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They Came from Outer Space - Stories

Post-Session: 53

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 53.

Story - Aftermath, the Spoils of War?

Game Date: 11/20/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Contego, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart, Taurex, Satomi Matsuda, Neji Matsuda, Cang Hua, Sapphire, Prime, Meka, Star, Cobalt, Cang Hua, Sapphire, Thunder, Miss Majestic, Psyche, Karex, Gregix, Wrixton, Prelax, Volt, Delta-Vee

Primary Team

Lights swept the area around the crash site. Barricades had been erected to cordon off the area after the conclusion of the battle. The light seemed to disappear when shone over the surface of the alien vessel.

After a short discussion and consultation with the FSS, it is decided to move the ship into Mission Delores Park to get it out of the street and as isolated as possible for the time being. Amethyst, with the assistance of Contego, Cang Hua and Sapphire, relocates the crystal vessel a few hundred feet into the middle of the park.

While the ship is being moved, Judah checks in with Rebecca. He assures her that he is okay and that he had suffered no injuries during the battle. He provides her with a brief synopsis of the events and suggests that headquarters send scanning equipment to the site as soon as possible. Rebecca says that she will relay the request to Jaxton.

Judah walks over to the ship and places his hand on its surface. It is smooth, too smooth for it to be real crystal.

It has to be a construct, he thinks.

The Xenexis have yet to acknowledge Judah since he had first touched the ship in the aftermath of the combat. They are still consumed by their fear, but at least they have moved their home crystal from the rear of his skull down to the small of his back.

Judah walks away from the ship and finds a relatively quiet place under a tree. The shadow of the ship helps him meditate and he is soon in a trance state. He tries to calm his companions with images of victory from the Wardens' history. Their fear abates some and his next thoughts focus on moving forward. The next goal is to get into the ship without damaging it and that is his area of expertise.

Judah opens a private channel for his team only. "Amethyst, Stalwart, Indigo, and Contego meet me at the ship when you can and Contego bring any scanning equipment that you feel might be appropriate."

"I think it is time we had a look in our impounded vehicle."

Stalwart helpfully suggests over the communicator, "You might want to check with the Yricians to see if that scout ship of theirs has a non-traumatic cutting device or more advance forms of scanning equipment than Earth tech can provide."

"For that matter, since the ship is made of the same form of crystal as you, Eon, couldn't your symbiotes simply reshape a portion of the hull to form an opening?" inquires the newest member of the Wardens.

"The crystal does not allow me to manipulate it," replies Eon. "It is probably different from the matrix that provides my link to the Xenexis. I will have S. Alon runs some comparisons and see what the differences are at the least."

"Reports indicate that all three of the ships that have been entered have exploded," says FSS Special Agent Arlena Zuaza on the Wardens' team channel. "Matters of public safety dictate that no one enters the ship until it can be moved to a secure facility or area away from the public."

Indigo and Taurex join Eon, Contego and Amethyst at the ship.

Indigo volunteers to uses her 'spirit walk' working to enter the crystal ship. In response to Zuaza's statement about no one going aboard the ship, she explains that only her spirit will enter and there will be no physical intrusion into the vessel.

Agent Zuaza objects to any type of entry into the ship at this time, once again mentioning public safety as her primary concern.

She concedes, "As soon as the ship is in a safe location you guys and gals can knock yourselves out trying to get into it."

Stalwart joins the rest of the Wardens at the ship, just in case his enhanced vision might be useful.

He asks Agent Zuaza, "Don't you think it'd be useful for Indigo to magically determine if there are additional alien solders within, an already triggered countdown for a self-destruct device, or even just some precariously balanced highly explosive alien munitions?"

Amethyst supports Agent Zuaza in moving the ship to a safe location but even after the move, she says that no one should board the ship.

"Contego, do you have or could you make a device that can go into the ship and take pictures and relay them back to the computers?" queries the Wardens' leader. "Something that could be remote controlled? This is the option I believe will work with the least risk to someone should the ship blow up or does something out of the ordinary, like take off."

Turning to Indigo, Amethyst states, "Yes, Indigo you can use your 'spirit walk' once the ship is moved to the new location."

Eon requests to be a part of any team that checks the ship since his companions could yield useful information from the images he sees.

He thinks for a second then proposes, "What about moving the ship to the parade grounds at the base? Close the facilities to civilians for the time being. That way it is far enough away to present no harm to the public and allows us closer access to the base facilities should we need the resources, just a thought."

"The public may be out of danger, but what about the history?" asks Zuaza.

Stalwart helpfully reminds his fellow Wardens "remember the briefing on the Yrician weapon. Any tech on the craft that survived the initial blast will quickly degrade. My guess is the explosions occurred when containment of its power source degraded sufficiently."

Contego hands Amethyst a small bulky object and gives her a slightly sarcastic look.

"I call this my 'Mobile Remote Sensory Mounted Auxiliary Roving Transport,' patent pending," he says "I'm considering marketing it under the name of 'Smart Car'."

The device is a small video camera with a wireless relay secured to the top of a remote controlled car with Velcro and duct tape.

Special Agent Zuaza laughs and says to Amethyst, "Maybe you should call him 'Smart Alec,' instead of Contego."

A team of U.S Marines attached to a Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron arrive at the site. Their commander explains that several helicopters are on station at the former Alameda Naval Air Station awaiting the rigging of the alien ship for airlift to the closed base.

Amethyst works with the Marines to secure cargo slings to the spider alien ship.

While the Marines and Amethyst are working on the ship, Judah uses his sketchpad to render an accurate representation of the scene for posterity. He has decided to paint the scene on a panoramic canvas recreating a snapshot of the battle scene.

After finishing his sketches, Judah continues trying to calm the Xenexis knowing that they may be able to provide information they could prove useful in examining the ship.

Once she is finished helping the Marines, Amethyst talks to the team, "Stalwart, please help Contego and Eon with any last minute assistance the Marines need in moving the ship while Indigo and I go speak with Satomi and Neji and check on her grandmother."

Amethyst tells Indigo that it would probably cause too much of a commotion to bring Taurex to the hospital and asks that that Indigo ask him to help the reserve team with search and rescue duties.

Amethyst and Indigo visit Satomi and Neji's grandmother in the hospital. Indigo uses her 'spirit touch' working to heal the lady.


Secondary Team

Thunder, Miss Majestic and Psyche work with Karex, Gregix, Wrixton and Prelax and the authorities on search and rescues functions in the Bernal Heights Park area damaged by the explosion of the second ship.

At sundown, Karex and Yricians have a remembrance service for Rextor. They collect ashes and the remnants of the warrior Yrician's combat armor. Then they fly out to sea accompanied by Thunder, Miss Majestic and Psyche to drop the ashes in the ocean. The pieces of Rextor's combat armor are taken to the Consulate-General facility.

Once the remembrance service concludes, the team returns to helping with search and rescue operations.


Reserve Team

After helping Amethyst move the ship, Cang and Sapphire join Cobalt, Prime, Meka and Star helping the authorities with search and rescue efforts in the ruins of the area where the first ship had crashed.


Rapid Response Team

Volt, using a portable sensor pack, and Delta-Vee, using his paranormal radar ability, fly picket duty along the coast looking for the ship that was lost from sensors low over the Pacific. Once U.S. Navy vessels take position, the paranormal duo returns to Wardens' base.


A few hours after the large spider alien ship exploded in orbit, devices and equipment affected by the strange EMP pulse begin coming back online. Checks of the systems and devices find little or no permanent damage to them.

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