she will be taking Taurex to museums, malls and other public places to let him observe human interactions and customs. Indigo goes on to tell Amethyst and Eon that she will be giving Taurex a new schedule that is much more regimented in defining his activities and that he will be included on her evening walks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The new schedule will allow her to keep a close eye on Taurex.

After hearing out Indigo, Eon clarifies the intent of having a security officer accompany Indigo and Taurex.

"First of all, it is not you who needs to be supervised."

"Second, as you have stated, you yourself are very new to this world and to be completely honest, your familiarity to this planet's customs, cultures and less honorable people is limited."

"My concern is only for the safety of you and your charge," continues Eon. "You were almost abducted you know. I will assign as much or as little protection as you desire."

"I am prepared to let you continue your training with Taurex without any supervision," states Amethyst.

Eon shakes his head in frustration, "What is failed to be learned in experience is often repeated in the future."

Amethyst addresses Eon, "You must leave them be so that Taurex can learn our rules and the values of the peoples of Earth."

"Have great time training Taurex, Indigo," says Amethyst and then offering, "If you need me, please let me know."

"I will offer that I believe it foolish to NOT have someone at least available to summon your fellow Wardens in case of trouble," comments Eon emphatically.

"She has a radio just as we do and there is always someone she can call should they be needed," Amethyst points out to Eon.

"Many thanks, Amethyst," responds Indigo, "for both your trust and support."

Then indicating Eon with a nod of her head, she continues. "Sometimes, I think there are also crystals in his head for he is very stubborn and can be hard headed."

Record Last Changed Date: 8/7/2011

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