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Post-Session: 51

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 51.

Story - Letter to the Wardens/Meeting at Alcatraz

Game Date: 10/28/2007  -  10/29/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart

Letter to the Wardens

Dear Current Members of the Wardens,

While I've been retired from the advocate paranormal business for some time now, I'd like to refer you to a colleague of mine who was recently enhanced in much the same way I was back in World War II. I've given him some basic training and think he shows a lot of promise. As a former San Francisco police officer, I think he would make a fine addition to your team. His powers aren't flashy like your lots, but I hope you will remember that I managed to save the world more than a few times without anything more.

He'll be stopping by Alcatraz to meet you tomorrow. He's already made an appointment with your security staff.



Amethyst asks Susan to add the appointment with Stalwart to her date book. She also requests that Eon and Indigo adjust their schedules to be available to meet with her and Stalwart.


Arrival at Alcatraz

Stalwart leaned back as the tourist launch swept him closer to Alcatraz. He noted the whispers of his fellow passengers. He hadn't been an advocate long. It was quite possible they didn't recognize his red, white, and blue armor yet. Helpfully, he announced, "Do not fear, citizens. I am Stalwart, and I fight on the side of law and order."

As the launch pulled into dock, Stalwart stepped out onto the island for the first time. An island, surrounded by water, that is going to put a significant crimp in his 'running to the scene of the crime' thing if he ended up hanging out here. Oh well, first things first and he had an appointment to keep.


Judah is shook back to reality when his timepiece beeps. He remembers he has an appointment to meet a perspective recruit, Starwart? Soarwart? Sourwart? He could not remember.

Looking down from the high orbital position over the north coast of California, he focuses his energy and begins the decent back to the base. Six and a half minutes later the image of the base is looming within a mile. He watches closely for timing and sees that the boat has just pulled up to the dock.

Seeing the people beginning to exit the launch, Judah quickly scans for the new recruit. The one wearing the red, white and blue body armor was either very patriotic or that was their guy. Judah falls for another five and a half seconds then once in range draws the energies into himself and steps onto solid ground two feet in front of the prospective new member.

"Greetings Stormwart, sorry I am late," apologizes Eon. "Welcome to Alcatraz Island."

Stalwart blinks in surprise, "Starwart? Oh, I see. No, good sir, I did not receive my paranormal gifts from outer space like yourself."

"However, I have heard the amazing tale of the origins of your power many a time down at the police station. Actually, come to think of it, I've heard a number of different tales about how you got your powers."

"There was one where a meteor from a dying planet, carrying the essence of a long and forgotten alien race, plummeted to Earth next to your humble pig farm and a fragment of that meteor flew off and buried itself in your chest, transferring to you their ancient wisdom and amazing power."

"There was the one where you were an archeologist, who while exploring deep caverns beneath the Earth happened to stumble upon the spire of an ancient and long forgotten culture. Upon touching one of the runes, the stone it was upon fused with your chest and became forever bound to you and with it the spirit power of the ancient king."

"Oh, and there was even one that claimed you are the offspring of a Greek god and Hephaestus hurled a rock down and buried it in your chest when you made a snide comment about him one day."

"I'm afraid my own story is much less interesting. I don't call myself Starwart though. I use the name Stalwart, since I am stalwart in my pursuit of Justice."

"My apologies Stalwart, I meant no offense," apologizes Eon. "Good to make your acquaintance. Sorry for the sudden entry, I was in orbit doing some meditating."

"The reports you have about my origins are quite amusing, a pig farmer?" muses Eon "Really?"

"Well the reality is much more... clinical, I think is the appropriate word," states Eon. "In any case, let us go to the conference room and meet the rest of the Wardens."

With that, Eon touches Stalwart's arm and transports them into the conference room where the other Wardens are waiting.


Amethyst motions to a seat across from her and Indigo.

"Welcome to our headquarters, Stalwart," says the Wardens leader. "Please be seated and tell us a little about yourself."

Stalwart presents a dossier with his personal information and history to each member of the Wardens before responding to Amethyst's request.

"I'm just a former San Francisco city cop who received a dose of super-soldier serum as part of an experiment attempting to recreate the serum that first gave Challenger his paranormal abilities over sixty years ago," states Stalwart.

"As I was just telling Eon, I use the name Stalwart, since I am stalwart in my pursuit of Justice."

"You'd be surprised how many names have already been registered by other paranormals," continues Stalwart. "I mean, completely forget about anything with Captain, Sergeant, General, or other ranks in the name. I think all the military paranormals took those."

"That is a very interesting story you have about your powers, I am curious since you were given this serum why did they release you?" queries Eon. "In my vast experience, I recall those arrangements come with some obligation?"

Stalwart then relates that the government was not the ones experimenting with the super-soldier serum. The experimenter was der Zornnatter, a German scientist and master criminal. He was a nemesis of Challenger, who during World War II was tasked with duplicating the super-soldier serum that had given Challenger his paranormal abilities.

In the last few months, der Zornnatter had replaced the staff physician at the North Hills Psychiatric Hospital, a facility for lower powered mentally ill paranormals. As Dr. Myers, der Zornnatter kidnapped Challenger and conducted experiments on him and other patients at the hospital. It was during one of these experiments that Stalwart had been given the latest iteration of der Zornnatter's super-soldier serum.

Before anyone can ask, Stalwart says that he was a new employee of the facility not a patient and that he had been given the serum at the time of his job interview.

Stalwart finishes his tale relating how der Zornnatter was captured thanks to Meka-Karex investigating inconsistencies in the cases of the patients at the North Hills Psychiatric Hospital.

The team talks to Stalwart for a couple of hours before leaving the conference to review what they had learned and to make a decision on Stalwart's request for membership in the Wardens.


Once they are in the lounge, Eon reviews Stalwart's dossier again and comments, "Well at least he is thorough, impressive resume, will be nice to have actual law enforcement experience on our team."

"I take that as your approval to grant him probationary membership in the Wardens," responds Amethyst. "I too feel he is a good candidate for membership." Then turning to Indigo, "and you?"

Indigo nods her agreement with Amethyst and Eon.

"Good, we are all agreed then," says Amethyst. "I will go give him the news and take him to Security Chief Petrova so she can brief him on procedure and protocols as well as giving him base access privileges and a communicator."


Stalwart's Dossier

FSS Credentials issued to Percival Quincy Adams, also known as Stalwart.

Born: July 4, 1980; San Francisco, California

Living Relatives:
Dr. Arthur Horatio Adams, Father, Trauma Surgeon, San Francisco General Hospital
Janet Adams, Mother, Crime Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle-Tribune

Sensei Kogo of the Kogo Dojo
Ralph Toledo, Police Officer, former partner while on the force


7 years experience with the San Francisco police department, variety of positions


Paranormal Criminal Antagonists:

Der Zornnatter, a German scientist and master criminal

Reason for Antagonism: Der Zornnatter has been Challenger's arch-foe since WWII.

Current Status: Incarcerated, Blanco Mesa

Physical Appearance: a tall thin reptilian being with dirty white scales

Organization Status: Unknown

Source of Paranormal Abilities: During WWII, was a German research scientist tasked with duplicating the super serum that gave Challenger his paranormal abilities. Speculation is that der Zornnatter used himself to test his sera gaining paranormal abilities as a result.

Known Paranormal Abilities:
1. Slowed Aging
2. Disease Resistance
3. Protective scales
4. Enhanced intellect

Recent Activities:
1. Kidnapping of the retired paranormal advocate, Challenger
2. Subversion of a paranormal psychiatric hospital where he performed illegal experiences on the patients

Organization's Recent Activities:
1. An agent, holographically disguised as a police officer, was captured at a San Francisco police precinct station following der Zornnatter's arrest, indicating his followers are not completely idle.

Known Advance Technology:
1. Personal energy weapons
2. Personal holographic disguise generators, capable of impersonating specific individuals
3. Memory Extractor - Believed to be too big and bulky to be easily carried by a non-paranormal.



Reason for Antagonism: Apprehended him for numerous criminal violations in relation to vandalism of a local burger joint.

Known Paranormal Abilities:
1. Paranormal Toughness
2. Paranormal Strength

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