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They Came from Outer Space - Stories

Post-Session: 53

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 53.

Story - Aftermath, the Next Few Days

Game Date: 11/21/2007  -  11/26/2007

Who: Contego, Eon (Lazarus), Stalwart, Prime, Karex, Gregix, Wrixton, Prelax, Delta-Vee, Volt, Dr. Andrew Kensington

Pacific Ocean

Wednesday, 11/21/2007

Karex, Gregix, Wrixton and Prelax conduct underwater searches in the area where the fifth spider alien ship disappeared from sensors looking for signs of the vessel. Delta-Vee and Volt fly search patterns over the area looking for floating debris or other signs of the ship.

Nothing that can be associated with the spider alien ship is found.


No Bodies or Debris

Wednesday, 11/21/2007

The initial reports from the spider alien landing sites note two significant anomalies.

First, there are no alien bodies at any of the landing sites. Each team that encountered the spider aliens reports that they faded away a few seconds after they were knocked out.

Second, nothing at the explosion sites can be conclusively identified as remnants of the spider aliens' crystal ships. Not even small shards of crystal or even microscopic fragments of crystal. Based on the reports that the aliens themselves faded away, it is theorized that the same happened to the remains of their ships.


Strange Energy Readings

Thursday, 11/22/2007

Dr. Kensington, on site in Seattle, finds strange dimensional energy readings at the site where the spider alien ship exploded.

Friday, 11/23/2007

Dr. Kensington contacts Contego and after checking, sensor data confirms that the same types of energy readings are present at the Bernal Heights Park site. The energy readings are not found at the Mission High site or at Alameda Naval Air Station where the intact spider alien ship was moved.

Dr. Kensington and Contego agree that it would be a good idea to have portable sensor sets sent to the site of the alien ship explosion in Tokyo.

Contego dedicates a group of sensors in the Wardens' San Francisco sensor net to monitoring and identifying the energy signatures discovered at the spider alien ship explosion sites by Dr. Kensington. Since the energy signature is not present at the sites where the intact ship was previously or is currently located, he wants to study the existing sites and check for any new occurrences of the energy signature to determine if they are a danger or just residual trace readings from the ship explosions.

Saturday, 11/24/2007

Once the sensors have been setup, Contego asks Eon if he would be willing to run a quick errand for him and Dr. Kensington.

Eon agrees to help and asks what is needed.

Contego says "Eon, we need to get something to Tokyo, er... express. I know that it is beneath you to run petty delivery missions but we need to get some portable sensor sets delivered to Orion in Japan in the shortest possible amount of time. I would ask that you take two portable sensor sets to the site of the spider alien ship explosion in Tokyo."

Contego points to indicate the two portable sensor sets sitting on the floor in the corner.

Eon smiles and happily scoops up the two sensor backpacks.

"I was looking for a reason to go to Japan anyway," says Eon with some enthusiasm "I will comm you when I arrive."

Eon gathers his usual things for a trip including some local currency as he wishes to bring a souvenir back for Rebecca.

He activates his comm to a channel he and Rebecca use for private conversations.

"Hey there love, got to make a quick run to Tokyo, I should be back for dinner. Love you."

With that, Eon ports out into the night sky and begins the trek to Tokyo hoping to find a kindred spirit in this new crystal female.

Eon reaches Tokyo in a very short time. Something had changed, maybe it was the increase in the number of his companions, perhaps it was the time spent in space, or maybe it was the battle with the aliens, but something had changed. He was making jumps of over a hundred miles at a time.

The explosion site was easy to spot from the air and Eon radioed to the local Orion office to let the ground team know he was about to appear at the site. Being opened up on by an Orion combat squad with heavy blasters would definitely but a damper on his good mood.

When cleared Eon ported to the site and gave the Orion team on duty the portable sensor packs. Once the team made sure that the sensors were functional, Eon asked if any of them knew where to find the crystal woman who had helped in the defense of Tokyo, but no one did. It seemed the crystal girl was an unknown paranormal and the battle had been her first appearance.

Eon verifies with the Orion teams that there is nothing else he can assist with and then ports away.

Once the portable sensor packs are setup and online, the data streaming back to San Francisco and Vancouver proves Contego and Dr. Kensington's suspicions correct.

The strange dimensional energy signatures are also present at the Tokyo explosion site.

Sunday, 11/25/2007

Contego considers scanning the ocean for similar readings to those from the explosion sites in an effort to find the missing spider alien ship.

He explains his plan to Delta-Vee and Volt, and they agreed to take portable sensor packs and fly search patterns over the area where the ship disappeared from the sensors.

The data collected by their patrols, has no indications of the strange dimension energy readings found at the explosion sites.

Contego asks Prime if he knows if the spider aliens are even from this dimension.

Prime reply is short and not so sweet, "Wrong Prime."

Monday, 11/26/2007

Stalwart reviews the reports on the strange dimensional readings.

Interesting, then a thought occurs to him. He sends off an email to the Wardens except Prime.


Friends, based on my review of past Wardens activities, it appeared as if Prime's presence and or use of his powers can cause a dimensional breach in areas of dimensional instability.

Is this accurate, and if so, have measures been put in place to restrict his access to the areas where the alien ships exploded?


Because of the odd dimensional energy readings, Stalwart checks to see if there is an entry on the spider-aliens in the 'Space Prime: Secrets of the Galaxy Role Playing Game'. He finds that there is a race with an illustration similar to the spider aliens. They are called the 'Shadow Guardians' and were wiped out by the Yricians.

He also checks the Wardens' computers for any information regarding the Prime with dimensional energy powers and any other information about alternate dimensions. He asks Melinda to review of that Prime's notes for references to the spider aliens. Melinda's search finds no more information that what Stalwart found in Prime's game.

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