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Halloween Thrills and Chills - Stories

Post-Session: 52

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 52.

Story - Planning for an Invasion

Game Date: 11/3/2007  -  11/9/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Contego, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart, Jaxton Gray, Taurex

Saturday 11/03/2007

Stalwart sends the following communications to the Wardens:


Fellow Wardens,

I have been pondering our situation. It seems to me we should come up with a battle plan of sorts. Figure out what the likely and unlikely possibilities are, what precautions are worth taking, and what would be a waste of time and resources.

For example, Cornelius Stone, the scientist from the black crystal explosion that united Judah with the Xenexis, as well as the crystal constructs the Wardens fought at UC-Berkeley Medical Center have the same as the energy signature as the approaching ship. This raises several possibilities.

1. The constructs and Stone have teleportation abilities, apparently similar to Eon's abilities. Eon is capable of teleporting safely into orbit and back. As such, the energy signature might mean the aliens would also be able to safely teleport down from orbit.

2. It could also mean that the constructs and Stone are minions/allies of the aliens and may attempt to sabotage our defensive installations.

3. Does Eon have an energy signature similar to the constructs/aliens? Could that energy signature alert the aliens to the location of the otherwise cloaked Yrician satellite and potentially spoil our surprise attack? Does that energy signature quickly fade or linger? Could we use the Yrician scout ship's cloaking field to test whether Eon's energy field is detectable from outside the ship despite the cloak?

Are these potentials something worth safeguarding against, and if so, how? Would ensuring that the interior of key installations are rigged extensively with battery-backed-up lights be effective in preventing such teleport-based bypassing of outer defenses? I have already suggested the setting up of energy detectors set to scan for alien's energy signature in key areas in San Francisco. That may assist in locating any aliens that teleport down or alert us if the constructs launch a sabotage effort.

Anyways, it would seem wise to consider all possibilities and determine which ones we have the time and resources to test and/or safeguard against.


Saturday 11/03/2007

Stalwart continues his research on Stone and finds that the last time he and the two crystal constructs had been seen was during an attack on the Knight at the community center. The trio was in league with the Knight's nemesis, Edweard Ragnarsson. Stalwart dispatches a report to all of the Wardens.


Saturday 11/03/2007

Eon runs a towel through his hair as he dries from his shower.

He carefully reads through the email and report from Stalwart. He can't help but feel a bit unhinged by the description of his abilities. Used properly they could wreak great evil on the world.

Tossing the towel aside, he sits down and sends a reply to the Wardens.



I would like to commend you on your proactive approach to this crisis. Most of these questions would be best directed at Dr. S. Alon Sloan or Dr. Miller-Ambrose. They are the ones who have collected the most data about my energy signature and abilities.

If you would like to setup some drills for defensive combat against my skill set, I am open to assisting with that. Obviously, anything I can do to assist with situation I will do.

On that note, I have been considering our options and situation. As much as it pains me to say this, if we are correct that the goal of the approaching ship is to capture or exterminate the Xenexis then I propose a course of action that we should consider.

First, I have been collecting data on the remaining crystal samples. I have found they either, contain additional "spirits" of the Xenexis which I have been adding to the collective, or are matrix used to store energy which the Xenexis use for food.

We need to collect the remaining crystal samples from around the world with all due haste.

If this ship is here to capture or exterminate the Xenexis, other parts of the world could be in danger if they are holding samples containing additional consciousnesses.

Once that is done, I have an extreme option which I would like to table. If we collect all the Xenexis and I am able to incorporate them into me, perhaps I should then....


I do not offer this lightly. Nevertheless, if it will save lives and this planet I will do this without hesitation. I await the other Wardens input.


Saturday 11/03/2007

Amethyst reads the emails from Stalwart and Eon.

She considers sending out the North Bay Wardens Reserve to help retrieve the remaining crystals then Eon can try to incorporate them into his body with other ones. She is about to send a message to Leif and those at North Bay to ask them to retrieve the crystals, when she reconsiders.

The retrieval mission calls for a much larger force with governmental authority in case those possessing the crystals do not wish to give them up.

She decides that they should coordinate the retrieval of the crystals through the FSS and Orion.


Sunday 11/04/2007

Jaxton drops by the conference room and speaks with the active team members. He offers to help plan and coordinate defensive efforts in the San Francisco area should the aliens prove hostile. He says that he can start by contacting the reserve members and other former members or associates to ask for their assistance. This would give the Wardens a count of the assets available to start the planning.

"That sounds great, Jaxton," responds Amethyst. "Please make sure that they have communicators, so we can stay in touch.

She then turns to the group, "I believe that San Francisco will now be covered in the event of hostilities."


Monday, 11/05/2007

Special Agent Pierce files a request from his superiors with the Wardens to allow two additional FSS agents to be assigned as liaisons to the Wardens for the duration of the current crisis. The request indicates that the additional resources are necessary in order to provide proper support to the Wardens due to the magnitude of the issue currently faced by the team.

Amethyst tells Special Agent Pierce to inform his superiors that the Wardens would appreciate the extra support of the additional liaison agents. She says that she assumes that this would mean that there would be around the clock support, if need be.

Pierce assures her that that is the case, the three agents would be supplying around the clock liaison coverage. He tells her that he will bring the next agents to the base and introduced them to the team once they have been assigned.

Stalwart suggests that since additional FSS personnel are being assigned to the Wardens, emphasis should be placed on xeno-biology skills for at least one of them. He notes that with the Yricians located next door to advise and assist, the Warden's base would be highly suited to performing a medical examination of any alien remains that survive the fall from orbit.

Pierce says that he will inform his superiors of Stalwart's suggestion.


Monday, 11/05/2007

Once Special Agent Pierce has left, Amethyst sends a message to her teammates.

'Wardens, please keep me informed of your whereabouts and what you are doing at all times until this crisis is resolved. That way I will know where you are and can assure you have whatever support you require. This is a big issue and we all need to be on the same page to get through this. I will report my comings and goings to Susan in case you need to get in touch with me.'

Eon starts checking in with Amethyst letting her know his whereabouts and activities.

Stalwart also starts checking in regularly with Amethyst.

Indigo says that she will be checking in and that she will come to as many meetings as possible. She cautions that she feels that she and Taurex's studies will interfere with her attendance from time to time. She will work to stay up to date on where things stand and asks Amethyst to help her by sending out the meeting minutes for the meetings that she misses.

Amethyst says she will make sure to get Indigo copies of all the meeting minutes and says it is the least she can do since Melinda is not available in the 'mystic wing.'


Tuesday 11/06/2007

Special Agent Pierce attends the Wardens' daily meeting with two other FSS agents. Before Jaxton's presentation, he introduces them to the Wardens.

The first is Special Agent Arlena Zuaza, a young Latina with short-cropped black hair and fierce green eyes. She looks to be about five foot eight or nine and has an athletic build.

The second is Special Agent Victor Tran, a middle-aged Vietnamese man with salt and pepper hair in a crew cut. He is small in stature and build, standing no more than five foot five.

Each of the new liaisons present Amethyst with a file containing a personal brief and confirm that the information inside has been released to the Wardens' via Radley-Gold data link.

Pierce asks if he and the new liaisons can stay for the meeting.

Eon, Stalwart and Amethyst almost simultaneously invite the FSS agents to stay for the planning meeting.


Tuesday 11/06/2007

Jaxton has made calls to determine who would be available to help during the crisis and has met with Karex to determine what the Yricians can offer in support of the effort.

He presents his findings and initial organizational plans during the Wardens' Tuesday morning meeting.

After the introduction of the new FSS Liaison Agents, Jaxton stands before the group to make his presentation.

"The first team will be composed primarily of the active Wardens and associates. It will include Amethyst, Contego, Eon, Indigo, Meka, Prime, Stalwart and Taurex."

"The team will be first response to any combat situations or highly contested rescue missions."

"The team has heavy combat utility, good mobility and ranged attacks as well as integral 'medical' support."

"The second team will be composed of reserve Wardens, associates and the Yricians. It will include Miss Majestic, Thunder, Psyche, Karex, Rextor, Gregix, Wrixton and Prelax."

"This team will provide combat support or rescue operations. Almost all members of the unit have flight capability and Prelax can provide medical support."

"Additionally, Narex has provided Rextor with a fully functional suit of combat armor and the other Yricians with environment suits, so all of the Yricians will be in self-contained atmospheric units."

"The third team will be a rapid response team made up of Delta-Vee, Mr. Gray, Mr. Gray II and Volt."

"Yes, I will be returning to field operations."

"The team will be able to quickly reinforce either of the first two teams for either combat or rescue missions."

"Delta-Vee and Volt provide high-speed mobility and the two Mr. Gray's provide fire support as well as enhanced sensors and communications.

"Star has agreed to lead a reserve team composed of the adult trainees Cang, Cobalt and Sapphire."

"They would provide assistance and support with rescue operations and as a last resort act as a combat reserve."

"Wareta, the Yrician hospitaler, has been designated by Karex as a resource for last resort rescue/medical situations."

"She will lead the young trainees Azure, Midnight and Ultramarine."

Jaxton holds up his hands to stop protests then states, "Let me be clear, this is a last resort team and will only be deployed for rescue operations, if necessary. If there are any reports of combat in the rescue area, the team will not be sent in, no matter what."

"Boost has volunteered to be present at the base and provide emergency medical support. Although his 'healing' abilities are not truly 'healing', they can stabilize a patient long enough that standard medical measures can save the patient's life."

"Finally, Estrella has agreed to be present at the base and coordinate the activities of as well as provide tactical expertise to all teams in the field."

"These are my recommendation based on the personnel available at this time. If others should respond in the interim, modifications can be made."

"I ask that you review these plans with an open mind and cognizant of the potential of the threat we may be facing."

After hearing the plans, Amethyst comments, "Jaxton this is good, let's put it in place for now."

She then turns to the other Wardens, "Any questions from anyone?"

Seeing as there are no questions, Amethyst asks Jaxton to put together practice schedules for the teams.


Tuesday 11/06/2007

After leaving the meeting, Contego gets to work building personal shield generators for Azure, Midnight and Ultramarine, the members of the "last resort team."

After working on the shield units for a couple of hours, Contego realizes that in order to finish three of them in a short amount of time he will need assistance. He asks Gregix to help him to build shield units for the "last resort team" for the battle.

Gregix, after checking with Karex, agrees to help Contego assemble the shield units for the young ones.

While Contego is instructing Gregix, he notes that the Yrician is picking up the concepts behind and assembly techniques for the pulse force shield units faster than anyone else he has worked with before. Contego also notices a level of what could only be called enthusiasm from the fixer that he has not seen while working with him on over the last few days.

Contego offers to teach pulse field theory and technology applications to Gregix and his compatriot after the battle. He has not seen someone understand the concepts this well since he used to discuss it with his grandfather.

Gregix tells him that pulse field technology is the closest of any Earth technology that he has seen to Yrician technology. It is still very different but the theory behind it could be used with Yrician techniques.

Contego asks Gregix to show him the Yrician methods explaining that he wants to expand the use of the pulse theory to make things better for all the inhabitants of Earth.

Contego sees what appears to be sadness in the fixer's eyes as he shakes his head and says, "It cannot be done. Humans do not understand the ways of what truly is."

Gregix picks up a circuit board that he had been working on. He bears his teeth in what Contego construes to be a smile and says, "But maybe one day you will."

Contego asks Gregix, "Will you teach me then?"

Gregix looks puzzled for a moment then replies, "If it were that easy. This is not about learning but evolution. Humans are studying rocks to try to find the secret of life. You need to be studying life to find the secret of life but that you do not see."


Tuesday 11/06/2007

Back in his room, Judah sits reviewing the information from Jaxton. After a short time, he sits back and sighs at the scope of it all.

Clicking open his phone, he dials the number that Saldar had given him. The number rings and eventually the computerize voice of an answering service picks up.

"Hi Saldar, I am not sure when you will get this but I need your help."

"We have a serious situation here and if you can make it, I need you in San Francisco now. Can't provide more details over unsecured lines but rest assured this is one of those global events that we use to talk about."

"When you get this message, call the Wardens or my house and leave a message with Rebecca."

"I need you friend, hope this finds you safe."

Judah hangs up the phone and clicks through his contacts, there was only one other that could help.

Opening an email, he selects encryption at maximum then types.


Dear Mortisha,

I hope this finds you well and alive, okay what is alive for you. If you are not engaged, I need you to get to San Francisco as soon as possible. We are facing a threat that requires everyone to respond. Yes, it is on that scale. In any case, please come, your Wardens associate identification is still good and you can contact the Wardens, if needed, to find out why you are needed.

If nothing else, please come and protect Rebecca for me. I know we have a past, but I am asking as a friend to set that aside and please help me, us."

Hope to hear from you soon.

Oh, one more thing, we have been looking for this person, Dr. Cornelius Stone, if you see him let us know. DON'T approach him, just contact us first.

Your friend forever,



Clicking send, Judah goes back to helping prepare to defend the city. He decides to begin testing the pushing of his teleportation ranges.


Wednesday 11/07/2007

Jaxton distributes training schedules to all of the teams documented in his contingency planning report.

Team 1, Team 2, the Rapid Response team and the Reserve team have two training sessions of two hours each scheduled each day. Azure, Midnight and Ultramarine are scheduled to train with Wareta each day.

Between the paranormal teams, the Alcatraz Foundation Security Force, the FSS and SFPD Silver Knight squads' training sessions, the Wardens' training facilities are scheduled for around the clock usage for the duration of the crisis.


Wednesday 11/07/2007

Indigo starts training Taurex harder and harder to prepare him for the upcoming battle. She continues to take him to public functions so he can learn Earth customs.


Friday 11/09/2007

Eon receives a call from Rebecca.

"You must have told your friends that something is up," she says. "Both Saldar and Mortisha are here at the condo talking about getting me to safety. I told them they needed to talk to you first."


Friday 11/09/2007

As he enters the living room of the condo and sees Saldar and Mortisha, sitting with Rebecca, Judah silently thanks the lord that they had arrived sooner than expected.

"Rebecca, I think you need to get out of here," Judah says as he kneels in front of his recent bride. "Go stay with your sister in the mountains in Vermont or at the North Bay facility."

"San Francisco is going be very dangerous, very soon and I could not live with myself if you got hurt or... well you know," pleads Judah stammering over the phrase.

"You can stay in touch via communicator, pack anything you need and go with them," implores Judah. "Please. I love you."

Rebecca looks her love in the eye and says simply, "No."

She leans forward and hugs him, whispering in his ear, "I have a commitment to the Wardens just as you do, silly. I will not abandon my friends or you, my love, to go hide because there is danger."

She continues to hug him and says aloud, "I respect your wishes, but I am a doctor and I will be at the base to help where I can."

Judah looks deep into Rebecca's eyes and sees her commitment to her duty. He had almost forgotten she was also responsible in her own way.

Taking her hands in his, he closes his eyes and says an ancient prayer in Latin.

"Isn't that nice," comments Mortisha.

Judah then focuses inward to his companions.

"My friends, I need your help. My beloved, Rebecca, is in danger. I need her to be safe, can you help protect her? Please? She is everything to me."

Judah floods his memories with images of love, friendship and companionship in the hopes of making the Xenexis understand.

"She is not like you," came the chorus of 'voices.' "She would be harmed."

A smaller group of 'voices' responds, "A gift of protection."

Judah feels something like a large drop of cool water run down from the crystal on his chest to where his shirt is tucked in. He untucks his shirt and catches a small black crystal that looks like a teardrop.

The smaller group of 'voices' says, "We will protect her."

Judah noticing that the crystal teardrop has a small hole in the top, strings it from a silver chain and gives it to Rebecca.

"For protection," he tells his lady love.

She takes the necklace with the crystal teardrop and puts it around her neck, then leans forward and kisses Judah.


Friday 11/09/2007

On Friday, Indigo takes Taurex to this place called a movie theater where they show moving images of magic users on the big picture wall. She has him take notes on how they use their talents.


Monday 11/09/2007

Indigo takes notice of how far Taurex has come during the recent intense practice sessions.

As a sign of how far he has come and to commend his hard work, Indigo helps him craft a rune-staff and present him with a new robe styled like her master Albinas' robes with some modifications to accommodate the Yrician's physiology.

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