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Post-Session: 51

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 51.

Story - Revenge Thwarted

Game Date: 10/24/2007

Who: Stalwart

The foot-long remote-control car sped along at nearly 20 miles per hour down the crowded city sidewalk, weaving around the legs of window shoppers and inattentive pedestrians. A soft regular beeping came from the duct tape wrapped package atop the car as it approached Golden's Pawnshop.

Then, abruptly, something went wrong. Deep within his one-room basement apartment, Patrick Morgan watched in disbelief as his computer's monitor showed the city scenery streaming by in a blur at unbelievable speed. He thumped the side of the monitor a couple times and checked the radio transmitter. There was nothing wrong with the data being transmitted from the tiny camera mounted on the car. That must mean...

Morgan abruptly flicked off the transmitter and shut down his computer. His plan had somehow gone awry. His revenge against the pawnbroker was thwarted. He pulled out a garbage bag and began piling in anything that could tie him to the attempt including the household chemicals he had used to make the explosive charge strapped to the toy car.

With a sigh of relief, he tied off the garbage bag and dropped it into the dumpster behind the Chinese restaurant next door.

As Patrick walked back into his apartment, he paused as he saw a man dressed in a blue and white body suit with dark red armor typing away at his computer.

Stalwart looked up and stated, "You know, when you plan to blow up a business, it is really not a good idea to keep copies of death threats against the owner stored on your computer's hard drive."

Patrick gulped, "But... How did you find me?"

Stalwart merely raised one eyebrow, "You strap a bomb to a toy car, and set it rolling away on the street outside your apartment. You didn't think anyone would notice?"

Patrick merely blinked, "But... the street was empty! I looked before I went out!"

Stalwart sighed, "Really? Empty now? You don't know much about bored old women with too much time of their hands and large picture windows on the front of their houses, do you? Three reports came in before you'd closed the door. Now, I think, its time for you to meet some nice police officers."

Patrick slumped to the floor, "But... I didn't even get to actually DO anything."

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