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Post-Session: 51

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 51.

Story - Tainted Aura

Game Date: 10/18/2007  -  10/26/2007

Who: Indigo

After hearing about the attack, Wythe visits Indigo at the Wardens' Alcatraz Island headquarters to check her out.

He finds that the residual mystic energies from the attacks have the markings of demon sorcery. After more examination, he says they are most likely Golothan shadow magics and enchantments.

Wythe also finds a dark taint to Marsa's aura and although it is from their world, he cannot identify it. It is older than the traces of demon sorcery but was not there a few weeks ago when the two of them were working on Marsa's Wings of the Spirits crafting.

He tells Marsa that they need to identify the source of the dark magic that is tainting her aura so that they can find a counter working for it.

Indigo tells Wythe that she has not been feeling well lately and that she had passed out several weeks ago at Judah's wedding. She asks him if he knows someone else who could check her out.

Wythe says he will check with the Moorlands and see who they can recommend. He tells her to take it easy and give him a call if she needs anything.


Indigo spends the next several days in the mystic wing library with Taurex researching the source of the dark magic that taints her aura.

She wishes that her master, Albinas, was here to help her through this trying time. The thoughts of Albinas make her wonder if there was a way to contact his spirit and get some help.

She calls Wythe and asks him what he knows about contacting the spirits of the dead.

Wythe says contacting the dead are the workings of spirit talkers and necromancers. He says that he has very little knowledge of the ways of spirit talkers and that the workings of necromancers are twisted and evil. He states that the little he knows about spirit talkers is that they need an object of the spirit that they wish to contact. That object must be something that was dear to the departed one to serve as a token of calling but he does not know how to make the calling.


Indigo goes to the Moorland Estate in Napa Valley to meet with Wythe

She gives him the staff of her master, Albinas. She tells him that the staff was Albinas prime focus for his workings and that she holds it dear to her heart. It was the last thing her master gave her before he pushed her through the portal to the world.

Wythe asks Indigo is she has ever studied the staff beyond just using it for her workings. When she replies that she has not, he invites her to study the staff with him. Perhaps they can find a touch of her master's essence and that will give Indigo a base for the calling of her master's spirit.

Indigo and Wythe study the staff using 'spirit sight' and other workings. After several days, they begin to find traces of her master's essence within both the staff and its Zydras gem. Wythe believes that they are making progress towards findings a means to call Indigo's master's spirit.

Indigo thanks Wythe for all his help in learning this world and sharing his knowledge. She hands him a small globe with an image of her village in it as a present.

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