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Halloween Thrills and Chills - Stories

Post-Session: 52

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 52.

Story - Tactical Decisions

Game Date: 11/18/2007

Who: Wardens

Karex after reviewing the report on Indigo's visit to the spider alien ship sends a message to the Wardens.


During my time on your planet, the Wardens have treated me as an honored member of your team.

During our consultations after Narex's revelations that hostile aliens were approaching to attack Earth, I freely admitted that I was not a tactician. In the absence of a military advisor in the Yrician delegation to your planet, I have chosen you as the representatives of Earth that will have control of the weapon systems on the Yrician interdiction satellite for the during of the current crisis.

Gregix and Wrixton have been instructed to setup a fire control station for use by the Wardens in the main conference room at your base.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/7/2011

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