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Halloween Thrills and Chills - Stories

Post-Session: 52

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 52.

Story - Thursday, November 1, 2007

Game Date: 11/1/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Contego, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart, Karex, Narex, Wrixton, Gregix, Prime, Dr. Rebecca Miller-Ambrose, Jaxton Gray, Dr. S. Alon Sloan

FSS Special Agent Michael Pierce, FSS Liaison to the Wardens, shows up the Wardens Headquarters soon after Amethyst notifies the FSS of the approach of a possibly hostile alien spacecraft.

He informs the security staff agent on duty that he will be taking up residence at the base as per previous agreement with the Wardens. He also informs the agent to tell the Wardens that the FSS Liaison is to be included in all meetings in regards to the current situation.


Amethyst sends a message to Special Agent Pierce saying that she will make sure that he is included in every meeting and receives records of previous meetings in order to catch up on the current situation.


Stalwart requests a copy of the FSS and any other appropriate government agencies' alien invasion contingency plans.

Special Agent Pierce tells Stalwart that the FSS has no contingency plans regarding an alien invasion. He says that his superiors are reviewing the situation with other governmental agencies, both national and international. Any information that they give him will be passed on to the Wardens.


The team has sixteen hours to prepare for Narex's return. The current plan is for him to pick up Eon and one of the fixers. Narex will take his passengers into space and as close to the interdiction satellite as he dares. At that point, Eon will teleport, jump by jump, with the fixer to the interdiction satellite. The fixer will enter the satellite and take it off computer control.


Karex designates Wrixton as the fixer that will go with Eon as he has worked in both space and environment suits before. Gregix will be available via communicator for consultation should his expertise be needed.


Contego works with Gregix to ensure that the communication system used for monitoring the mission is thoroughly tested and properly calibrated. Contego, at Amethyst's request, also makes sure that the communication system's video feed is connected to a databank at the Wardens' base so that they will be able to monitor the mission from the conference room. Finally, he provides a relay interface that can be mated to the satellite's sensor system to send a feed of the sensor readings down to Earth.


15 Hours Prior to Departure

Judah sat in his studio, brush in one hand, and palette in the other. His hands worked at a paranormal rate as only his could given his talent and experience.

For the first time in his life, Judah was... scared.

This was not like anything he had ever faced in his five thousand plus years. He focused on the painting, he had to complete this, it was a portrait of him and Rebecca set against the Paris skyline.

In a few hours, he would be in orbit, nothing new, possibly facing an invading alien armada similar to the Xenexis in their form. Now that was new.

His concentration came back as he looked down and the painting was done, he set the piece aside to dry.

Walking to the console, he brought up the screen, "Record video."

"To whom it might concern this recording is to be played in the event of my... demise."

"This is the final will and testament of Judah Xavier Ambrose."

"I, Judah Ambrose, being of sound mind and body request that the following to be carried out in the event of my permanent death."

"To the Wardens, I leave all my hopes and dreams. I am also leaving the charge to continue the good fight for as five thousand years of life have taught me... the fight against evil is never over."

"To Sir William, I leave my collection of case exhibits, including armor pieces and assorted weapon displays. I also would like him to have the self-portrait hanging in my room. Sir William, please watch over my beloved Rebecca and see that she comes to no harm."

"To Amethyst, your leadership and companionship have been the heart of the Wardens, please feel free to choose any of the works I have made and keep if for your own."

"To Indigo, though I only knew you for a short time our adventures together were enough for many times. I leave you my collection of literary works including the first print runs of Shakespeare. My hope is that by reading these you will come to know us as a people. Stay strong Indigo and continue to be the soul of the Wardens."

"To Karex, I have prepared something for you, an additional portrait that was to accompany the one in your lobby. It is of Earth and how I have seen her. Please help the Wardens with your childlike wonder and view of our planet."

"Stalwart, we have only just met but I have met your kind throughout my many years. You fight the good fight and for that you have my gratitude, continue to help the Wardens and humanity with your intellect but never, ever forget, and Walt Disney put it best, 'If we can imagine it, we can do it.'"

"Finally, Rebecca, my wife, best friend, and soul mate, I am sorry, love, that I will not be there to spend years with you looking at sunsets, sunrises or just the stars. You are the most amazing person I have ever known and my greatest regret is that we did not meet sooner."

"I leave you everything Rebecca including my heart, soul and spirit. The painting in the studio is my final gift to you, my love, it is how I want you to remember me, us, together. Never forget that I love you, eternally."

"I have left you the sum of my assets attached to this message. This should take care of your material needs but not your soul. I know that I will not be there to help you through this, my love, but please, never stop being the kind, generous, brilliant person you are."

"Just remember how much I love you and always will, in this life and the next."

Judah stops the recording and saves it as "Final Word" then attaches it to his "In case of death..." file, a file standard for all Wardens, one that he had not prepared, until now.

It was time to go have lunch with Rebecca and then get ready.


Karex agrees to meet with Stalwart at the Yrician Consulate-General facility to talk about the interdiction satellite.

Stalwart questions him about the interdiction satellite's weaponry and Karex explains that it has four molecular disruptors in a single mount so they all fire at the same target at the same time. Stalwart asks about the Yrician ship that the satellite had fired on, what was the fate of it and its crew. Karex replies that based on his observation of the wreckage of the ship, very little of it survived the weapons' blast and re-entry. Those parts that did were severely damaged including being extensively riddled with micro-fractures because of the molecular disruptors. All Yrician technology on the ship had been rendered inoperable by the molecular disruptors. The six survivors escaped the ship in reentry pods and if they had not been Yricians, they probably would have not survived.

Stalwart asks Karex about attempts to communicate with the approaching ship. Karex says that he has deemed communication with the unknown aliens as unwise so no attempts at dialogue had been made. Karex also says that he would advise against any attempts to communicate with the aliens. Stalwart mentions the last 'invisible' vessel that landed on Earth brought only a friendly Yrician ambassador. Karex smiles at the reference, then in a tone more serious than Stalwart had ever heard from the gold-scaled Yrician, says that this time that is not the case for death incarnate now approaches. When Stalwart asks how he can be so sure about the intention of the aliens, Karex says that he just knows.

Stalwart is questioning Karex about the invisible ship that kidnapped the Prime at the construction site, when Overseer interrupts the meeting. He communicates with Karex in Yrician and Stalwart notices a shift in Karex's mood from somber to excited.

When Karex finishes speaking with Overseer, he turns to Stalwart and says that their meeting is at an end because he needs to attend to an urgent Yrician matter of state. Karex says to ask the Wardens about the invisible ship and the other Prime's disappearance, as it was before he joined the team.


Stalwart returns to base and asks for information on the other Prime's disappearance, Jaxton and Melinda give him the information about the encounter with the invisible ship at the construction site. Stalwart then asks about the energy readings from that invisible ship compared to the approaching ship, Melinda says that the energy readings collected by the Wardens' sensor network from the encounter at the construction site are far different from those of the approaching ship.

While making the comparison, Melinda comes across some interesting data. Melinda tells Stalwart while relaying the information to Amethyst and Eon, that there is a previously recorded energy signature matches that of the approaching ship. Cornelius Stone, the scientist from the black crystal explosion that united Judah with the Xenexis, as well as the crystal constructs the Wardens fought at UC-Berkeley Medical Center have the same as the energy signature as the approaching ship.


It had been three hours since Judah had completed his will.

He had had a quiet meal with Rebecca and spent some time alone with her. He tried to calm her but it was obvious she was concerned. They spent time talking, holding and being together until Judah heard a beep on his comm. It was the fourth time he had been hailed since he left the base.

Looking at Rebecca, he freezes this moment in his mind. Smiling, he kisses her one last time and stands.

Quickly donning his uniform he steps through a shadow from the bedroom onto the street outside, eliciting a gasp from a passing jogger. Drawing in he touches the Xenexis and takes on his ebon crystal form. Looking up he touches the sky pausing for a minute to look at the aerial view of San Francisco, then focusing on the task at hand, he wills himself to the Wardens base.

He needed to check in with Amethyst and found her in the conference room watching Contego testing the mission monitoring system.


After talking with Karex, Jaxton and Melinda, Stalwart seeks out Amethyst and Eon. He tells them about his conversation with Karex about the interdiction satellite and communicating with the approaching ship. He gives them the details about the satellite weaponry and the damage it caused to the Yrician ship it shot down. Stalwart then questions why no attempt at communication with the approaching ship has been made as Karex's warnings against it are just based on a 'feeling.'

Seeing as none of the other Wardens want to offer an opinion on trying to communicate with the approaching ship, Stalwart switches his attention to Eon.

Stalwart asks Eon why the approaching alien ship would have the same energy signature as Cornelius Stone and the crystal constructs that the Wardens fought at UC-Berkeley Medical Center, and wonders if the approaching aliens could be relatives of his alien symbiotes?

Eon replies to Stalwart, "I am not sure but it could be that there are more than one species of energy being like the Xenexis, unfortunately my expertise is not science but perhaps they are similar to humans where there are various races but we are all considered human beings."

"The question is intent," states Eon. "How do we know they are here with hostile intent? We need to determine their goals or plan of action and I believe I know how to do just that."

Eon leaves the conference room and heads towards Dr. S. Alon Sloan's medical lab.

Amethyst realizing what Eon has in mind, asks the other Wardens to waiting in the conference room for Eon's return.

Stepping into the lab, he walks up to S. Alon and says, "I think it is time I had a chat with my companions."

S. Alon hooks Eon up to the sensory equipment designed for measuring his unusual dark energy form. Drawing inward Eon withdraws from the physical world and touches the Xenexis.

"I need your help, some like you are approaching this planet. I need to know if you can communicate with them. Why are they here?"

"There are none like us, except us," says the chorus of Xenexis' 'voices'. "Show us the tracings of these you say are like us."

Eon has S. Alon bring up the energy readings from the approaching ship, Cornelius Stone and the crystal constructs that the Wardens had fought at UC-Berkeley Medical Center. He then focuses on the readings so that the Xenexis can see them through his eyes and thoughts.

The chorus becomes a cacophony of 'voices' as the Xenexis do not seem to be of one mind on the energy readings. Eon hears cries of 'cold', 'darkness', 'murder', 'intruders', 'destroyers' and others but none are positive. Though they do not communicate the same thought there is one thing, the Xenexis fear the source of the energy readings.

Eon took a second to compose himself then concentrated on his companions.

"Thank you for your help and if things go badly I want to let you know I am honored to have been your guide to humanity. Please give me all your strength for the upcoming conflict."

Eon pulled himself back to his physical form seeing S. Alon monitoring the sensors.

"Well? Did you get your answers?" asked the doctor.

"Yes, and I almost wish I hadn't. Thanks doctor. Oh, and could you please arrange to get Rebecca out of the city? The facility at North Bay would be best I believe. Thanks."

Eon tapped his communicator, "All available Wardens, meet me in the conference room, immediately."

Eon willed himself into the conference room, looking around at Amethyst, Contego, Indigo and Stalwart, he paused for a second.

"I am sorry but saying the news is bad would be like calling the Sahara Desert hot," explained Eon. "Whatever it is, the Xenexis can sense it and it can only be described in one phrase, evil incarnate."

Eon paused and then continued.

"Friends, this is the most important moment in the Wardens history. I have a hunch whatever it is that is headed our way, I might be drawing it here. It seems the Xenexis has enemies or at least they know what this is and it is hostile."

"They also told me they are unique, perhaps because of our bond they are different? I am not sure."

Eon turned to Stalwart, "Stalwart if possible I think we should ask the authorities to evacuate the city, now." To underscore his feelings on the matter, Eon comments, "I am sending Rebecca to the North Bay facility, I think she will be safer there than here."

"It is important we do this mission right," states Eon before pausing for emphasis then concluding, "the world might literally depend on it."

Stalwart blinks in surprise, "Evacuate San Francisco? I'm not even sure if that would be the Mayor, Governor or President's decision to make and they are unlikely to order it with so little information to go on."

"So far, both you and Karex have had 'bad feelings' about this new third race of aliens, but we've no real concrete data to convince a politician to take such an unpopular action."

"I'm afraid the only man on Earth that might have such data would be your nemesis, Cornelius Stone, and we have very little time to track him down before the alien ship reaches orbit, and no way to hold him even if we were that fortunate."

Eon turns to Stalwart, "I am the closest thing on this planet when it comes to these beings. When I tell you this is a threat, believe me, it's a threat. I know the Mayor, personally. If you want me to convince him, fine. But we need to evacuate this city or at least warn them to go to bomb shelters. This is going to be bad."


Stalwart noting that Special Agent Pierce is not present for the meeting with Amethyst and Eon seeks him out to report on the meeting with Karex and make some recommendations on next actions.

Stalwart gives Pierce the details about the satellite weaponry and the damage it caused to the Yrician ship it shot down.

Stalwart also advises that no attempt at communication with the approaching ship has been made and that Karex advises against any attempts to communicate based on a 'feeling'. Stalwart also notes that Karex himself visited Earth in a cloaked ship, so use of cloaking technology by itself does not seem to indicate hostile intent.

Stalwart also notes that the approaching alien ship has the same energy signature as Cornelius Stone and the two crystal constructs that the Wardens fought at UC-Berkeley Medical Center.

Stalwart then suggests that the following special precautions should be taken to prepare the City of San Francisco. He will note that because the aliens' energy signature matches that of Cornelius Stone and the crystal constructs, it's possible the aliens will be interested in or attracted to this area, and as such, special attention should be paid to preparedness.

First, Stalwart suggests that sensors designed to detect and track the known energy signatures should be set up in key areas of the city.

Next he suggests that an emergency working group should be formed composed of the Mayor, Police Chief, Fire Chief, a representative from the Wardens, Challenger, if he is willing, an FSS representative and a representative from the National Guard.

Lastly, Stalwart suggests that a linguistics team should be assigned to the Warden's base, to assist in any attempts to interpret the alien's language based on any communications they send or any equipment recovered from the wreckage of their ship, if they prove hostile. As the Yrician Consulate-General is located next door, this would allow greater coordination. Any paranormals with abilities related to communication or translation should be identified and recruited for the effort.

Special Agent Pierce thanks Stalwart for the update on the interdiction satellite, communicating with the approaching ship and the energy signatures of the ship matching previous foes of the Wardens. He also thinks that it is likely that San Francisco would be a draw to the ship due to the energy signature matches as well as the Yrician presence.

The Wardens' FSS liaison goes on to say that Stalwart's suggestions about the sensors, emergency working group and linguistics team would be passed on to his superiors.

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