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Post-Session: 51

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 51.

Story - First Paranormal Criminal

Game Date: 10/26/2007

Who: Stalwart

The big patron slapped a beefy hand on the plastic table, demanding "more burgers!"

Hesitantly, the waiter noted, "Sir, you've already ordered 72 burgers. The bill is getting rather large. If you'd care to pay for the food you've already consumed, we'd be happy to bring you your new order."

The patron's eyes narrowed as a red flush came over his face.

"You expect me to pay? You should be honored to have someone like me eat your swill. You're speaking to Piledriver said the big man as he shucked his trench coat. Now bring me more burgers!"

The waiter took a step back then ran.

With a snap, the bolts holding the plastic table to the floor broke free as the table went flying across the restaurant. With panicked screams, the other diners fled as Piledriver's wild blows caved in the counter surrounding the bar. With a sweep of his arm, Piledriver gathered up a half-dozen bottles. Without even looking at their labels, he picked one at random and began sucking down its contents.

A tap on his shoulder caused Piledriver to turn around. From his now lofty nine-foot height, he looked down at the six-foot man wearing red armor.

"What'd you want, shrimp?"

"You have committed significant property damage to this place of business sir. I'll have to ask you to step outside to await the authorities," responded Stalwart calmly.

"No one tells Piledriver what to do!" yelled the big man as he took a wild swing as Stalwart with one bottle-filled hand.

Stalwart easily stepped backwards out of range, letting the clumsy blow miss him with inches to spare, then stepped in and delivered a series of nerve strikes. Surprisingly, Piledriver seemed not to notice.

As Piledriver launched another couple of equally clumsy punches, Stalwart carefully observed him. His was not an ordinary human; perhaps his nervous system was equally as foreign. Stalwart identified a location as one most likely to be vulnerable, then stepped in and delivered a carefully calculated martial strike. Stalwart felt two of Piledriver's ribs bend elastically beneath his fist, but, surprisingly, instead of breaking they simply flexed back into position. A similar response greeting Stalwart's next two blows. By the time Piledriver finally slumped to the floor, Stalwart was breathing hard, a sheen of perspiration covering his skin.

As Stalwart awaited the arrival of the police, he considered what might of happened if he'd encountered more than one paranormal thug. Perhaps the Wardens formed a team for good reason. In fact, maybe they'd be interested in his talents, despite his powers not being as impressive as their magic spells, crystalline bodies, or ability to lift small buildings.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/7/2011

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