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Halloween Thrills and Chills - Stories

Post-Session: 52

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 52.

Story - Crystal Searches: FSS and Orion

Game Date: 11/4/2007  -  11/9/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Contego, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart

Sunday 11/04/2007

Amethyst asks for a meeting with Special Agent Pierce, the Wardens' FSS Liaison and a representative from Orion. She indicates that it is a priority matter and needs attention within the next hour.

One hour later, Amethyst, Stalwart, Eon, Contego and Indigo meet with Special Agent Pierce and Orion Liaison Agent Rajesh Kandaripeddi in the Wardens' base's main conference room.

Amethyst explains that the reason for the meeting is to provide a possible reason for the unidentified aliens' interest in Earth and to request the assistance of the FSS and Orion in the collection of said reason.

Amethyst defers to Stalwart and Eon to discuss their theories.

Stalwart hands out a brief to all attendees detailing what he has learned regarding the alien ship's energy signature and the current earth-bound entities it matches and resembles.

Eon presents his opinion that the reason that the unknown aliens are coming to Earth is to capture and/or exterminate the Xenexis.

Stalwart notes to everyone present, "I disagree with Eon's theory that the newcomer aliens have come all this way just to capture or complete the extermination of the alien symbiotes that he hosts."

"The fact that the Newcomers' energy signature matches that of Cornelius Stone and his crystalline constructs could mean as little as the Newcomers' technology is powered by the same sort of energy that the symbiotes feed upon," states Stalwart.

"We simply lack sufficient information to determine with any reliability that they truly want or what their plans are."

Stalwart then continues, "In the short time we have left, there are a couple of different paths we could follow to find more information."

"First, we could attempt to get close enough to the Newcomer's vessel in the Yrician's cloaked scout ship for a psychic or sense-projector to try to get past their cloak or try to send a teleporter into the vessel.

"Additionally, we could try to bargain with or capture and interrogate Cornelius Stone to see if he has any information about these aliens."

Eon presents his idea for gathering the remaining Xenexis containing crystals and assimilating them into himself allowing the energy beings to join with the other survivors from their home world.

Stalwart comments, "In regards to Eon's plan, I think it would be a mistake for him to try to absorb any surviving Xenexis containing crystals. By doing so, Eon would be ensuring that destroying him is only way the Newcomers could acquire such energy. What if the Newcomers merely need a small amount of the energy to recharge their ship so they can be on their way or to save their dying race?"

Eon interjects that he feels that given his unique point of view he can more accurately determine what is happening and the alien's intent.

"The chance of this ship approaching being non-hostile are remote," he states. "We have direct confirmation of previous hostile intent from the Xenexis and the Yricians. Peaceful races don't usually practice genocide on a routine basis, and why would they go all this way to get gas?"

Stalwart adds, "Prior to this meeting, Eon offered to flee this planet once he had assimilated the other Xenexis. I feel that too is a mistake, if the aliens want him and not Stone or something else entirely, then he would merely be eliminating one potential defender of Earth from the battle."

"If he does leave and the aliens divert to follow him, they would quickly catch him and the diversion might carry their ship out of range of the cloaked Yrician war satellite." Stalwart concludes, "It is far better for Eon to carefully position himself so as to keep the Yrician satellite between him and the Newcomer ship."

Eon notes Stalwart's objections but still requests to proceed with gathering of the crystals and the incorporation of the remaining Xenexis life forms. He does agree that capturing Mr. Stone should be a priority and if he could be used as bait for that, he is willing.

After Eon has finished speaking, Amethyst comments, "I agree with Eon. We will be making sure that finding Mr. Stone is on top of the list of priorities. No Eon, you have too much going on right now to be bait, but thanks for the willingness to help in any way possible."

She then turns to the two agents, "Special Agent Pierce and Liaison Agent Kandaripeddi will there be any issues with getting assistance from the FSS and Orion on these matters?"

Pierce indicates that he feels there will be no issues with the FSS providing assistance in recovering the crystals or in helping locate Cornelius Stone. However, before he can commit FSS resources to the projects he will need to get final approval from his superiors.

Kandaripeddi says that Orion will be able to lend international assistance in recovery the crystals as well as helping locate Cornelius Stone.

Contego has been spending the meeting sitting back and listening carefully.

"Whatever we do, we need to start preparing a place to have a showdown just in case," he states. "If they are after Eon, then they will come straight to him."

He looks to Eon, "I think when the aliens get here you should be in a remote location. That way if the aliens are after you, we can duke it out so that no civilians get hurt."

Contego looks around the room. "We can provide support, but we need to train with Eon. We should also reinforce key structures because in the event that we are wrong and they aren't after Eon, this could get messy."


Monday 11/05/2007

Special Agent Pierce confirms that the FSS will assist in the recovery of the identified crystal samples in the United States. He gets the list from Eon and transmits it to the FSS Western Region Headquarters who will coordinate the FSS' efforts.

Liaison Agent Kandaripeddi also gets a list from Eon and forwards it to the Orion field office in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Almost all of the crystal samples that Eon has been able to track down as being recovered by international organizations are in western Canada, Japan, South Korea, eastern China and Russia.

Both agents indicate that recovered samples will be brought to San Francisco for examination by Eon and Dr. S. Alon Sloan.

Eon expresses his appreciation and thanks to the agents while reminding them the crystals should be handled carefully, direct contact can have unexpected consequences.


Wednesday 11/07/2007

The first groups of recovered crystal samples are delivered to Dr. S. Alon Sloan by the FSS and Orion.

S. Alon checks the crystals and finds the energy signatures consistent with those of previously recovered Xenexis crystal samples.

Eon and the Xenexis' checks of the crystals find them to be food containers and base structure crystals with no Xenexis entities within.


Thursday 11/08/2007

More of the recovered crystal samples continue to be delivered by FSS and Orion agents to Dr. S. Alon Sloan.

All of the samples, except for one, have the energy signatures of the Xenexis crystal samples. The odd sample's energy signature is unlike any previous recorded by the Wardens. It is not like the Xenexis' sample norms or the cosmic energy crystals that Prime had worked with. S. Alon isolates the sample in a containment box for further examination when he has more time.

Eon and the Xenexis' checks of the crystals find almost all of them to be food containers but two are 'home' crystals that contain Xenexis entities. As previously discussed, Eon assimilates the Xenexis entities letting them join with the others that reside within him.

Eon sends a brief email to Prime requesting him to examine the odd crystal sample if he has the time. Since he is the resident member of the Wardens with the most experience in crystal and energy forms, Eon thinks that Prime might provide the best idea of what the crystal is.

Eon talks with S. Alon and suggests that due to the unknown nature of this sample it be placed in the high security area and treated as enemy sought resource. S. Alon agrees and arranges with Security Chief Petrova to have the crystal secured in the lab level's high security sample storage vault.

Stalwart tries to examine the odd crystal sample but finds that is has been moved to high security sample storage vault with orders from Security Chief Petrova and Dr. Sloan not to be removed until the current crisis is over.

Eon receives a reply from Prime. All it says is, "Wrong Prime."

Stalwart emails the Wardens


I highly suggest any Warden with an inherent energy aura stay away from the unique crystal sample with the unknown energy signature until we learn more about it.

Readings can be done by personnel who do not risk triggering an unexpected reaction with the crystal's own unique form of energy.

Due to the super-soldier serum, my body has become immune to the harmful effects of chronic radiation exposure and disease, yet I do not radiate any form of energy that may interact with the crystal's energy.

As such, I would like to volunteer to run the preliminary tests.

Eon, in particular, would pose a risk in that his alien symbiotes consume energy and we do not know if the crystal's energy could poison them, madden them or otherwise radically alter their psychology or physical nature.


There is no reply from the other Wardens


Friday 11/09/2007

The final sets of crystal samples from Eon's list are turned over to Dr. S. Alon Sloan by FSS and Orion couriers.

These samples all have the expected Xenexis crystal energy signatures. S. Alon after confirming the samples' energy signatures give them to Eon.

Eon and the Xenexis' checks of the crystals find that six of them, all collected in Japan, are 'home' crystals that contain Xenexis entities. Eon adds the newly discovered Xenexis entities to his companions of the Xenexis' colony.

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