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Halloween Thrills and Chills - Stories

Post-Session: 52

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 52.

Story - Friday, November 2, 2007

Game Date: 11/2/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Contego, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart, Karex, Meka Karex, Narex, Wrixton, Gregix, Prime, Dr. Rebecca Miller-Ambrose, Jaxton Gray, Rextor, Dr. Andrew Kensington, Prelax, Wareta

Karex contacts the Wardens and indicates that Narex has returned to pick up Eon and Wrixton. Karex informs the team that Eon needs to come to the Yrician Embassy as Narex has landed his ship on the roof to avoid the last few tourists still on Alcatraz.

Special Agent Pierce chooses to accompany Rebecca, Amethyst, Indigo, Stalwart and Contego to see Eon off on the mission to the satellite. Rebecca and the Wardens' members are admitted to the Embassy but Pierce is stopped by Rextor and Meka. The robotic Yrician explains that the Yrician Consulate-General facility is sovereign Yrician territory and that Consulate-General Karex will be willing to accept a visit from a member of the U.S. State Department, but FSS or other government law-enforcement personnel as well as military personnel are not welcome.

Eon stands on the platform by the Yrician scout ship looking out over the bay. The air is so peaceful, it is almost a distraction from the danger he faced.

He turns and walks to each of his teammates and says goodbye.

He gives Indigo a hug and a kiss on the cheek and shakes the hand of Contego, wondering if the want-to-be advocate really knows what he is getting himself into.

Eon gives a firm handshake to Stalwart, as his new comrade is trying to get a better look at the Yrician ship. Craning his neck to get as good a look as possible through the open hatchway, Stalwart politely speaks to Eon.

"Good luck up there... performing your mission... and such. What in the world is...? Er, sorry, I meant to say, all of humanity is counting on you, today, Eon. This is a day that will live on in... why would a ship have a... er, on in infamy, er, I mean history. Yes. Live on in history. Well, off you go I suppose..."

Stalwart sighs as he reluctantly breaks the handshake and gives Eon an encouraging nod before turning away from the ship to head back down into the Embassy.

Eon offers a traditional gesture of farewell in Yrician to Karex and then turns Amethyst.

"Take care of the team Amethyst. You are their leader and in the next few days they will need that leadership to guide them through the trials that are to come."

With that, he gives her a brief hug then snaps a crisp salute to her.

Finally, he walks over to Rebecca and changes back to Judah. Rebecca's face is still as she is trying to be strong but the edge of tears show regardless.

"I will be back before you know it," says Judah. "No crying, you know I love you and nothing can ever take that away."

Judah leans in and holds Rebecca tight giving her a kiss that lasts only a minute but feels like a lifetime. He cautiously moves her back and smiles at her. She laughs as he winks with bravado and at his silly smirk.

Amethyst steps up and puts her hand on Rebecca's shoulder in an unsaid offer of emotional support.

Human flesh turns to crystal as Eon takes form. Waving to his team, his thoughts switch to the only thing that matters now, the mission.


After saying so long to the well-wishers, Eon and Wrixton board Narex's scout ship. The trip to orbit is very quick and a lot smoother than Eon had anticipated. Once in orbit, Narex vectors towards the suspected location of the interdiction satellite. Wrixton begins testing the various pieces of equipment that will be used during the mission. Once the equipment is confirmed to be fully operational, Wrixton gives a status report to Narex.

Narex halts the scout ship and calls Eon and Wrixton to the pilot's compartment. With all three in the compartment, it is a tight fit but the navigation display is only available as a projection on the front observation window. Narex projects a several points and course vectors on the observation window. He indicates their current position as one of the points, the disembarkation point as another and the final point as the estimated position of the interdiction satellite. The first course vector covers the transit from where they are to the disembarkation point. The second is the vector that will take Eon and Wrixton to the vicinity of the interdiction satellite. Due to the vast distance involved between the disembarkation point and the projected location of the interdiction satellite, the momentum for the second course vector will be established by the velocity of the scout ship prior to releasing Eon and Wrixton at the disembarkation point. Eon and Wrixton will 'coast' from the disembarkation point to the vicinity of the interdiction satellite. It will take approximately six hours to traverse the distance and an alarm will indicate when Eon will need to make his first 'jump' to shed their momentum and begin the search for the satellite. Wrixton will have enough oxygen for a total of twelve hours, this will give the pair approximately six hours to locate and board the interdiction satellite. If the interdiction satellite is of Yrician design, there will be emergency provision onboard including oxygen. If it is not a Yrician craft, Wrixton has a charge that should allow it to be knocked offline so that Narex can approach in the scout ship without being fired upon. Narex then asks if there are any questions.

Eon nods indicating that he understands the instructions, he commits the navigational diagrams and plots to memory.

While Wrixton is putting on his environment suit and filling his water bladder with highly oxygenated water, Eon describes the porting experience and explains it might be disorienting in a zero-G environment.

Once they reach the disembarkation point, Eon follows Wrixton's instructions. They activate the mission monitoring equipment and begin their journey into the dark at twenty-three miles per second.


At the Wardens' base, Contego joins Gregix and they confirm that all of the mission monitoring equipment and sensors are functioning properly.

Amethyst, Stalwart, Indigo and Special Agent Pierce settle in for a long wait.

Rebecca spends about an hour with them in the conference room before going to her and Eon's quarters at the base.


After about thirty minutes, Gregix using biofeedback techniques slows his breathing and rate of oxygen absorption. It puts the bronze-scaled Yrician into a trance state.

Eon watches as Gregix goes into the trance like state, obviously the fixer is conserving resources.

Eon is left alone with his thoughts and the scared Xenexis. He closes his eyes and focuses on withdrawing into himself communing with the Xenexis.

"Hello my friends, I can feel you are scared. Can you tell me anything more about what we are facing?"

There is no response from the Xenexis but their feelings of fear begin to intensify.

"I understand they are what make you afraid but I need to know. Have you ever met them or communicated with them before?"

Again, there is no response except for the feelings of fear still growing.

"There is something we have called courage, it is the will to act even when you are afraid."

With that, Eon visualizes his extensive memories, focusing on experiences when he was in danger. His life flashes before his eyes as he attempts to teach the concept of courage and bravery to his companions, while at the same time reminding himself.

Finally, there is a response.

A small 'voice' that is immediately drowned out by a cacophony of other 'voices' shouting 'cold', 'darkness', 'murder', 'loss', 'intruders' and 'destroyers', again and again. The 'voices' volume swells until they are ringing in Eon's head, drowning out all other thoughts and memories.

Time passes and the 'voices' continue to drone on and just when he feels ready to scream, the 'voices' start to quiet.

Slowly but surely, they continue to stop until once again, only the smallest of 'voices' can be heard.

It is the first time that Eon has only heard one of the Xenexis speak, all the others are quiet.

Eon senses the age of the speaker, it astounds him as it makes Eon feel as if he was but a babe but yet, he has lived for over five millennia.

The ancient one's small 'voice' rings out in the silence.

"They are the ones who destroyed our home..."

Then all is silent.

The first alarm rips through the silence of Eon's mind bringing him back to the present.

It indicates that the pair will shortly arrive at the point where Eon is to teleport and shed their momentum. Gregix stirs at the sound of the alarm and readies himself for the 'jump.'

Eon blinks his eyes at the new information and wonders why he never thought of this before. It all made sense now. They are exterminating the Xenexis and were drawn to their energy signature.

Eon thinks, "Oh God, they can never go home, there is no home to go to."

Knowing that communications are being monitored Eon quickly relays, "Ground control... The approaching ship contains the beings responsible for the destruction of the Xenexis homeworld and their race. Preparing to teleport to shed velocity."

The second alarm goes off and Eon teleports with Wrixton. The strain is unbearable nothing like anything that Eon had every felt while teleporting and they both blackout.

Eon comes to first and realizes that the pair still has a lot of momentum. The ground team reports that he has been out for about twenty seconds and that his momentum was still in the range of twelve miles per second.

Eon grabs the still unconscious Wrixton and teleports again. Once again, the strain is tremendous but this time, Eon manages to stay conscious. The ground team reports the pair's relative momentum as zero but they are approximately 300 miles from their target position.

Eon wakes Wrixton.

The fixer starts scanning for trace energy signatures from the cloaked satellite. After approximately twenty minutes, Wrixton burst transmits the data to the team at the base for analysis.

Melinda, Adam, Overseer, Contego and Dr. Kensington go to work analyzing the data for any anomalies that might pinpoint the location of the target.

Wrixton continues his scans relaying the new data in real-time to the ground team. Eon teleports ten miles from Wrixton position and begins scanning points designated by the ground team.

Narex, at Karex's request, puts the moon between his scout ship and the approaching ship then drops his cloak. The move unmasks the scout ship's sensors allowing them to gather much larger amounts of data than possible when cloaked.

It takes about six hours, but the team isolates a target that they believe to be the cloaked interdiction satellite. It is about 190 miles away and Wrixton is close to zero oxygen. Eon grabs the fixer and starts teleporting. It takes about twenty minutes to reach the location and another ten minutes to make physical contact with the satellite.

Wrixton passes out from lack of oxygen and Eon is left alone exhausted and clinging to the cloaked interdiction satellite. After a few seconds of absorbing sunlight, Eon has enough energy to teleport again.

Gregix tells him to 'jump' three meters forward and he should be in the satellite's interior survival chamber. Eon grabs Wrixton and reaches for a place ten foot in front of him and blinks.


The ground team loses all signals from the mission monitoring equipment and sensors...

Contego works to reestablish contact with Eon and Wrixton. He uses the data that the team used to locate the satellite and asks Gregix the usual dimensions of the interdiction satellite. Contego then calculates how far into the satellite Eon and Wrixton are and boosts the transmission signal to try and pierce the cloaking.

"Contego that sounds great," says Amethyst after listening to Contego discuss his plan with Gregix. "Please let us know when you reestablish contact."

As the time without communication passes fifteen minutes, the ground team starts to worry if something may have happened to Eon and Gregix.


Eon looks around and is relieved to find that the writing on the wall placards and instrument consoles is familiar, it is Yrician script.

Thinking of Yricians, he quickly removes his helmet and checks on Wrixton. Eon finds that the fixer is still breathing but very shallowly. The monitor on his wrist shows Eon that the satellite has a breathable atmosphere, so he pops open the neck seals of Wrixton's environment suit and removes his helmet.

Within a few minutes, the fixer is breathing more normally and after another ten minutes, he awakes. Wrixton realizes that he is on the interdiction satellite and thanks Eon for saving him.

The fixer then gets up and starts activating the interdiction satellite's systems. When he activates the communication system, the satellite is filled with Contego's voice booming out of the speakers.

After everyone is caught up as to what caused the delay in communications and that the interdiction satellite is of Yrician design, Wrixton, Gregix and Contego go to work on breaking the computer's security codes to take the automated control system offline.

Several hours later, they are still working at the task when the fixers decide that Wrixton needs more equipment that was brought along. A brief discussion ensues and it is decided to take the weapon system offline to allow Narex to dock the scout ship to the satellite. This will give Wrixton access to the ship's computer and electronics workshop.

Wrixton takes several bottles of highly oxygenated water from the survival locker and filled his water bladder. He then puts on his helmet and asks Eon to teleport him outside to keep from having to evacuate the atmosphere out of the satellite as it does not have an airlock.

Once outside, the fixer uses a small disc to neutralize local areas of the cloaking system and gain access to maintenance panels. It takes a few of hours of scuttling along the hull of the satellite but Wrixton finally announces that he has disconnected the power couplings from the weapon system.

Narex vectors the scout ship towards the satellite and there are some anxious moments wondering if the weapon system would fire right up until the point of docking. The scout ship's airlock is mated to the interdiction satellite's hatch and the two fixers and Contego return to work trying to break the computer's security codes.

Eon confers with Gregix and makes sure he does not need any protection or assistance. When Gregix says he does not, Eon confirms with the ground team the estimated arrival of the approaching vessel. They confirm that the last readings from Narex put the arrival of the ship in the next ten to fifteen days.

Eon requests direction from Amethyst since she would be directing the battle plan. Amethyst asks Eon to return to the planet as soon as possible. Due to the distance involved, Eon borrows a reentry capsule from Narex and is back in San Francisco a little over eight hours later.


Karex contacts the Wardens and tells them that the mystery of the Yrician hatchlings had been solved. He explains that the hatchlings, six in total, and their parents, Prelax and Wareta, were now in residence at the Yrician Embassy.

Prelax and Wareta are of the Hospitaler caste and will be lending their expertise to the team during the current crisis.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/7/2011

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