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Post-Session: 51

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 51.

Story - Community Center - Strange Happenings

Game Date: 10/22/2007  -  10/29/2007

Who: Amethyst (II)

Amethyst sends Anne Lewis, an Alcatraz Foundation investigator, to check out the Ramon Marcel Community Center in advance of their annual Halloween Party. She asks the investigator to check for any issues related to the possible return of 'gremlins' to the area. There have been a number of incidents over the past six months involving a 'robot' going berserk during a demonstration, false burglar and fire alarms, computers and gaming console shorting out and power issues.

Lewis reviews the issues and makes a through investigation of the community center. She finds a number of other incidents involving electronic and electrical devices with issues that were not part of the issues from Amethyst's briefing. Lewis checks that the issues are not related to used donated equipment and finds that all of the items in question except the robot were new out of the box items.

Lewis is able to recover several pieces of the 'defective' equipment. Tests show that there does not appear to be any defects in the materials or workmanship.

Lewis submits a report to Amethyst that details each incident with 'faulty' equipment at the community center. In it, the investigator concludes that some outside force is at work and is causing either directly or indirectly the equipment failures at the community center.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/7/2011

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