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Post-Session: 51

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 51.

Story - Bank Robbery in Oakland

Game Date: 10/20/2007

Who: Stalwart

Bullets rattled off the reinforced sides of the black van as it sped away from the Sixth National Bank of California. The four men within congratulated themselves on a heist well done as they pulled off their ski masks, relying on the van's tinted bullet-proof glass to conceal their identities. One of the men flicked a switch on the dashboard and hundreds of caltrops dropped out of the back of the van. The pursuing police cars ground to a halt on their flattened tires.

As Stalwart ran after the fleeing van, his legs easily keeping up with the speeding vehicle, he pondered what to do next. He didn't have the super-strength to pick up the van. The concussive rounds of his gyro-jet pistol were designed to incapacitate flying para-criminals, not punch through armored plating.

As he ran, his gaze swept over the vehicle at super-human speed, analyzing its surface. There, a microscopic flaw in the armor, he noted. He dashed in front of the vehicle. As it swerved to hit him, he gracefully stepped to the side and struck a carefully calculated blow, using all his martial skill, at the precise location of the flaw. With a snap, the van's passenger-side sliding door broke off.

Stalwart waited just long enough for confusion to set in, before taking off in pursuit of the fleeing van once more, then, simply stepped through the now open side of the van. His body armor allowed him to shrug off the force of the shotgun blast to the belly that greeted him. A series of carefully placed nerve strikes incapacitated the passengers. A gun to the side of the head then convinced the driver to carefully pull over to the side of the street and wait for the police to arrive.

Stalwart waited long enough to the first TV reporter to arrive, and then calmly stepped up before the camera.

"No gadget. No gizmo. No technological trickery will stop Stalwart's pursuit of Justice. Criminals beware! Whether you threaten innocent lives with guns or laser beams from your eyes, I will forever stand between you and the good citizens of our fair city. As my good friend Challenger would say, 'America is the Land of the Free, and I aim to keep it that way.'"

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