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Halloween Thrills and Chills - Stories

Post-Session: 52

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 52.

Story - Satomi's Visions

Game Date: 11/5/2007  -  11/6/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart, Psyche, Satomi Matsuda

Monday 11/05/2007

Mei Lynn calls Amethyst.

It is the first time that the Wardens' leader has heard from her since the night of the Halloween party.

She reports that her, Katrina and Trent have been taking turns keeping an eye on Satomi and her family. Nothing dire as the girl claims to have foreseen has happened and they were wondering how much longer Amethyst wanted them to keep watch over the girl.

Amethyst thanks Mei Lynn for the update and arranges for a courier to deliver a message to Satomi at school.

A couple of hours later, the courier returns with a message from Satomi indicating that she will stop by the Green Valley Trust office that afternoon.

Amethyst contacts Mei Lynn and tells her that she has invited Satomi to Karalyn's office. Amethyst says that she is going to spend some time listening to Satomi's story. She also tells Mei Lynn that there is no need to watch Satomi and her family for the next couple of days.

Amethyst invites Psyche to be at the Green Valley Trust office with her when she speaks to Satomi. Psyche says that she will be there.


Monday 11/05/2007

Satomi stops by the Green Valley Trust office after school on Monday afternoon.

She says she is glad that Amethyst wanted to see her because her visions have gotten worse and she fears for her family and others in San Francisco.

She says that she has seen these strange creatures chasing after her and her brother. They look sort of like spiders but have large heads and they come from this large crystal obelisk that is lying on its side.

After hearing the girl's story about her visions, Amethyst contacts the other Wardens and asks them to come to the Green Valley Trust office as soon as possible. She lets them know that Satomi, the girl from the Halloween party, has had more visions.

"I think that we ALL need to listen to Satomi tell what she has seen."


Monday 11/05/2007

Stalwart promptly arrives at the Green Valley Trust office to listen to the dream prophecy.

Eon and Indigo show up shortly after Stalwart.

Stalwart politely asks in a whisper over the Warden communicator on an open channel to all Wardens, "Amethyst, what percentage of her prior prophecies have been verified to be accurate?"

To which Amethyst replies, "I do not know, she was working with Dot Dash and Amber. She only approached me at the party because she could not get in touch with them."

"Has is been determined whether her visions fix the future, rendering it unalterable, or merely show what would have happened if she failed to act to alter the foreseen outcome?" questions Stalwart.

Amethyst responds, "Maybe we should ask her."

Stalwart pauses a moment, then adds, "Perhaps we should consider alerting and organizing all of the city's low-level and/or underage paranormals. I'm not sure if it'd be safer to relocate them to a central defensive facility, but at least establishing an independent communication network and cataloguing the potential of any volunteers could be helpful if at least one of the alien's crystalline landing craft are prophesized to land in the city and target the paranormal population."

He then considers a moment, then asks the child prophet directly, "Child did the spider aliens appear to be deliberately chasing you, or were they indiscriminately attacking everyone as well as you and your mother were simply in their way?"

Satomi frowns for a moment at being called a child, then replies, "They were attacking and chasing everyone including me and my brother. They weren't after my mother she is in the hospital. Neji and me were at school or going home from school. I am not sure, it isn't clear."

Stalwart listens carefully then responds, "Satomi, this is very important," before querying, "Were there any landmarks identifying where in the city the crystal landed?"

Satomi once again frowns at Stalwart before answering, "Like I said before, my brother and I were either at school or going home from school. We go to Mission High School and I saw it a couple of times but the order is all jumbled. I don't know if we fled into the school or from it."

Stalwart asked another question, "In your dream, did you hear or see anything that seemed to indicate there were other crystals elsewhere in the city?"

"Yes," says Satomi. "I remember hearing Mortimer, one of my school mates, says that they were all over the city."

Stalwart pondered her answer then asks, "When you have had these dreams before, have you ever been able to 'change' the outcome from what you saw in the dream or does your very dreaming of the future fix that portion in place?"

"There not really dreams, more like visions," replies Satomi. "Things always come out like I see them in the visions, but up until a few weeks ago, I did not know I was seeing the future. It was Dot Dash and Amber that told me I was. Before that, it was more like déjà vu when the something from the vision happened.

Satomi paused for a few seconds and took a deep breath then looking at Stalwart she apologizes, "I am sorry, I was starting to babble. In answer to your question, I don't know whether I can changes things from a vision or not."

Stalwart can see that the girl is flustered, but knowing the importance of knowing what she has seen, he continues his questioning of Satomi.

"If you wouldn't mind, Satomi," he starts carefully, "I'd like you to describe these spider aliens and crystal you saw in as much detail as possible to Eon. He is an artist and should be able to recreate their images. He should also be able to verify their identity for reasons I can't get into now."

Quietly whispering over his communicator, Stalwart says, "Eon, I'd like you to try to create a sketch of the spider aliens and crystal Satomi describes. If your symbiotes 'react' to the images, then we will have independent verification of both the identity of the aliens and that at least some of them will successfully land in the city and attack the populace."

Satomi shakes her head, "I know it is important, but I don't have time. I need to get home, my grandmother gets upset if I am out after dark."

"I may be able to help here," says Psyche as she steps up. "Satomi, I have paranormal telepathic abilities. Put simply, I can read minds. If you think about the visions, with your permission, I can read them from your surface thoughts and then relay them to Eon."

Satomi nods eagerly and says, "Sure, I really do need to get home soon."

A few minutes later, Psyche confirms that she has been able to scan Satomi's visions.

Psyche sends a telepathic message to Amethyst, *we need to talk about the girl.*

Amethyst seeing the girl's nervousness and sense of urgency about getting home offers to give her a ride home and Satomi eagerly accepts.

After Amethyst leaves with Satomi, Psyche tells the Wardens' via communicator that the visions are extremely graphic and show a lot of destruction. She says that she will provide a full report of the visions in the morning after she has had some time to go over them several times.

The team returns to the Wardens' base where Psyche telepathically passes the images from Satomi's vision to Eon.

Eon goes to his studio and quickly sketches the images of the spider aliens and their vessel from Satomi's vision. He then has Melinda scan the images for distribution to all team and contingency plan members.

The 'vessel' appears to be a large hexagonal solid roughly 65 feet long and 25 feet in diameter. It is pointed on one end and flat on the other. There does not appear to be any entrance/exit and the spider aliens appear to be walking through the hull of the ship as they appear on the field.


Monday 11/05/2007

After finishing the drawings, Eon attempts to communicate with the Xenexis to convey the imagery from Satomi's vision. Perhaps more information can be gleaned as to why the invaders are going after them?

There is an immediate response, a cacophony of other 'voices' shouting 'cold', 'darkness', 'murder', 'loss', 'intruders' and 'destroyers', again and again.

Soon the 'voices' start to quiet, they continue to go quiet until only the smallest of 'voices' can be heard.

It is the ancient one's small 'voice' that rings out in the silence.

"They have returned..."

Then all is silent.


Monday 11/05/2007

Eon is looking at the images and thinking about what the ancient Xenexis said, when he has an epiphany.

"Wardens, do we know if Indigo could read these invaders?" he speaks into his communicator. "We know she has the ability to see beyond her sight, can she extend that to reach this ship?"

"I am not sure if Indigo can read the invaders but I am sure if we ask her she would try," comments Amethyst on her way back to the base after dropping off Satomi. "I am not sure about her extending to the ship."

Not sure either, Eon proposes, "If not, perhaps another of her kind, a more powerful sage, could boost her spell's power."

"It could give us an advantage," Eon continues. "I don't understand how this magic thing works but if Karex and his kind have never seen it, there is a good chance these aliens haven't either."

"We need to meet with her I will be back at the base soon," States Amethyst. "We can have her and Taurex join us in the conference room."


Monday 11/05/2007

Amethyst arrives back at the base and enters the conference room right after Indigo and Taurex.

Eon presents his idea on having Indigo use her spirit magic to spy on the spider aliens. If she could project her essence to the aliens' ship, they could potentially gain valuable information on their enemies.

Indigo says that she has been working with Taurex on a way to combine their workings to make the two of them more effective in combat. However, using him to help her expand her 'spirit walk' working was something she had not considered. She says she will have to do some research on it or find some other way to extend her working because the aliens' are too far for her to 'spirit walk' to right now.

Eon offers his assistance since the Xenexis have the ability to sense the invaders, his companions can be of using him as an intermediary.

Indigo says to let her do some research on the matter and she will get back to him about his offer.


Monday 11/05/2007

After the meeting, Indigo takes Taurex with her to the Moorland Estate to meet with Wythe. She talks with Wythe about Eon's proposal and asks if it is possible for her and Taurex to combine their energies to increase the power of her 'spirit walk' working.

Wythe says he has heard of workings that allow apprentices to aid their masters. He volunteers to help Indigo and Taurex research such workings.


Monday 11/05/2007

After the meeting, Amethyst catches up with Psyche to talk with her about Satomi.

"Psyche, what did you want to talk about?" queries the Wardens' leader. "Are you having doubts or negative vibes about Satomi?"

"No, no doubts," replies Psyche. "As for negative vibes, I would not exactly call it that but there is something wrong."

"First, I kept my promise to her and only read her surface thoughts," states the psionic. "But there was a lot running around in her thoughts than just the content of the visions."

Psyche goes on to explain that Satomi was thinking about her mother being in a mental institution and was scared that she too was on her way to the "loony bin." Psyche recommends that as soon as possible the Wardens get some help for the girl. She volunteers to talk with Satomi and says that it would probably good for the girl to talk with Dr. Saveda.

"Do we need to find a way for the whole family to stay at the base?" asks Amethyst.

"I don't know," replies Psyche. "Taking her out of her home might do more harm than good from a psychological standpoint even though we would be trying to protect her from physical harm."

Amethyst says that she will talk with Dr. Saveda about Satomi and asks that Psyche make herself available should the doctor haves questions. Psyche consents to answer any questions Dr. Saveda might have about Satomi.


Tuesday 11/06/2007

Psyche provides a report on Satomi's visions.


There are three distinct sequences that are all related and seem to take place over a very short period of time.

The first has Satomi and her brother, Neji, running down a dimly lit corridor. There is a bright orange flash then a loud boom and a crashing sound. Pieces of ceiling from the corridor fall almost hitting them.

The second has Satomi in the yard of her school, she can see a large crystal 'ship' roughly 65 feet long and 25 feet in diameter. It is a large hexagonal solid pointed on one end and flat on the other. There are no obvious entrances or exits. 'Spider aliens' appear to be phasing through the hull of the ship as they appear on the field and start blasting bystanders with dark energy that appears from the mouth area of their heads. Several of the blasts of dark energy hit items very near Satomi, vaporizing them.

The third has Satomi running down the road. Over her shoulder is the 'ship' and in front of her is an area of destruction that appears to have been caused by the crash landing of the ship. Blasts of dark energy strike around the girl and she goes tumbling to the ground.

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