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Hatchlings and Demons - Stories

Post-Session: 51

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 51.

Story - Introduction of Meka Karex

Game Date: 10/18/2007

Who: Amber (II), Dot Dash, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Karex, Meka Karex

Karex invites the Wardens to visit him at the Embassy. After Eon, Amber, Dot Dash and Indigo arrive, he begins.

"Fellow Wardens, as you may be aware, my duties as head of the embassy to Earth and the head of a major corporation are taking steadily increasing amounts of my time. Now that we have discovered that members of my race are being born on Earth, I now have the added concern of constructing a permanent habitat for them."

"However, that is not the matter I brought you here to discuss. Due to the burdens of my new duties, I am afraid I will have very little spare time to devote to my duties as a probationary member of the Wardens. I am well aware of how much the Wardens have needed me in recent battles, so I have come up with a solution. To fill the great chasm that would otherwise open in the ranks of the Wardens with my absence, let me introduce, Meka Karex".

From out of a nearby office steps a metallic being, roughly shaped like an Yrician and but standing about six foot tall. The being has glowing red eyes, golden metallic skin, wings and a tail. It is wearing a dark gray trenchcoat, slacks, and fedora, with a clashing red tie hung loosely around its neck.

Karex goes on to explain, "His armament includes an experimental high-speed mini-rocket launcher, red laser eye-beams and an electric arc generator. While armor thickness had to be sacrificed for the sake of the flight jets' fuel economy, he is capable of self-repair, so that won't be an issue. He is also extensively skilled in observation, analysis, criminology, and tracking. While, of course, he won't be able to live up to my incredibly high standard, he should be sufficient to ensure my absence does not result in your defeat."

Karex then concludes, "You may be wondering if I had the brain from a Yrician horribly injured in the recent crash of the ship placed in a cybernetic body, whether Meka Karex is a super-advanced sentient robot built on my homeworld or if he was constructed here using purely terrestrial materials and our superior Yrician science. That matter has been deemed an Yrician state secret and cannot be revealed. However, if you have other questions for me or Meka Karex, we'd be happy to answer them."

Judah walks over to Karex and questions him.

"So you are replacing yourself with a robot? Karex, while this is a notably considerate move on your part, did you think to ASK if we would need a replacement for you? Karex seriously, couldn't you just see if that orange psycho warrior acquaintance of yours wants to help us? He seems eager to beat up paranormals and all we would need to keep him interested is sushi with sake."

Karex responds, "Well when not needed by the Wardens, Meka will be available to provide additional security for the Embassy, to battle the giant sea monsters that will, according to my projections, be attacking the California coastline with increasing frequency over the next few years, and to provide assistance to local authorities regarding the investigation of paranormal criminal acts. Once the relevant documents have been approved by your government's censors for release, I will be forwarding you a copy of some of his prior investigative work."

While Karex is talking, Judah takes a deep breathe then interjects.

"Do you realize that by building this creation, you have opened an ENTIRELY NEW AREA OF WEAPONS MANUFACTURING?"

Karex helpfully replies, "As far as opening an entirely new area of weapons manufacturing, do not be concerned. I am well-versed in the current state of human technology in that regard and any impetuous towards the further development of such technology that Meka's existence may provide will be insignificant compared to the vast sums of wealth and effort already being expended."

Judah calms himself then once again continues.

"As far as the 'state secret' parts of this, yes, I would like to know if you are using your alien technology since you have explicitly told the Wardens and FSS on numerous occasions that Yrician technology was far too dangerous to be used here on Earth. So if that is the case, please clarify, what is guiding the unit and more importantly, where is the OFF switch in case we need it."

Karex notes, "There is no 'off' switch per say. Indeed, it's designed to be nearly impossible to destroy it permanently. As far as 'guidance' in concerned, it has its own personality matrix to allow for independent fulfillment of its instructions. Those instructions are provided by the Embassy's Overseer computer system."

Eon walks to the wall of the foyer and leans back.

"Its times like this I miss the Knight."

"Is the fedora optional?" quips Amber.

Meka's eyes flare for a moment, as he responds indignantly to Amber.

"I analyzed over 140,000 gigabytes of data and performed thirty-seven independent experimental tests involving different variations of headgear before determining my current head covering is ideal for the purpose of investigating criminal paranormals. My wearing this particular style of hat results in nearly a 13% increase in the probability of acquiring useful information as compared to a baseball cap, 22% increase compared to not wearing a hat at all, and a 27% increase compared to a pork pie hat."

Amber looks Meka dead in his sockets and firmly says, "So that's a no on changing the fedora?"

Karex frowns a bit and then explains to Amber.

"To assist in a recent investigation, Meka absorbed a considerable amount of data regarding investigative techniques. Unfortunately, some of those databases were not, strictly speaking, non-fiction in nature. However, despite Meka's admiration for the investigate techniques of Sam Spade and Sherlock Holmes, he is fully versed in current law-enforcement investigative techniques."

Judah just groans, "Great next thing you will tell us that he learned his investigation skills from the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew."

"Karex you do understand in order to be an authorized Private Investigator of any kind he will need a license. The State of California requires it if you are going to be a practicing investigator."

In response to Judah's question, Meka pulls his wallet from the pocket of his trenchcoat, and flips it open to reveal his credentials. A golden badge identifies him as 'Chief Investigator, Interstellar Criminal Investigations Division, Earth Precinct.' A fancy-looking identification card, embossed with numerous holographic seals, is tucked into the wallet next to the badge.

Meka calmly inquires, "Is this identification satisfactory?"

Judah takes a mental snapshot of the identification being presented.

Karex jumps slightly at this act and then hurriedly mutters to Meka, "Put that away. The Warden's weren't suppose to..."

Then he realizes that it is too late.

He turns to Judah and hastily stammers, "Er... never mind that. Um... It's... er, not real. Nope... um, I made it up myself. Yeah. It was just to, um, assist with local investigations. So... Just forget you ever saw that. The Interstellar Criminal Investigations Division certainly doesn't exist and certainly didn't see any need to send an investigator to Earth to monitor for violations of Interstellar law."

"Alright Karex," states Judah. "How about we call Amethyst and then have a little 'chat' about your new toy. I seriously can't believe you are even going to pretend for a second that this will be allowed? A robot team member, hmmm, I would vote no. Why, because they are far too easily controlled and to put it bluntly, you are not being completely honest with us about it. So how about you lay the ENTIRE truth on the table, including this Interstellar Criminal Investigations Division stuff and then we will talk."

With that, Eon contacts Amethyst and the Wardens' technical staff and asks them to come to the meeting with Karex at the Yrician Embassy.

Meka sighs and moves closer to Karex.

Meka quietly suggests, "You know you are not of the counselor caste. Perhaps you should let me handle things from here? Why don't you go back up to your private office and have a little nap."

Karex nods slowly and then announces to the gathered Wardens, "Er... he can handle things from here. I am sure he can... Overseer, give Meka access to whatever non-classified data he needs to answer the Wardens' questions."

With that, Karex heads towards a second set of security doors.

Meka slides open a panel in the nearby wall, revealing a mini-bar and carefully pours two fingers of scotch into a glass for each of the gathered Wardens. He sets the glasses on a tray and carries them over, offering them to his guests.

Meka looks at Eon with an air of disapproval, "You know he is not of the counselor caste. It is not within his training or natural ability to lead others. However, since there are no trained counselors on this world, he has been forced to lead this isolated colony of shipwrecked Yrician survivors, all of whom are now trapped on your quarantined world. That would be a hard task even for a skilled counselor. Is it any wonder that he makes mistakes?"

Meka starts moving his gaze to each of the others as he continues, "Now, there seems to be a misunderstanding about why Karex called you here. Quite simply, he called you here to inform you that he is no longer capable of assisting you as he has before. He has also offered you my services, if you should need them. He has not insisted I be made a member of the Wardens in his stead or insisted that you use my services. He has merely made them available to you as needed."

Meka then turns back to Eon and notes, "Your primary objection seems to be that robots are far too easily controlled. However, I would note that there are currently two psychics in residence at the Wardens' base. My recent experiences indicate that biological beings are at least as vulnerable to outside influences. For example, during my review of the Overseer databases, I noted the following security footage..."

On one wall, video footage begins playing, showing two young paranormals, Jacqueline and Macdonald entering Karex's office. In atypical monotone voices, they tell Karex that his search for a representative for the Dolphins in their territorial dispute with the humans is not necessary. After delivering the message, they turn and leave without responding to any of Karex's questions.

Meka notes, "Both of those individuals are believed dead in the same boating accident that killed their parents. Recently, they have been repeatedly seen in the company of a paranormal dolphin with known psychic abilities. A logical deduction based on their actions and speech patterns would be that the dolphin is using its psychic abilities to control these two individuals. However, Karex is not of a caste that would, by nature, make such a deduction. Ambassadors are not intended to make value judgments regarding others social customs. As such, he did not see anything off about the paranormals' behavior."

Meka adds, "Now, in regards to the warrior caste Yrician. It's possible that if the Wardens were to swear obedience to him that he would consent to lead you into battle. However, in most situations, his leadership would consist of challenging the most powerful of your adversaries to single combat to prove his superiority. In addition, Karex has already convinced him that it is a matter of racial honor for him to track down the Warden known as Prime in order to force him to renounce publicly what Karex considers slanderous remarks. That was, if you recall, Karex's professed original purpose in becoming a probationary member of the Wardens."

Meka pauses a moment, then continues, "Ah. Yes. You also asked about the identification. It was provided to me by Karex shortly after I began a somewhat sensitive investigation. Overseer's databases do not contain any records regarding an Interstellar Criminal Investigations Division. However, Karex informed me that displaying the badge may result in humans becoming more cooperative. This was the first time I have actually displayed said credentials. "

Eon sighs seeing the futility of the situation before beginning his questioning Meka Karex.

"Okay let's do truth, first question, explain the term quarantine and how it is related to our world in your comment."

"Second, to be blunt, while I will admit organic beings have their limitations and can be controlled that does not preclude the issue of you as a technological construct having the same potential. Here is the problem though, given the lack of knowledge, information, and frankly detailed analysis of your operational norms, how are we as teammates supposed to know what to look for in a potential situation where you have been compromised?"

"Third, perhaps you did not understand my previous concern. You for all intensive purposes are a new life form/technology. Since you were constructed strictly from Earth based technology, it is possible that someone could duplicate your design and use it for nefarious intent. How do we prevent your design from being copied and how can we review your original design specifications to understand what potential threats to you might exist?"

"You see Meka Karex, this is not an issue of paranoia, this is an issue of experience, and believe me, it is one thing I have LOADS of. I don't know how much you understand about human customs but developing trust takes time and effort. Now please explain about how humanity is under investigation and answer my questions if you can."

Meka calmly elaborates, "The pilot of the crashed Yrician ship is currently staying in your base, an Yrician by the name of Taurex. I am sure he can provide you with more detailed information than I can on the matter. However, based on the data contained in Overseer's databases, the ship experienced catastrophic systems failure immediately upon passing inside the orbit of Earth's moon. When the Fixers' examined surviving artifacts, including the warrior's armor and the passengers' translator devices, it was determined that the failure was not accidental, but rather due to exposure to 'something' that swiftly degenerated a basic building block of the technology. As the event occurred immediately upon passing inside the orbit of Earth's moon, an attack from a cloaked satellite, such as would be put in place to quarantine a planet seems the most probably source of that 'something.' That is why I referred to your planet as quarantined."

"Who is Earth being quarantined by and why?" queries Eon. "Moreover, how do you know it was a cloaked satellite that shot down your ship? If it was cloaked then it could not be seen. Did you find anything else about what the effect that hit your people?"

"It wasn't my ship," replies Meka. "I was not even conscious yet at the time of the event in question, it was an Yrician ship. A cloaked satellite is the most probable source, according to the limited available information. There are other possibilities, such as a sabotage device having been placed aboard the vessel set to trigger upon reaching Earth or a planet-based weapon being fired at the ship. However, considering the extensive repair work performed upon the ship by the fixers before and during transit, it seems highly unlikely that a sabotage device would have gone unnoticed and a projection of energy sufficient to cause such an effect on the ship through a planet's atmosphere would have created a highly visible atmospheric effect that would have identified its source. That is why the alternatives are of a relatively low probability. That being said, it is merely a deduction based on the limited evidence available, not a confirmed fact. The limited amount of available data also does not provide the identity of who would be responsible for placing such a satellite. Suspects would include anyone who did not wish humanity to leave this planet or who did not want aliens to visit this world."

"I guess that will have to do for now," states Eon.

"Now on to the next question, is it theoretically possible that you could be duplicated?"

"As for whether I was constructed strictly based on Earth technology, even if that matter were not a state secret, I could hardly say," states Meka. "I wasn't conscious prior to my construction. Based on my review of the available data, it does not seem possible that I was aboard the Yrician ship that crashed, since all the technology on it is known to have failed shortly after the ship passing inside the orbit of Earth's moon."

Meka then, helpfully notes, "As for my being a new life form, I understand that you are yourself are a new life form, Eon. For that matter, many paranormals could be considered 'new' life forms when compared to the general mass of humanity."

"I will note that regardless of whether I assist the Wardens or not, my existence will continue. It is simply a matter of whether I will be assisting the Wardens in addition to my usual activities of providing additional security for the embassy and crafting small glass sculptures for sale to visiting tourists."

Eon simply sighs, "No one said you were going to cease to exist."

"Wait a second, for that matter, who the heck built you? The fixers can't design from what Karex said, so who designed you? Where did your plans come from? Karex told us while searching for the silver hatchlings that silver caste is the designers."

"I believe a meeting between the Wardens and all available Yricians is in order, we need some answers."

Eon activates his communicator, "Amethyst you are needed for meeting, now. We will be changing the location to the Wardens' main conference room. With that, Eon motions Meka to follow him as he heads for the Wardens base

Meka doesn't seem particularly eager to leave the embassy as Eon panics.

Meka then reminds Eon, "You were already informed that data regarding my construction has been deemed a state secret and is unavailable."

Eon signs and decides that he will go paint.

"Well, it seems we are at an impasse then," declares Eon as he gets up and leaves the room.

Dot Dash gives a slight nod of her head to Meka Karex on her way out.

As she leaves, Amber looks at Meka and says, "I love the fedora."

Indigo follows the other out. Back in her after some thought, she realizes that she would be very uneasy having to work with the metal man. She does not know if she can trust him.

Meka has a video recording of the conversation at the Embassy forwarded to all members of the Wardens.

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