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Post-Session: 52

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 52.

Story - A Change in Plans

Game Date: 11/14/2007  -  11/17/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Contego, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart, Taurex, Jaxton Gray, Saldar, Mortisha, Parmon Greene

Wednesday 11/14/2007

Once control of the satellite is confirmed, Jaxton requests that Team 1 remain at the base and Team 2 gather at the North Bay Estate. Both teams will continue to train at their respective locations while maintaining high alert condition.

With Eon staying at the base, Rebecca relocates there as well. She is accompanied by Saldar and Mortisha.


Friday 11/16/2007

After a few days of seeing Jaxton in action, it is obvious to Amethyst, Eon and Stalwart that he will be the lynchpin in the upcoming operations.

During a training session, Amethyst notices that the team seems a little antsy when Jaxton goes into action as Mr. Gray. After the session, Amethyst asks Contego, Stalwart, Eon and Indigo to stay behind for a short meeting. When Jaxton goes into the dressing room to change, Amethyst asks Indigo to lead them to her quarters in the mystic wing.

Amethyst tells the others about her thoughts on Jaxton's importance during the upcoming confrontation and that she fears losing him if he goes out in the field with the Rapid Response team. Eon and Stalwart express that they have been having the same concerns.

Contego, saying that the pulse field shield units for Midnight, Azure and Ultramarine are almost completed, volunteers to build one for Jaxton.

Stalwart says even with the extra protection, Jaxton would be vulnerable in the field. Stalwart says that Jaxton should remain at the base and coordinate field activities from there. He will have access to sensors and communications and will be able to operate better from the base. Eon and Amethyst agree that Jaxton should be stationed at the base when hostilities commence.

They begin considering options for replacing Jaxton on the Rapid Response team. After some discussion, it is decided that Eon will talk to Saldar able joining the Rapid Response team.

They all agree to meet that evening in Indigo quarters to review the situation further.


Eon meets with Saldar and they go for a walk.

While outside, Eon requests Saldar's help. He advises his old friend of the quandary the team faces regarding Jaxton. Eon asks Saldar if he would be willing to replace Jaxton on the Rapid Response team. Saldar says that knowing the urgency of the situation, he will help in any way he can.


When the Wardens meet that evening in Indigo's quarters, Eon informs them that Saldar has agreed to take Jaxton's place on the Rapid Response team.


Saturday 11/17/2007

The next day, the Wardens meet with Jaxton after training.

Amethyst advises him that after much thought, some changes are being made to the contingency plans. She explains that Jaxton will be taking Estrella's place and will remain at the base and coordinate field operations and that Saldar will be taking Jaxton's place on the Rapid Response team.

Jaxton protests the decision and expresses several good points for not making changes to the plans. His objections begin to fade when he sees the resolve on each of the Wardens' faces and knows that he is not going to be able to sway them.

Once Jaxton has stopped his protests, Amethyst reviews why the decision was made. When all is said and done, Jaxton cannot object to the Wardens' assessment that he would be better able to assist operations from a command center at the base rather than in the field with the Rapid Response team.


After the meeting, Jaxton finds Saldar and gives him a brief rundown on the Mr. Gray battlesuit. He also provides Saldar with the Rapid Response team's training schedule as well as setting up extra sessions with Parmon on using the Mr. Gray battlesuit.

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