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Post-Session: 51

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 51.

Story - Toby and the Process

Game Date: 10/28/2007  -  10/31/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Dr. Rebecca Miller-Ambrose, Toby Holliday

Rebecca asks Amethyst to meet her at the infirmary.

"The stabilization device had been setup and calibrated. Toby could undergo the stabilization process tomorrow," states the doctor. "I know there is only a very small chance that Toby might die. If something goes wrong, he will most likely just 'go away' and when his energy levels fall he will come back, but, I want to ask you one more time."

Rebecca pauses and takes a deep breathe before continuing.

"Should you be the one making the decision on whether or not to go through with the process?"

"Shouldn't his parents be the ones making this decision?" implores the doctor.

"I am working on the parents," replies Amethyst. "I have made contact with his mother's employer, Karalyn Nicholas, and now waiting to hear back from her."

Rebecca smiles, "Do you want me to hold off of the stabilization process until his parents make the decision?"

"Yes, I hope to be meeting with his mother, Janelle," responds Amethyst. "I will be talking with her about the situation and am hoping I can get her to come and see Toby before the process begins."


Later that afternoon, Amethyst contacts Dr. Miller-Ambrose.

"Rebecca," says the purple lady, "Janelle has declined to see me or visit Toby at this time. Karalyn Nicholas told me that Janelle is very private about her family and what goes on with it. She also said that Janelle says that Toby has been lost to her for a long time and that she does not wish to get her hopes up only to lose him again."

Rebecca says that she will go ahead with the stabilization process the next day as originally planned.


The next morning, Toby is placed in the stabilization chamber and the process is begun.

Several hours later, Dr. Kensington declares the process a success and that Toby has been stabilized. The doctor says that the only thing that could change his current state is if Toby was exposed to an outside destabilizing force or if the boy underwent a significant change in his paranormal abilities.

When Toby is removed from the stabilization chamber, it is quite apparent that a change had taken place. Toby has gone from the size and body mass of an athletic young adult to a size and body mass very close to his twelve-year-old brother, Tommy.

Toby is a bit disappointed by the change at first, but his attitude changes when he realizes he can now grow up with his twin.

Dr. Miller-Ambrose keeps Toby under observation overnight and most of the next day before giving him his release so that he can attend the Halloween party at the community center.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/7/2011

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