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Post-Session: 52

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 52.

Story - Battle in Space

Game Date: 11/19/2007  -  11/20/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Contego, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart, Meka Karex, Prime (III), Taurex, Jaxton Gray

Monday 11/19/2007

Jaxton did not know why he chose the night shift but night always seemed to suit him so that is what he had done. The current spider alien's current velocity would not have then in range of the satellite for another 36 to 48 hours, so he is reviewing the sensor data trying to glean anything he could about the enemy during their approach.

The sudden spike in energy readings from the sensors indicate that something has happened and Jaxton is trying to find out what, when the satellite control panel's proximity alarm sounds.

The visual sensors from the satellite are indicating a target in close range. The automated targeting controls are bringing the weapon mounts to bear on the spider alien ship as it has moved several million miles in a matter of a few seconds.

A second alarm from the control panel goes off indicating that a pulse of energy from the spider alien ship has disabled the cloaking field of the satellite.

A steady buzz indicates that the satellite's targeting system has locked onto the spider alien ship.

Jaxton flips the fire control toggle activating the weapons with his left hand and then pulls the trigger firing the weapons almost simultaneously with his right. The four molecular disruptors hit near the nose of the spider alien ship and tear a great furrow down its length stopping just before hit the large glowing globe that made up the rear of the ship.

There is an energy spike detected by the satellite sensors before all readings suddenly fall to zero.

Jaxton watches as the satellite control panel in front of him goes dark.


Tuesday 11/20/2007

Most of the members of the first team arrive in the conference room in response to the general alert signal that Adam had sounded. It has been only a few minutes but the shooting is over.

Jaxton briefs Amethyst, Contego, Eon, Indigo, Prime, Stalwart and Taurex on what had just occurred.

Computer analysis starts to come in about the combat to add details to Jaxton's report.

The initial spike in the energy readings recorded by the satellite's sensors is assessed as an active sensor pulse from the spider alien ship. The ship appears to have followed closely behind the pulse at near light speed bringing it to visual sensor range shortly after the satellite's sensors recorded the pulse. The great distance involved made it appear that the ship moved millions of miles in a few seconds.

When at close range, the spider alien ship sent another active sensor pulse of such strength that it overloaded the satellite's cloaking system. In addition to the damage observed in the visual record of the encounter, energy reading also indicates secondary explosions from the spider alien ship outside the visual spectrum. The final energy spike detected prior to all readings ceasing is assessed as some type of energy weapon being fired at the satellite.

The computer analysis concludes that the satellite is destroyed or so extensively damaged that it is not responding to ground control commands.

In addition to getting no response from the satellite, Adam reports that there has been no answer from Narex in response to ground control requests for a status report.

Jaxton recommends that all teams be placed on alert as no sensors from Earth have yet provided any type of tracking for the spider alien ship.

Contego sits down in front of the conference table and asks Melinda to display recently recorded data from the Wardens' sensor network, cross-referenced with the sensor stations in Nevada and Georgia as well as Vanguard's sensor network in Vancouver. He starts examining the data searching for readings similar to the ones that the Yrician sensors had been observing emanating from the spider alien ship.

Within an hour, all teams except the last resort team who where not alerted, have reported in and are at alert ready status. Team 2 is at North Bay and the Rapid Reserve and Reserve teams are at FSS headquarters.

After a few hours of work, Contego has managed to isolate a spike in sensors readings that he believes is the spider alien ship firing on the satellite. It is preceded by two smaller spikes that he concludes are the active sensor pulses from the spider alien ship. Contego starts made programming adjustments to the sensor analysis programs to build a template that will isolate the spider alien signatures.

Just before dawn, Narex contacts the Wardens and Karex.

Narex reports that the blast from the satellite exploding had overloaded his antenna arrays blinding him and leaving him unable to communicate. He says that he has restored the communications array and is working on the sensor array. Narex burst transmits the data collected from his sensors of the combat between the spider alien ship and the satellite to ground control for analysis. The readings confirm that the interdiction satellite has been destroyed. He says that as soon as the sensor array is back online he will provide a report on the status of the alien ship.

A few hours later, Narex reports that his sensor array has been restored and the alien ship is slowly advancing toward Earth. There is extensive damage to the ship and the glowing globe that appears to be the ship's drive is pulsing sporadically with no discernible pattern. Energy readings are also fluctuating erratically. There appears to be a lot of activity at the front of the ship but he cannot tell what the aliens are doing.

Narex burst transmits the latest sensor data and warns the ground teams that if the ship continues on its current course, it will be entering Earth's atmosphere later that afternoon.

Eon suggests to Special Agent Zuaza, the FSS Liaison on duty, that if the military has any weaponry capable of reaching the ship now might be the time to attack. If the ship is indeed damaged, there is a reasonable chance a long range weapon could reach it.

He also says that it might be time to alert the civilian authorities to have people take shelter and institute a state of emergency within the confines of San Francisco. There is no need to put civilians at risk.

Special Agent Zuaza says that all of the information regarding the encounters with the alien ship has been escalated up the chain of command. The government is now aware of the situation and will be taking action as it deems appropriate.


Tuesday 11/20/2007

Stalwart sighs, as foretold, the prophecy is coming true.

The time for secrecy has passed.

He uses his Wardens' communicator to open a multi-party line to the emergency working group.

"The spider alien ship has destroyed the Yrician's cloaked satellite and will reach orbit shortly, despite taking damage. We can anticipate the predicted landfall in the city. I suggest video recording 14e be released to the city media."

Video 14e

In front of the image of a giant American flag, Stalwart strides into view.

"Friends, Patriots, Americans."

"Not since Pearl Harbor has American blood been shed on our native soil due to a surprise attack from a foreign foe. Today, that trial comes before us once more. But, this time, not by the hand of our fellow man, but from a ruthless foe from another star who has already been responsible for the near complete genocide of a sentient, if primitive, alien species."

"Thanks in part to our Yrician friends, we were able to detect their cloaked carrier in time to give it a lick or two of our own. Sadly, that wasn't enough to cause these aliens to reconsider their dark plans. We are anticipating the landing of an unknown number of their troop pods in the city within the next few hours."

"It will be the responsibility of all good Americans to do what they can to aid in the city's defense."

"Unfortunately, we don't yet know if commercially available firearms will be effective against their foot soldiers. Until that information is passed on to you, we recommend civilians follow a policy of avoidance."

"Also, keep in mind, that it is vital that the roadways remain clear for use by the National Guard and U.S. Military. Rapid reaction outposts have been set up throughout the city, equipped with a wide variety of weaponry, sensors tuned to the aliens' energy signature and specialized communications gear."

"In the case of an electro-magnetic pulse disabling communications, these outposts will be using stockpiles of colored flares to indicate which sections of the city have a known alien presence."

"Green flares will indicate no aliens currently detected."

"Yellow means aliens are detected but currently engaged by local defense forces."

"Red means aliens are detected and currently unopposed."

"After this presentation, you will see an image of the city divided into the zones assigned to each reaction outpost, as well as artist renditions of the alien soldiers and their landing craft."

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