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Halloween Thrills and Chills - Stories

Post-Session: 52

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 52.

Story - Spying on the Enemy

Game Date: 11/17/2007

Who: Indigo, Contego, Wythe, Taurex, Psyche, Midnight

Indigo had been working day and night with Wythe and Taurex on finding a way to enhance her 'spirit walk' working to give her the ability to visit the spider alien's ship.

Now they were ready to give it a try.


She sits meditating in her room in the mystic wing of the Wardens' base. To her left is her apprentice, Taurex, and to her right is the friend from her world that she had met on this world, Wythe.

Across the room sits Psyche, who would take the journey with her and provide psionic defense should the aliens try to attack her spirit self.

Psyche has also linked to Midnight, the youngster had shown a paranormal talent for languages even alien ones, hoping that he will be able to understand the communication interchanges of the spider aliens.

Indigo feeling the boost of mystical energies from both Taurex and Wythe releases her spirit self and begins the long walk into space.

There is a moment of panic when she feels the spirits of the Earth fading behind her as she reaches out into space. Then she hears the calming words of her master urging her to put aside her fear and continue with her spirit voyage.

It is as if he is there with her.

She continues the journey as her master had bidden. Moving farther and farther away from the blue and green nest of life, she reaches out into the cold darkness seeking her quarry.

It is there, a spot of light in the darkness. She realizes that she is not seeing it with her eyes but with the eyes of the spirits.

It is the strangest sight she has every viewed with her 'spirit sight'. One moment it is clear, the next it is but a blur, then the next it is gone only to return but a moment later, as if it were mystical in nature but not.

She reaches her destination and hesitantly presses forward through the hull of the ship.

All of her senses are overloaded by the strangeness of the alien environment within the ship.

It is almost too much to bear then she finds herself falling and falling still.

Lost in a miasma of sensations unlike any she has ever felt before.

It feels as if she is turned inside out then turned back out again.

Then she is falling again and slowly losing all contact with the spirits.

Once again, she hears the voice of her master urging her to be strong and follow him home.

Through the strangeness, she sees a brightness.

As she reaches for it all goes dark.


Indigo wakes looking up at Wythe, the look of worry on his face is replaced by a smile.

"She has returned to us."


Through Indigo's brief contact with the spider aliens, Midnight is able to provide the following translations.

The spider aliens wish to know how the others found the nexus planet.

The spider aliens are looking for more of the others' ships.

The spider aliens were surprised by Indigo's intrusion and were trying to capture her when the connection was broken.


After a few hours of sensor data in the aftermath of Indigo's visit to the spider alien ship, Contego confirms that they have decreased velocity. Instead of being in range of the interdiction satellite's weapons later that day, it will be approximately 72 hours before the ship is in range, if they do not change velocity again.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/7/2011

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