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Post-Session: 52

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 52.

Story - Some Time with the Yricians

Game Date: 11/4/2007

Who: Amethyst (II)

Amethyst decides that she would like to spend some time the Yrician parents and see how they interact with the hatchlings. She takes a computer data pad to record notes on for future reference in dealing with her Yrician allies and heads for the Yrician Embassy.

Karex grants Amethyst permission to observe the Yrician hatchlings.

Amethyst is escorted to a Yrician apartment where she finds the hatchlings swimming around in the living pool. The little ones range in size from about 10 to 15 inches tall and weigh between 3 to 5 pounds. They look like miniature Yricians except that their wings are smaller in proportion to an adult.

Surprisingly, to Amethyst's human sensibilities, there is no adult Yrician in the room with the hatchlings. Every hour or so, Prelax or Wareta stop it and dump a large bucket of live fish in the pool which the little ones chase down and eat. When all the fish are gone and they tire of swimming, the six hatchlings crawl up on the rocks and bask under the sunlamps.

One time when Wareta comes in to feed the hatchlings, Amethyst asks about why there is no adult supervision of the hatchlings.

Wareta explains that a couple of weeks after hatching Yrician young are pretty independent and require little supervision as they are resistant to most injuries due to their flexible skeletons and protective scales. She goes on to explain that on Homeworld, hatchlings for the first two or three years of their lives live in large 'nurseries' which are similar to the Yricians' natural habitats from the pre-technology period. There they learn to hunt for food and socialize with their caste mates. Each nursery is equipped with an 'escape hatch' that has a 'lock' designed to challenge the resident caste and when a hatchling figures out how to 'escape,' they are no longer considered hatchlings. They are taken in by their castes, given names and begin their basic education.

Amethyst is fascinated by both Wareta's explanation and watching the hatchlings. She spends a few more hours relaxing and watching the little ones then returns to the Wardens' base.

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